• Top 10 Best Thigh High Boots in 2021 (Stuart Weitzman, Jessica Simpson, and More) 1
  • Top 10 Best Thigh High Boots in 2021 (Stuart Weitzman, Jessica Simpson, and More) 2
  • Top 10 Best Thigh High Boots in 2021 (Stuart Weitzman, Jessica Simpson, and More) 3
  • Top 10 Best Thigh High Boots in 2021 (Stuart Weitzman, Jessica Simpson, and More) 4
  • Top 10 Best Thigh High Boots in 2021 (Stuart Weitzman, Jessica Simpson, and More) 5

Top 10 Best Thigh High Boots in 2021 (Stuart Weitzman, Jessica Simpson, and More)

When it comes to dramatic shoes, thigh high boots are at the top of the list. They make your legs look miles long, adding instant glam, elegance, and sexiness to any outfit. Depending on the style and heel height, they can be work-appropriate or party-ready. And they're surprisingly versatile. They look cool and chic over jeans, casual with leggings, and flirty under a dress or skirt. 

We've compiled a list of our top 10 best thigh high boots, from flat boots to sky-high stilettos. For a cute basic boot that's easy to mix and match with your wardrobe, we recommend the Tonya Microsuede Heeled Boots from A New Day. The block heel and round toe are classic and chic, while the faux suede material is both work and play-appropriate. Find your new favorite boots in our top 10 list below and don't forget to check out the buying guide for tips on how to choose a pair that suits you!

  • Last updated: 01-12-2021
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Top 10 Best Thigh High Boots

Our top 10 list includes a range of thigh high boots in different styles and materials. Whether you're looking for a versatile, everyday boot or a statement pair for a night out, we hope you find something you like!


A New DayTonya Microsuede Heeled Boots


Heel height3 in.
Shaft height24 in.
Shaft circumference11 in.
Available sizes5-12, 5-12 wide calf
Available colors3

Stuart Weitzman'Lowland' Over the Knee Boot


MaterialLeather with lining
Heel height1 in.
Shaft height24 in.
Shaft circumference12-16 in.
Available sizes5-12
Available colors1

Jessica SimpsonAbrine Over-The-Knee Boots


Heel height3.5 in.
Shaft height21.75 in.
Shaft circumference17 in.
Available sizes5-11
Available colors4

Marc FisherDarton Over the Knee Boot


Heel height3 in.
Shaft height22.5 in.
Shaft circumference15 in.
Available sizes5-11
Available colors3

Journee CollectionTrill Wide Calf Thigh High Boot


MaterialFaux suede
Heel height3.25 in.
Shaft height23 in.
Shaft circumference16.5 in.
Available sizes6-12
Available colors4

Shoe'N TaleChunky Heel Thigh High Boots


MaterialFaux suede
Heel height3.5 in.
Shaft height26 in.
Shaft circumference14 in.
Available sizes5-10
Available colors28
Heel height2.5 in.
Shaft height23 in.
Shaft circumference16 in.
Available sizes5.5-11
Available colors2

ASOS DesignKate Flat Over the Knee Boots


MaterialFaux leather
Heel heightFlat
Shaft heightNot provided
Shaft circumferenceNot provided
Available sizes4-12
Available colors1

ZaraHeeled Tall Cowboy Boots


Heel heightNot provided
Shaft heightNot provided
Shaft circumferenceNot provided
Available sizes5-11
Available colors1

Steve MaddenSkyscraper Rhinestones


MaterialFabric with jellystones
Heel height4 in.
Shaft height21.5 in.
Shaft circumference18.25 in.
Available sizes5.5-11
Available colors1

