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Top 10 Best Badminton Rackets to Buy Online 2020

The bound, the wind, and electric crack of a well-executed smash. The shuttlecock coming down like lightning at 200 mph. For fanatics, a pro badminton match is as mesmerizing as the roar of a thunderstorm. And now, you want to get in on the fun. Step one: get a good racket.

Rackets vary in size, flexibility, and weight; each adjustment is made to suit a certain play style. On top of that, you can get a racket for cheap at your local WalMart, or real expensive at a specialty shop. So, what racket should your humble amateur play with? Let’s talk.
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How to Choose a Badminton Racket – Buying Guide

Let’s start out with what features make a badminton racket a good partner.

Choosing a Racket Based on Weight

Choosing a Racket Based on Weight
You’re going to be swinging that racket for a long time, so watch the weight. Weight is denoted by a U. But be careful, the smaller the number, the lighter the racket. Here’s a rough guide on the numbers. (Caution: they do differ by brand.)
5 U: around 75 g – 80 g
4 U: around 80 g – 85 g
3 U: around 85 g – 90 g
2 U: around 90 g – 95 g
Now, 5 grams or 10 grams may not seem like much, but badminton games can drag on for over an hour. The racket may feel great in your hand at first, but over time, fatigue sets in. Even a few grams can make a world of difference then.

Lighter Rackets for Easier Maneuverability

Lighter Rackets for Easier Maneuverability
Lighter rackets (around 4 U) allow for easier maneuverability–great for older or technical players. It’s easier to switch between different strokes with a lighter racket, or deliver accurate serves.
For the same reason, lighter rackets also tend to work better for doubles players. In a doubles game, smashes come at you much faster, and the ability to seamlessly go from backhand to forehand grip is crucial to a good defense. (They also put less strain on the wrist, reducing the risk of injury.)

Heavier Rackets for More Power

Heavier Rackets for More Power
On the other hand, heavier (around 3 U) rackets are power. If your clears tend to fall around mid-court–and then you flinch because you know you’ve set yourself up for a counterattack–then a heavier racket may give you a small boost. Smashers also like heavier options. They’re more stable, good for single players who are forced to return shots in more unconventional ways.

Balance Based on Purpose

Balance Based on Purpose
Another thing to look out for when choosing based on weight: balance. Rackets that have most of their mass near the top (head heavy rackets) contribute to those long clears and beautiful smashes.
Head light rackets are easier to control and suited for the kind of fine work needed at the net. Rackets with a balance point near the middle are–you guessed it–best for players who play both at the net and in the back.

Choosing a Racket Based on the Flexibility of the Shaft

Choosing a Racket Based on the Flexibility of the Shaft
The shaft of most rackets are categorized as “Flexible,” “Medium,” or “Stiff.” Flexible rackets will bend, store energy, and then snap forward–thus releasing energy–during your swing. What this means is: the player has to exert less force. Of course, with all that bending, it’s more difficult to land perfectly accurate shots. But for beginners, who should be focusing more on form than trying to swing your arm quickly, and for long rallies, the flex comes in real handy.
Stiff rackets don’t bend. A player’s strength is channeled directly to the shuttlecock, making it easier to control the power and accuracy of a shot. And when the shuttlecock hits the strings, it’ll bounce off immediately. Then you get faster shots. But because there isn’t much of the extra repulsion a flexible shaft provides, you need to put more force into your swing. Geared towards intermediate to advanced players with explosive shots.

Choosing a Racket Based on Grip Size

Choosing a Racket Based on Grip Size
Even with the same racket, you sometimes get different grip sizes. You might see something like “4UG5” written on the back of the racket; U referring to weight and G to grip size. Just like with weight, grip size also functions on reverse psychology–the bigger the number, the smaller the grip. For most makers, the standard is G4 or G5.
Of course, if you have tiny hands, opting for a smaller grip would be a good idea. It then follows that bigger hands should go for bigger grips. Smaller grips are also easier to maneuver, making them ideal for those deceptive shots. Bigger grips are better at channeling power into the shot–for pounding opponents with smashes.
Just keep in mind that when you apply grip tape, it’ll change the size, weight, and balance of your racket.

Choosing a Racket Based on String Tension

Choosing a Racket Based on String Tension
Strings and rackets sometimes come separately, and, chances are, you’ll also end up restringing your racket multiple times. However, string tension will affect racket performance, so keep this in mind as you test out your new racket.
Simply put, lower tension strings (around 20 lbs) are suited for beginners. Why? It allows the shuttlecock to bounce off the string bed, resulting in effortless power shots. This also makes the “sweet spot” (the best place on the string bed with which to hit the shuttlecock) bigger. Tighter strings (25 lbs and above) improve control and accuracy–similar to a stiff shaft.

Top 10 Best Badminton Rackets to Buy Online

And here we go, onto the introductions. Rackets for every budget, every play style, and every level.

10. Champion Sports Double Steel Frame Badminton Racket


9. YONEX Muscle Power 8


8. YONEX Voltric Z Force II


7. Victor JetSpeed S9


5. YONEX Duora 10


4. Wilson BLX Blade


3. YONEX Nanoray 20


2. YONEX Arcsaber 11


1. Victor Brave Sword 12



And there you are, rackets for both big and small budgets, for power and technical players, for clears, drives, drops, smashes, for children and Olympic athletes. Remember, just because Lin Dan uses a racket doesn’t mean that it’s the best racket for you. Every person has his own affinities, strengths and weaknesses, so make sure you choose a racket that answers to you as a player.
Happy playing!

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