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  • Top 10 Best Roasting Sticks in 2021 (Camp Chef, MalloMe, and More) 3
  • Top 10 Best Roasting Sticks in 2021 (Camp Chef, MalloMe, and More) 4
  • Top 10 Best Roasting Sticks in 2021 (Camp Chef, MalloMe, and More) 5

Top 10 Best Roasting Sticks in 2021 (Camp Chef, MalloMe, and More)

Nothing is more nostalgic about summer nights than singing songs, telling ghost stories, and toasting marshmallows around a campfire! Want to kick back with a few friends, some ice-cold brews, and enjoy weiners roasted over a fire pit in your backyard? Even if you just have a grill, you can still enjoy cooking on a stick if you have the right product! Sure you could grab branches off the ground, but by the end of this article, you'll be a convert to the benefits of using proper roasting sticks.

We chose Marshmallow Symphony roasting sticks from Carpathen as the number one set that will fit the needs of most households. They have balanced features that make them versatile, and they got good reviews for durability. But, there are a lot of other more specialized products you should check out, too! So keep reading our top 10 list and buying guide which will point out what to look for when choosing roasting sticks for your cookout fun.

  • Last updated: 01-21-2021
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Top 10 Best Roasting Sticks

There are a lot of similar-looking products on the market, so we did our research and narrowed it down to the best 10, all of which were chosen for their durability and unique features.


CarpathenMarshmallow Symphony Roasting Sticks


Number of sticks6
TypeTelescoping, rotating
Length (extended)34 in.

OdyseacoPremium Roasting Sticks


Number of sticks4
TypeTelescoping, fully retractable
Length31.5 in.

Wolf 'emWolf 'em Biscuit Cup and Hotdog Roaster


Number of sticks2
TypeRotating with 2 attachments
Length32 in.

MalloMeMarshmallow Roasting Sticks


Number of sticks5 (set of 8 available)
Length32 in.

Rome IndustriesMarshmallow Roasting Fork Set



Number of sticks8
Length22 in.

MCIRCORoasting Sticks


Number of sticks12
Length45 in.

BearMooBarbecue Skewer Set


Number of sticks6
Length17 in.

Camp ChefSafety Hot Dog Roasting Stick


Number of sticks4
Length19.5 to 30 in.

FirebuggzFishing Pole Campfire Roaster


Number of sticks1
TypeFishing pole
Length34.5 in.

Kicknbac AssetsGlow-in-the-Dark Roasting Sticks


Number of sticks5
Length45 in.

Compare the Best Roasting Sticks

Carpathen Marshmallow Symphony Roasting Sticks 1


Odyseaco Premium Roasting Sticks 1


Wolf 'em Wolf 'em Biscuit Cup and Hotdog Roaster 1

Wolf 'em

MalloMe Marshmallow Roasting Sticks 1


Rome Industries Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set 1

Rome Industries

MCIRCO Roasting Sticks 1


BearMoo Barbecue Skewer Set 1


Camp Chef Safety Hot Dog Roasting Stick 1

Camp Chef

Firebuggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster 1


Kicknbac Assets Glow-in-the-Dark Roasting Sticks 1

Kicknbac Assets


Marshmallow Symphony Roasting Sticks

Premium Roasting Sticks

Wolf 'em Biscuit Cup and Hotdog Roaster

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set

Roasting Sticks

Barbecue Skewer Set

Safety Hot Dog Roasting Stick

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Glow-in-the-Dark Roasting Sticks


A Set for Any Household That Suits a Variety of Occasions

These Sturdy Sticks are the Best Ones to Take Camping

Great Roasters for Hot Dogs, Marshmallows, and...Biscuits?!

You Won't Find a Better Marshmallow Roasting Stick

A Simple, Dependable Design That Gets the Job Done

Extra-Long Sticks to Keep Hands Away from the Fire

Toast Marshmallows or Cook Skewers Easily on a Gas Grill

Say Goodbye to Roasting Mishaps

Who Needs Sticks When You Have a Hanging Roasting Rack?

Kids Will Love These Glow-in-the-Dark Sticks!

Number of sticks6425 (set of 8 available)8126415
TypeTelescoping, rotatingTelescoping, fully retractableRotating with 2 attachmentsTelescopingSimpleTelescopingSkewersExtendableFishing poleTelescoping
Length (extended)34 in.31.5 in.32 in.32 in.22 in.45 in.17 in.19.5 to 30 in.34.5 in.45 in.

How to Choose Roasting Sticks - Buying Guide

You can't just grab any old stick off the ground for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, and you can't just buy any old product either! It needs to be the right size, shape, and quality.