Compare the Best Thigh High Boots

A New Day Tonya Microsuede Heeled Boots 1

A New Day

Stuart Weitzman 'Lowland' Over the Knee Boot 1

Stuart Weitzman

Jessica Simpson Abrine Over-The-Knee Boots 1

Jessica Simpson

Marc Fisher Darton Over the Knee Boot 1

Marc Fisher

Journee Collection Trill Wide Calf Thigh High Boot 1

Journee Collection

Shoe'N Tale Chunky Heel Thigh High Boots 1

Shoe'N Tale

Matisse Sky High 1


ASOS Design Kate Flat Over the Knee Boots 1

ASOS Design

Zara Heeled Tall Cowboy Boots 1


Steve Madden Skyscraper Rhinestones 1

Steve Madden


Tonya Microsuede Heeled Boots

'Lowland' Over the Knee Boot

Abrine Over-The-Knee Boots

Darton Over the Knee Boot

Trill Wide Calf Thigh High Boot

Chunky Heel Thigh High Boots

Sky High

Kate Flat Over the Knee Boots

Heeled Tall Cowboy Boots

Skyscraper Rhinestones


A Classic Look With Sizes for Wide Calves

Thigh High Boots for Everyday Life

Sleek Pointy-Toed Stiletto Boots

Statement Boots for the Fashionista

A Thigh High Boot With Lace Up Details

Platform Boots in All the Colors of the Rainbow

Suede Thigh High Boots With Boho Details

Chunky Boots for the Rebel in You

Channel Your Inner Cowgirl

Disco Ball Boots Bring the Party

MaterialPolyesterLeather with liningSyntheticFabricFaux suedeFaux suedeSuedeFaux leatherPolyurethaneFabric with jellystones
Heel height3 in.1 in.3.5 in.3 in.3.25 in.3.5 in.2.5 in.FlatNot provided4 in.
Shaft height24 in.24 in.21.75 in.22.5 in.23 in.26 in.23 in.Not providedNot provided21.5 in.
Shaft circumference11 in.12-16 in.17 in.15 in.16.5 in.14 in.16 in.Not providedNot provided18.25 in.
Available sizes5-12, 5-12 wide calf5-125-115-116-125-105.5-114-125-115.5-11
Available colors31434282111

How to Choose Thigh High Boots - Buying Guide

Here are some things to consider when choosing thigh high boots. Think about the material, heel height, toe shape, and overall style to find a pair that works for you, your legs, and your lifestyle!

Choose Between Natural and Synthetic Materials

When it comes to material, thigh high boots face a unique challenge: they need to stay up while being flexible enough to bend at the knees. Natural materials like suede and leather hold their shape well and are durable, while synthetics tend to be less breathable but stretchier.

Natural Leather and Suede are Durable if Cared For

Natural Leather and Suede are Durable if Cared For

Leather and suede can withstand wear and weather. Compared to knit materials, they keep your legs warmer while still being breathable. They're not naturally stretchy, but they tend to have a stiffness that will help the boots keep their shape. You can also look for boots with laces, ties, or another type of closure to help them stay up. 

Leather and suede require a higher level of care and can be more prone to scuffs and stains. To keep them looking new, try spraying your boots with a waterproofing or shoe protector spray made specifically for your shoe material. When properly cared for, leather and suede boots can last for years!

Synthetics are Stretchier

Synthetics are Stretchier

Thigh high boots made from synthetic materials typically have either a faux leather, suede, or knit look. Faux leather and suede provide the look of the real thing but require less care. They're more likely to show wear and tear. However, they're often more flexible and can be more comfortable around the knees.

Knit materials are the stretchiest. Thigh high boots made from knit materials conform to the leg and can accommodate wide calves more easily.

Generally, synthetics are less durable and breathable than leather or suede, but come in a wider range of colors and patterns, so they're a great option for trendy styles.

Pick a Heel for Comfort and Style

There are two factors to consider when it comes to boot heels: height and shape. The heel height will affect how comfortable the boots are, while the heel shape will impact their overall stability and aesthetic.

Heel Height Makes it Easier or Harder to Walk

Heel Height Makes it Easier or Harder to Walk

Thigh high boot heels can range from completely flat to ultra-high (four inches or more). Flat boots with a heel measuring between zero and one inch are super comfortable and easy to walk in. They have a casual vibe. However, if you’re petite, flat thigh high boots can tend to swallow up your legs and make you look shorter.

