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  • Top 10 Best Earring Backs in 2020 (Supla, Anchora, and More) 2
  • Top 10 Best Earring Backs in 2020 (Supla, Anchora, and More) 3
  • Top 10 Best Earring Backs in 2020 (Supla, Anchora, and More) 4
  • Top 10 Best Earring Backs in 2020 (Supla, Anchora, and More) 5

Top 10 Best Earring Backs in 2020 (Supla, Anchora, and More)

Have you ever lost an earring because the back fell off and you had no idea? This dilemma happens quite often and catches many people by surprise. You leave the house wearing your new stud earrings and return home with only one. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this shortcoming by using the right kind of earring back!

You can get different kinds of earring backs to keep your expensive earrings in place. We've compiled a diverse list of the top 10 best earring backs available online. Delecoe's silver push backs (the most common type of earring back) took first place for its white gold plating and hypoallergenic properties. Interested in finding out what other products made it to our list? Read on to see the rest! A buying guide is also included to help you decide on what type of earring back to get.

  • Last updated: 09-21-2020
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Top 10 Best Earring Backs

To cut down your time spent browsing for the best earring back, we've gone ahead and done the dirty work. Here are the best earring backs to get based on the type, material, and quantity!


DelecoeEarring Backs Replacements


TypePush back
Quantity12 pieces
MaterialSilver with white gold plating (hypoallergenic)

iBayam StoreSilicone Earring Backs


TypeBullet push back
Quantity200 pieces

Delecoe Screw Earring Backs


TypeScrew back
Quantity8 pieces
MaterialSilver with white gold plating (hypoallergenic)

SiwomsLocking Earring Backs


TypeLa pousette
Quantity4 pieces
MaterialSilver with gold plating (hypoallergenic)

JensFindingsLarge Earring Backs


TypePush back
Quantity24 pieces

Chrysmela StoreMost Secure Earring Back


TypeWorks with all earring types
Quantity2 pieces

Supla10 Styles Earring Backs


TypePush backs, bullet backs, pot backs, silicone backs
Quantity1040 pieces
MaterialRubber and metal

Anchora StoreEarring Lifters


TypePush back
Quantity6 pieces

OutusEarring Safety Backs


TypeBullet clutch back
Quantity100 pieces

Universal EZ BackSilicone and Silver Earring Backs


TypeSilicone push back
Quantity4 pieces
MaterialSilicone and silver

Compare the Best Earring Backs

Delecoe Earring Backs Replacements 1


iBayam Store Silicone Earring Backs 1

iBayam Store

Delecoe  Screw Earring Backs 1


Siwoms Locking Earring Backs 1


JensFindings Large Earring Backs 1


Chrysmela Store Most Secure Earring Back 1

Chrysmela Store

Supla 10 Styles Earring Backs 1


Outus Earring Safety Backs 1


Universal EZ Back Silicone and Silver Earring Backs 1

Universal EZ Back


Earring Backs Replacements

Silicone Earring Backs

Screw Earring Backs

Locking Earring Backs

Large Earring Backs

Most Secure Earring Back

10 Styles Earring Backs

Earring Safety Backs

Silicone and Silver Earring Backs


Push Back Fit for Most Types of Earrings

Silicone Earring Stopper Great for Studs and Fish Hooks

Never Lose an Earring Again With This Screw Back

Easy-to-Use Earring Back Perfect for Diamond Studs

Jumbo Push Back Ideal for Heavy or Big Earrings

Platinum Earring Back for All Types of Earrings

A Box of Assorted Earring Backs

Secure Your Earrings With This Soft Rubber Stopper

Two-in-One Silicone and Silver Stopper

TypePush backBullet push backScrew backLa pousettePush backWorks with all earring typesPush backs, bullet backs, pot backs, silicone backsBullet clutch backSilicone push back
Quantity12 pieces 200 pieces8 pieces4 pieces24 pieces2 pieces1040 pieces100 pieces4 pieces
MaterialSilver with white gold plating (hypoallergenic) SiliconeSilver with white gold plating (hypoallergenic)Silver with gold plating (hypoallergenic)SilverPlatinumRubber and metalRubberSilicone and silver

How to Choose an Earring Back - Buying Guide

The main factors to consider when deciding on an earring back are type and material. As long as you have these two in mind, picking one out will be a breeze!

Choose Among Popular Types of Earring Backs

Did you know that there is more than just one type of earring back? The majority of people are only acquainted with the most popular style, but there are actually quite a few, and each serves a different purpose. 

Push Backs are Cost-Effective and Great for Studs

Push Backs are Cost-Effective and Great for Studs

The most common and widely used earring back is a push back. This type is also called butterfly, post, or friction back. Easiest to use, it comes in a flat plate with a hole in the center. Simply push the plate behind the earring to lock it in place. 

If you find yourself having a hard time grasping the plate, you can opt for the monster back, a larger version of a push back. Butterfly backs are comfortable and require little effort to pop on and off. You’ll commonly see stud earrings with this type of back.

