• Top 10 Best Women's V-Neck Sweaters in 2020 (Everlane, Free People, and More) 1
  • Top 10 Best Women's V-Neck Sweaters in 2020 (Everlane, Free People, and More) 2
  • Top 10 Best Women's V-Neck Sweaters in 2020 (Everlane, Free People, and More) 3
  • Top 10 Best Women's V-Neck Sweaters in 2020 (Everlane, Free People, and More) 4
  • Top 10 Best Women's V-Neck Sweaters in 2020 (Everlane, Free People, and More) 5

Top 10 Best Women's V-Neck Sweaters in 2020 (Everlane, Free People, and More)

When it comes to cozy clothing, there's nothing better than a sweater. And whether you prefer yours chunky and oversized or classic and fitted, exchanging your crew neck for a V-neck is a great way to add instant style. A V-neck will keep an oversized sweater from overwhelming your body and save a fitted sweater from looking bland. They expose a bit of skin and create the illusion of length for a feminine look that's universally flattering.

For a basic V-neck sweater that's not too loose and not too tight, we recommend The Cashmere V-Neck from Everlane. It's simple and timeless, with understated elegance. And it's made from cashmere, so it's super soft and comfy. See the rest of our top 10 favorite sweaters below! And if you're having trouble deciding, our buying guide is chock full of tips to help you out.

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  • Last updated: 12-11-2020
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Top 10 Best Women's V-Neck Sweaters

Our top 10 list includes a variety of sweater styles, including pullovers, cardigans, a sweater vest, and a sweater dress!


EverlaneThe Cashmere V-Neck


Available sizes2XS-XL
Available colors7
Material100% cashmere

Free PeopleSchool Boy Cashmere Cardi


Available sizesXS-XL
Available colors6
Material100% cashmere

H&MKnit Sweater


Available sizesXS-2XL
Available colors6
Material52% polyester, 41% acrylic, 4% wool, 3% elastane

Universal StandardKatla V Neck Sweater


Available sizes4XS-4XL
Available colors3
Material70% wool, 30% cashmere

SheinV Neck Cable Knit Sweater Vest


Available sizesS-L
Available colors17
Material100% acrylic

Wilfred FreeRelaxed V-Neck Sweater


Available sizes2XS-1X
Available colors11
Material100% nylon

Urban OutfittersTurner Ribbed Button-Down Cardigan


Available sizesXS-XL
Available colors6
Material60% cotton, 40% acrylic

Wilfred FreeCyprie V-Neck Dress


LengthAbove the knee
Available sizes2XS-L
Available colors2
Material100% wool

TopshopFluffy Ballet Wrap Knitted Top


Available sizesXS-XL
Available colors4
Material53% polyamide, 47% acrylic

ASOS DesignV Neck Fluffy Sweater


Available sizes0-14
Available colors1
Material62% polyester, 35% acrylic, 3% spandex

