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  • 10 Best Calligraphy Sets in 2022 (Mont Marte, Speedball, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Calligraphy Sets in 2022 (Mont Marte, Speedball, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Calligraphy Sets in 2022 (Mont Marte, Speedball, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Calligraphy Sets in 2022 (Mont Marte, Speedball, and More) 5

10 Best Calligraphy Sets in 2022 (Mont Marte, Speedball, and More)

Want to create beautiful lettering for labels, cards, art, and more? Want your handwriting to look just like a font? Consider getting into calligraphy! We've taken the time to scour the internet and find the 10 best calligraphy kits. We're reviewing based on ink selection, nib choice, and nib holder quality. To a slightly lesser extent, we're reviewing on aesthetics as well. 

The number one calligraphy kit on our list is the Mont Marte calligraphy set. It's a 33 piece calligraphy set that comes with everything a novice or expert calligrapher could want. To see what else we loved and how we chose it, read on to see our full top 10 list and our helpful buying guide!

  • Last updated: 01-12-2022
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10 Best Calligraphy Sets

Grab your nibs and brushes because we're going to be taking a deep look into the 10 best calligraphy kits. We'll review based on nib selection, pen and ink quality and visual appeal. 


Mont MarteCalligraphy Pen Set


Pen typeFountain pen
Ink type20 cartridges
Ink colorsBrown, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, blue

TrustelaCalligraphy Set for Beginners


Pen typeDip pen
Ink typeFour 15ml bottles
Ink colorsBlack, blue, red, green

PlotubeWooden Pen Calligraphy Set


Pen typeDip pen
Ink typeOne 15ml bottle
Ink colorsBlack

Wildflower Art StudioBrush Lettering Calligraphy Kit


Pen typeBrush pen
Ink typeSingle use
Ink colorsBlack, silver, gold

The Lettering TribeCalligraphy Set for Beginners


Pen typeOblique
Ink typeTwo 25ml bottles
Ink colorsBlack, brown

Arthur Newhall and Eugene MetcalfBeginner Calligraphy Kit



Pen typeFountain pen, brush pen
Ink type10 cartridges
ContainerPlastic case included in book
Ink colorsBlack

Windsor and NewtonCalligraphy Set in Wooden Box


Pen typeDip pen
Ink typeEight 14ml bottles
Ink colorsGold, silver, brown, black, yellow, red, green, blue

ArtechecoChinese Calligraphy Kit


Pen type4 brushes
Ink typeOne ink stone
ContainerSilk-covered hard box
Ink colorsBlack

GC QuillCalligraphy Pen Set



Pen typeDip pen
Ink typeFive 20ml bottles
Ink colorsBlack, purple, green, red, yellow

SpeedballCollector's Calligraphy Set



Pen typeOblique, dip, crowquill
Ink typeThree 12ml bottles
Ink colorsBlack, red, blue

Compare the Best Calligraphy Sets

Mont Marte Calligraphy Pen Set 1

Mont Marte

Trustela Calligraphy Set for Beginners 1


Plotube Wooden Pen Calligraphy Set 1


Wildflower Art Studio Brush Lettering Calligraphy Kit 1

Wildflower Art Studio

The Lettering Tribe Calligraphy Set for Beginners 1

The Lettering Tribe

Arthur Newhall and Eugene Metcalf Beginner Calligraphy Kit 1

Arthur Newhall and Eugene Metcalf

Windsor and Newton Calligraphy Set in Wooden Box 1

Windsor and Newton

Artecheco Chinese Calligraphy Kit 1


GC Quill Calligraphy Pen Set 1

GC Quill

Speedball Collector's Calligraphy Set 1



Calligraphy Pen Set

Calligraphy Set for Beginners

Wooden Pen Calligraphy Set

Brush Lettering Calligraphy Kit

Calligraphy Set for Beginners

Beginner Calligraphy Kit

Calligraphy Set in Wooden Box

Chinese Calligraphy Kit

Calligraphy Pen Set

Collector's Calligraphy Set


Extensive Calligraphy Kit That's Perfect for Beginners

Gain Access to a Multitude of Exciting Nib Choices

A Beautiful, Hand-Crafted, Vintage-Look Calligraphy Set

Learn Advanced Techniques With This Award-Winning Set

Create Slanted Letters Easily With This Oblique Pen Set

Learn the Basics With This Book and Pen Set

Elevate Your Craft With This Light Wood Calligraphy Set

Experience Asian Calligraphy With This Traditional Brush Kit

Add a Touch of Class With This Glass Dip Pen Calligraphy Set

Use a Crowquill Pen to Add Finishing Touches

Pen typeFountain penDip penDip penBrush penObliqueFountain pen, brush penDip pen4 brushesDip penOblique, dip, crowquill
Ink type20 cartridgesFour 15ml bottlesOne 15ml bottleSingle useTwo 25ml bottles10 cartridgesEight 14ml bottlesOne ink stoneFive 20ml bottlesThree 12ml bottles
ContainerTinCardboardCardboardCardboardCardboardPlastic case included in bookWoodSilk-covered hard boxBlack, purple, green, red, yellowBlack, red, blue
Ink colorsBrown, green, pink, orange, yellow, black, blueBlack, blue, red, greenBlackBlack, silver, goldBlack, brownBlackGold, silver, brown, black, yellow, red, green, blueBlackCardboardWood

How to Choose a Calligraphy Kit - Buying Guide

Calligraphy kits are widely produced and it's not unknown for some manufactuers to cut corners on certain parts of the kit. So we're going to tell you everything you need to look for to make a smart calligraphy kit purchase. You'll be an expert before the ink dries. 