Low and mid-heeled boots range from one to three inches. These are a great option for those who want some extra height that’s still manageable. Low and mid-heeled thigh high boots can be worn casual or dressed up.

Heel Height Makes it Easier or Harder to Walk

High (three to four inches) and ultra-high (four or more inches) heels are best reserved for special occasions.

Heels that are over three inches shouldn’t be worn too often, as they can put undue pressure on your back and knees. However, if you’re going for a wild look or dressing up for a costume party, you can find plenty of ultra-high thigh high boots in fun patterns.

Heel Style Affects the Look and Stability

Heel Style Affects the Look and Stability

The heel style refers to how thick or thin the heel is. Stiletto heels are super thin, which creates an elegant, femme fatale look. Because they’re so thin, they don’t provide a whole lot of stability when walking. 

Block heels are chunkier. They tend to look more casual, although their silhouette can vary widely from boot to boot. Block heels provide a good amount of stability since a large portion of the heel is in contact with the ground. 

Platform shoes add extra material to the sole in order to lift the entire foot off of the ground. They can be a great way to add height while maintaining stability. They have a more chunky look that can be retro, punk, or trendy, depending on the rest of the boot’s style.

Decide What Toe Shape You Prefer

Decide What Toe Shape You Prefer

Boot toes generally come in three shapes: round, pointy, or square. Round toed boots are a classic look. They can be casual or dressy, and are a great option for people with wide feet.

Pointy toed boots create a sleeker, more glamorous look. They elongate the legs, so they can work especially well for those on the petite side. However, pointy toes are narrower and may not be comfortable if you have wide feet.

Square toed boots are a unique look that can be either modern or retro, depending on the style of the boot. It’s more visually interesting, but still provides all the comfort of a round toe.

Pay Attention to the Boot’s Closure

Pay Attention to the Boot’s Closure

One of the main difficulties of thigh high boots is that they tend to fall down. This will never be entirely preventable, thanks to gravity, but the type of closure the boot uses can help. Some boots use a zipper to allow you to slide them on easily and create a snug fit. The zipper can run the entire length of the boot or sit at the ankle.

Others feature a lace-up front or back. While this style may take longer to get on and off, laces offer more flexibility in how loose or tight the boot is around your leg. Ties at the top of the boot are common on boots made from suede or faux-suede materials that don’t have a lot of stretch, which allows you to adjust the fit at the top.

If you have larger calves, consider lace-up boots or boots made from a stretchy knit material to allow for an adjustable fit around the entire leg. Some brands even make boots specifically for wide calves.

Select a Boot Style You Love

Select a Boot Style You Love

By default, thigh high boots are eye-catching because they take up so much visual space. Therefore, the style of boot you choose will have a large impact on your overall look. If you’re going for a casual look, try a flat or low-heeled boot in a neutral color. Leather, suede, and synthetics all work!

For a tough, grunge, or punk look, you can’t beat chunky black leather. Look for thigh high boots with a treaded platform or block heel and a round toe. If you want something more elegant and sophisticated, try a heeled boot with a fitted silhouette and a pointy toe.

And if your boots are meant for a special occasion or as a statement piece, don’t be afraid to take risks! You can find thigh high boots in cow print, alligator, glitter, and more for a fun look.

Accessorize Your Look Even More

Accessorize Your Look Even More

Take your look to the next level with more of our favorite clothing and accessories. Check out these other fashion articles!


Are you ready to step outside your fashion comfort zone? Thigh high boots run the gamut from simple and chic to loud and sexy, so you can pick a pair that you feel great in. 

When choosing thigh high boots, make sure to pick a heel height that you can walk in! Consider the properties of different materials when it comes to stretch, breathability, and durability. And above all, pick a style you love. 

Author: Melissa Jong

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