Compare the Best Women's V-Neck Sweaters

Everlane The Cashmere V-Neck 1


Free People School Boy Cashmere Cardi 1

Free People

H&M Knit Sweater 1


Universal Standard Katla V Neck Sweater 1

Universal Standard

Shein V Neck Cable Knit Sweater Vest 1


Wilfred Free Relaxed V-Neck Sweater 1

Wilfred Free

Urban Outfitters Turner Ribbed Button-Down Cardigan 1

Urban Outfitters

Wilfred Free Cyprie V-Neck Dress 1

Wilfred Free

Topshop Fluffy Ballet Wrap Knitted Top 1


ASOS Design V Neck Fluffy Sweater 1

ASOS Design


The Cashmere V-Neck

School Boy Cashmere Cardi

Knit Sweater

Katla V Neck Sweater

V Neck Cable Knit Sweater Vest

Relaxed V-Neck Sweater

Turner Ribbed Button-Down Cardigan

Cyprie V-Neck Dress

Fluffy Ballet Wrap Knitted Top

V Neck Fluffy Sweater


A Classic Silhouette in Luxe Cashmere

The Elevated Boyfriend Cardigan

A Versatile V-Neck Made from Recycled Materials

A Timeless Sweater for All Shapes and Sizes

Try Out the Sweater Vest Trend

A Super Soft Sweater for Going out or Staying In

Get Cozy in a Slouchy Cropped Cardigan

A Sweater Dress That Won't Swallow You Up

Ballet-Inspired Elegance for Night or Day

A Relaxed V-Neck With Voluminous Sleeves

LengthStandardTunicTunicStandardCroppedStandardCroppedAbove the kneeCroppedStandard
Available sizes2XS-XLXS-XLXS-2XL4XS-4XLS-L2XS-1XXS-XL2XS-LXS-XL0-14
Available colors766317116241
Material100% cashmere100% cashmere52% polyester, 41% acrylic, 4% wool, 3% elastane70% wool, 30% cashmere100% acrylic100% nylon60% cotton, 40% acrylic100% wool53% polyamide, 47% acrylic62% polyester, 35% acrylic, 3% spandex

How to Choose a Women's V-Neck Sweater - Buying Guide

V-neck sweaters range from fitted, elegant looks to cozy, oversized weekend wear. When choosing a sweater, consider its overall shape as well as what it's made of. 

Decide How Deep You Want the V

Decide How Deep You Want the V

Sweaters can feature V-necks of varying depths, from shallow necklines that expose just the collarbones to plunging Vs. The depth of the V will affect the sweater’s warmth and overall look

Shallow Vs offer more coverage, so they’re a good option if warmth is a concern. They’re easy to layer underneath or on top of other clothes. They often look more conservative, preppy, or professional. 

Decide How Deep You Want the V

Mid-length Vs expose a bit more of the chest, while still remaining work-appropriate. They tend to look more feminine than shallow Vs. When layering mid-length Vs, whatever is underneath will peek out. Pair them with a collared shirt for a cute and professional look.

Deep Vs expose the most skin and are the most risque. They’re not ideal for layering because items underneath will break up the long lines of the V neckline. Generally, deep Vs have a feminine look. Depending on the tightness of the sweater, they can come off as casual and chic or more dramatic and elegant.

Pick a Sweater Length You Like

From cropped V-necks to sweater dresses, the length of a sweater will affect its versatility and level of warmth.

Short Styles Should Match Bottoms

Short Styles Should Match Bottoms

If you like cropped or hip-length sweaters, consider what types of bottoms you like to wear so you can pick a sweater to match. The most common length for sweaters hits at the hip. This is a versatile style that can be worn loose or tucked with nearly any bottoms, including jeans, pants, and skirts. 

Cropped sweaters work best with high-waisted bottoms and can even look cute layered over dresses. Note that looser cropped sweaters will let air in at the bottom. If warmth is a concern, make sure to wear a close-fitting layer underneath.

Long Styles Provide More Warmth

Long Styles Provide More Warmth

If you’re looking for a sweater that’s a bit longer, consider a tunic length or even a sweater dress. Tunics are loose tops that cover the bum, so they’re extra cozy. They work with pants, leggings, or tights, depending on the look you’re going for. 

Sweater dresses can be loose or tight, and generally have a little more structure than tunics. They can range from mini to maxi length. A sweater dress is a whole look, so all you need to think about is shoes!

Know How You Want the Sweater to Fit

V-neck sweaters look great fitted or loose and each one gives off a different vibe. Think about where you’ll be wearing the sweater and what type of style you’re going for.

Fitted V-Necks are a Wardrobe Staple

Fitted V-Necks are a Wardrobe Staple

If you’re looking for extra warmth in the winter, a fitted v-neck can be ideal for layering beneath other clothes, trapping heat while keeping your neck unencumbered. Wear it on its own for a polished and intentional look. The depth of the V will determine where it falls between casual and professional.

Fitted sweaters tend to be cleaner and more simple than loose sweaters, with fewer embellishments. However, they typically come in a wider range of colors and sometimes patterns too. Fitted sweaters often come across as more classic than trendy and can even give off a preppy vibe.