Figure Out What Type of Pen is Best for Your Needs

Calligraphy pens each have a specific purpose, so it’s important to decide whether you’ll be making signs, writing letters, or creating colorful art. It can be tricky to write a thoughtful letter with just a brush pen, for example. Familiarize yourself with the uses of each pen.

Fountain and Dip Pens are Great for Lettering

Fountain and Dip Pens are Great for Lettering

Typically, fountain pens are used for letter writing, signing, and everyday use. They are also among the easiest to use. A fountain pen is perfect for beginners because you can control how much ink you use at once.

If you prefer fine lines and elegant curves, then a dip or fountain pen might be the pen for you. The downside to dip pens is that typically the nibs are cheaply made so it's not a matter of if but when you'll need to replace them.

Dip pens are one of the oldest pen types, second only to quill pens. They can take a variety of nibs to suit any preference or style. If you're a newbie it's good practice to purchase a kit with plenty of spare nibs because chances are you'll break a couple learning how to adjust your writing slant and pressure. 

Brush Pens are Perfect for Learning Control

Brush Pens are Perfect for Learning Control

Brush pens offer the convenience of a pen with the soft tip of a brush. Brush pens teach pressure control, which is handy for any hand-created art like painting or drawing. Those of us who have issues with shading gradients would do well to practice with a brush pen.

A brush pen is also ideal for calligraphers with more picturesque visions in mind. Note that due to the bleed-through that brush pens are known for, it's a good idea to purchase more resilient calligraphy paper. A good choice is Chinese Xuan paper, which is readily available online and from calligraphy retailers. 

Oblique Dip Pens are Tailored to Right-Handed Calligraphers

Oblique Dip Pens are Tailored to Right-Handed Calligraphers
An oblique dip pen is great for any level of user. The nib of the pen is situated at... well... an oblique angle! These pens are perfect for right-handed calligraphers as it helps them achieve a more natural slant to letters and helps prevent the writing hand from smearing the ink.

Oblique dip pens are also more expensive. You can buy a plastic oblique pen, but you’ll want to buy a more durable wooden or metal pen as your skill level and interest progresses. 

Start With Regular Pens to Build Your Interest

Start With Regular Pens to Build Your Interest

It is possible to write calligraphy with an everyday ball point or fountain pen. However, these pens aren’t designed to reflect the curves and flares of expert calligraphy. You may still use them to learn the basics and to find out if calligraphy is a worthwhile hobby for you. 

Check Out the Ink Choices in Each Kit

Check Out the Ink Choices in Each Kit

There's no standard for how much ink comes in a kit, and the kind varies by pen type as well. A fountain pen will come with either cartridges or bottles of ink, whereas most modern brush pens will be non-reusable when empty. 

Furthermore, calligraphy ink serves a variety of specialized purposes. For example, color ink is generally thicker, takes longer to dry, and is made with art in mind.

You’ll want to check reviews or test the ink to see how it looks once it’s dried. There are inks that have a glossy finish whereas others might have more muted shades. This will often vary by manufacturer. Also check if the dried ink is waterproof or not (if that's important for your application).

Take into Consideration the Contents of the Entire Kit

Take into Consideration the Contents of the Entire Kit

A well-made calligraphy set will have pens, nibs, ink, and a pen holder to help preserve the tip and prevent ink spills. Beginner kits will sometimes come with a calligraphy technique book as a bonus. A key item to look for is additional pen nibs. 

Nibs are often inexpensive and their durability reflects this. There is no certain amount of time a nib will last as it varies widely, based on use, writing pressure, and manufacturer. Just remember to look for spare nibs in your kit to save you time in the long run. 

If Aesthetics are Important, Find a Kit With a Wooden Case

If Aesthetics are Important, Find a Kit With a Wooden Case

Cheaper calligraphy kit cases will be made with plastic or cardboard. Not only will these cases break more easily, but they also don’t have the same timeless aesthetic of their wood counterparts. 

Calligraphy is an art based on a set aesthetic, so if a certain level of appearance is important to you, check out wood cases. Keep in mind that a beautiful case won’t always indicate quality. You can always consult reviews if you’re unsure which brand produces pens and nibs as good as their ornate case. 

Need More Art Supplies?

Need More Art Supplies?

Looking for more ways to express yourself? Create some mixed-media art with our other helpful suggestions.

Author: Chadhurst Jainlett Sharpe

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