People with arthritis or those who have trouble grasping small objects should definitely consider this earring back. A downside of this earring back is the loss of tension after repeated use. Be careful of it slipping off the earring after consecutive use.

Screw Backs are Very Secure but Hard to Put On

A screw back comes with a threaded post and a nut that is twisted towards the ear to lock the earring in place. This type of earring back is the most secure and recommended for expensive earrings like diamond studs.

A screw back cannot be pulled off; the only way to remove the earring is by unscrewing the nut off the post. Active individuals and athletes tend to use this type of earring back because of the low risk of losing jewelry.

Individuals who have difficulty grasping tiny objects might find it hard to screw in this earring back. Steady hands and concentration are required when screwing in the nut; if you have shaky hands, you might find it hard. Screw backs are harder to clean compared to other types because of the tiny grooves.

La Pousette is Convenient and Secure but Expensive

Because of its complex, mechanical design, a La Pousette is more expensive than other earring backs. It consists of a mechanism that is activated by pressure; you push down on the tabs on each end to open and lock the earring back to the post. To release the earring back, simply press down on the tabs to loosen the lock.

Earrings that come with this type of earring back usually come with a safety notch at the end of the post. This type is as secure as screw backs and easy to put on as friction backs, so you get two-in-one but for a higher price. 

Silicone Earring Backs are Hypoallergenic

Silicone Earring Backs are Hypoallergenic

Silicone rubber backs are a great inexpensive option that can be used on their own or as extra support with other earring backs. Because of their transparent style, soft backs are versatile and work with almost all kinds of earrings.

Although they are secure, silicone backs wear out quickly. These stoppers are perfect for children’s jewelry as there’s no worry if the pieces get misplaced.

They are also less likely to cause allergic reactions. Some backs have metal encased in silicone rubber. If you are sensitive to it, check that they are latex-free.

Consider the Metal Properties

After deciding on the type of earring back you want to use, unless you choose silicone, the next step is to pick out the metal type. Earrings backs are commonly made from a range of metals like silver, gold, and platinum. 

Plated Earring Backs are Cheap

Plated Earring Backs are Cheap

Sometimes, metals and alloys are plated with silver and gold and sold as cheaper alternatives to pure silver and gold. This is usually fine, but individuals with sensitive skin might find this alternative irritating to their ears. If you notice your ears turning red and starting to get itchy, remove the plated earring back.

For those with non-sensitive skin, plated earring backs are a great option. A drawback of this type is the inevitable wearing away of the plating after continuous use. 

Precious Metals are Best for Sensitive Ears

Precious Metals are Best for Sensitive Ears

The precious metals commonly used in earrings are gold, silver, and platinum. It goes without saying that earring backs made from these metals will be more expensive than plated jewelry. Those looking for hypoallergenic earring backs are recommended to go for platinum ones.

Gold and silver earring backs generally look more stylish and high-quality compared to plated jewelry. If you’re looking for something beautiful that will last a long time, consider paying a few extra dollars for the silver, gold, and platinum ones. 

Decide on the Quantity and Assortment

Decide on the Quantity and Assortment

When purchasing earring backs online, it is essential to consider the quantity you want to get. People who lose earring backs quite often can get packages of more than two pairs. Products sold online can come in batches with up to several hundred earring backs.

Big batches are suitable for people looking to start businesses making earrings. Sometimes, the batches even come in different types of earring backs. If you’re looking for securing your studs and dangling earrings, consider getting earring backs in a range of styles. 

Get Crafty With Your Earrings!

Get Crafty With Your Earrings!

If you want to make your own earrings, it's easy to find the materials you need! Consider getting a kit with posts and backs so you can glue on anything you like. You'll probably also want to invest in some basic tools like jewelry pliers.

If you’re looking to make dangling earrings, a fish hook or French wire is the best kind to get. The wired hook slips through the pierced ear and hangs and the weight of the earring, for example, a jewel, keeps the hook in place. This option is very inexpensive and easy to put on and remove.

Because of the lack of a physical lock, it can be easy for this type of earring back to fall off. Although they are easy to replace, it’s best to use an additional back with a fish hook. Silicone rubber plugs work well for extra security. 

Need Some Organizers for Your Jewelry and Makeup?

Need Some Organizers for Your Jewelry and Makeup?

Now that your jewelry is safe with their new earring backs, let's keep them tidy with some organizers! You can even find some for makeup as well. We also have a great article on DIY jewelry kits.


Losing a pair of expensive earrings is inconvenient and troublesome. It makes you scared to purchase new earrings for fear that maybe those might get lost, too. The only solution to this is secure earring backs!

Keep in mind the type of earring you have when choosing an earring back. Each style is best fit for a certain kind of earring, stud or dangling. The material of the earring back also plays a vital role for those with sensitive ears. We hope you find the perfect earring back with the help of this article!

Author: Kazuko Otsuka

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