Loose V-Necks for Trendy, Casual Vibes

Loose V-Necks for Trendy, Casual Vibes

Loose and oversized V-necks make for a cozy top layer. The extra fabric provides warmth, while the V-neck adds femininity and keeps the sweater from swallowing your figure

Looser styles tend to come across as more casual, trendy, and modern. They’re more of a statement piece than a basic. They may have additional details like batwing or balloon sleeves, exposed seams, or knit designs.

Choose Between Classic Sweater Styles

In addition to the classic pullover, you can also find V-neck cardigans, wrap sweaters, vests, and dresses.

Pullovers are Easy and Comfortable

Pullovers are Easy and Comfortable

V-neck pullovers are the most common type. They're versatile, comfortable, and warm. Since they cover your whole top half, they're easy to pair with most other clothing items. Depending on their shape and details, their style can range from classic to trendy. 

Cardigans are Perfect for Layering

Cardigans are Perfect for Layering

V-neck cardigans are open or have buttons at the front, so they’re ideal for layering over other clothing you want to show off. Looser cardigans will look more casual, while tighter cardigans look more professional.

Sweater Vests Can be Retro or Trendy

Sweater Vests Can be Retro or Trendy

Sweater vests can help add warmth to your body with less bulk in the sleeves. Aside from being functional, layering a sweater vest over other tops creates a unique look. Choose a fitted sweater vest for the ultimate nineties look a la Clueless, or pick a loose sweater vest for a more modern vibe.

Learn the Properties of Different Knit Materials

V-neck sweaters come in a range of materials, each with different pros and cons when it comes to warmth, durability, and care.

Natural Materials are Breathable

Natural Materials are Breathable

Wool is one of the most common sweater materials. It encompasses a range of textures, from thick Shetland to super-soft cashmere. Since wool is a natural fiber, it traps heat well while still being breathable. It’s also durable and holds its shape well. Wool sometimes requires special care, so be sure to read the care label!

Cotton is another natural fiber that’s smooth, soft, and breathable. It’s durable like wool, but it’s lightweight and traps less heat, making it best suited for spring or summer sweaters. Cotton isn’t as stretchy as wool and doesn’t hold its shape as well. Most cotton clothing is pre-shrunk so it’s machine washable.

Synthetics and Blends are Easy to Care For

Synthetics and Blends are Easy to Care For

Synthetic materials include acrylic, nylon, and polyester. These materials are manmade and result in soft, fluffy sweaters. They’re not as warm or breathable as wool and cotton, tending to retain moisture rather than wicking it away. However, they’re very easy to care for. 

You’ll often see sweaters that are made from a blend of fibers both natural and synthetic. Pay attention to the percentage of each to determine what the properties of the material will be. For example, a sweater that’s 80 percent wool and 20 percent acrylic will be warmer than a sweater that’s 80 percent acrylic and 20 percent wool.

Get Ready for Sweater Weather

Get Ready for Sweater Weather

Beat the winter blues with stylish turtlenecks, cozy cardigans, and luxurious cashmere. Check out more of our favorite swoon-worthy sweaters below.


If you want the warmth of a sweater in a more feminine silhouette, a V-neck sweater is the perfect option. The V breaks up the bulkiness of an oversized sweater and adds interest to more classic shapes. Try a pullover for something easy, a cardigan for layering, or a sweater vest if you're feeling adventurous!

When choosing a V-neck sweater, pay attention to the depth of the V. Also consider the overall fit of the sweater - how tight and how long it is - and whether that matches your style. And check its composition to find a material that meets your needs in terms of warmth, durability, and care.

Author: Melissa Jong

More Sweater Tips From a Certified Fashionista

If you, like many, always seem to have more room for sweaters in your closet, then you should take some tips from lifestyle blogger Cami Griffith when it comes to having a variety of great-looking sweaters! This one from Pink Lily comes in a rust color that we absolutely love.


Pink LilyShe's The Center Of Attention Rust Sweater


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