Think About What Type of Cooking You'll Do

An idyllic campfire may not be possible for everyone. But you can still enjoy the primal activity of open-fire cooking if you have a fireplace, outdoor fire pit, or grill. Honestly, you could even toast marshmallows over a gas range, but that's another article.

Skewers and Stands for Grills

Skewers and Stands for Grills
If you have access to a barbecue grill, look for roasting sticks that are more like skewers. For charcoal, you can remove the grill grate and use your sticks as you would at a campfire to get your food right near the coals.

For gas grills, you should get a stand that will slightly elevate your skewers above the grate so your marshmallows don't stick (or take on the taste of the hamburgers you grilled earlier). Don't choose anything with a non-metal handle, since the handle will very close to the fire; go for metal loops or twists, or ceramic.

Decorative Accents for Fire Pit Use

Decorative Accents for Fire Pit Use

If you have a fireplace or fire pit in your yard, you may want to look for a more decorative set with a stand that can be displayed. Some have cords so you can hang them, too. Longer is better for open fires. And for home use, you may want something that can go in the dishwasher.

Weight, Durability, and Versatility Matters When Camping

Weight, Durability, and Versatility Matters When Camping
If you're taking them camping, in addition to length, durability is key, since you can't run into the house and grab another. You may want something that can cook a variety of foods from marshmallows to shrimp to steaks, so pay attention to the weight it can hold and the shape of the tines.

For easy transport, look for ones that have a strong bag, fully retractable forks, or fork caps. And choose ones that clean easily with a quick wipe down or rinse from your camp sink.

Decide Which Materials Work for You

Decide Which Materials Work for You

As far as handles go, most are either wood, silicone, rubber, or plastic. You may also find cork or ceramic. The main concern is that handles don't get hot while you're roasting!

For the stick material, you have two choices: disposable bamboo or metal. Bamboo skewers are good for prepping ahead of time for parties or tabletop s'mores kits. You can use them on a grill, but they are not great for open-fire use. Soak them in water for at least an hour before using to avoid burning.

Decide Which Materials Work for You

Metal roasting sticks either are a single skewer or, more commonly, two prongs. That has the advantage of preventing food from spinning when you try to roast all sides. Make sure they are strong enough for the type of food you'll be cooking; bending is okay, but breaking is not!

Choose Useful Designs and Features

Some may find that simple is best, and others will like all of the bells and whistles. Always keep in mind, though, that the primary concern is function!

Check the Design of the Business End

Check the Design of the Business End

The design of the fork or skewer will determine how well and how safely you can cook your food. First, check the tine or prong length and width. Larger foods like steaks will fall off if the tines are too short. Smaller foods like marshmallows cook better with thinner tines.

A flat tine (as opposed to round wire or bamboo) will prevent food from spinning. This is especially necessary for marshmallows, which rotate easily once the center starts to get gooey. A double-prong design serves the same purpose.

You can also double up on the skewers. This works well for larger foods like chicken legs or steaks but requires enough coordination to hold two handles, so may be hard for children.

Check the Design of the Business End

Another thing to consider (especially for young chefs) is that food can fall off the stick if you're not careful. Some roasting sticks are designed with the prongs pointing backward to prevent these disasters. Although they can be tricky to use for s'mores, they may be well worth it.

Kids may also benefit from sticks with tines that are not so pointy. Some have flatter tips, which is safer but doesn't work for tougher foods like skin-on chicken. Keep in mind that the little caps which you'll see on many products are just for safe storage and transportation. They must be removed while cooking.

Extra Features Can be Fun and Convenient

Extra Features Can be Fun and Convenient

Many roasting sticks are available with a telescoping rod just like a radio antenna. These are convenient, but they can be weak and break easily. They also don't work as well for heavy foods. Some are extendable using different designs.

Telescoping ones often offer a rotation feature nowadays. This isn't really necessary; it's not harder to turn the whole thing than it is to spin a knob which turns the fork. But kids tend to love this feature, and we admit it is kind of cool!

Extra Features Can be Fun and Convenient

Other features kids love are light-up LEDs or glow-in-the-dark handles. Things parents like are removable handles so the sticks can go in the dishwasher, loops for hanging them at a cabin or campsite, and prong covers for safe storage.

Remember to always supervise children when they are skewering and cooking their food. Give them sticks that are as long as possible with backward-facing forks to avoid a crying breakdown caused by a dropped marshmallow!

Get Back to Nature in Comfort and Style

Get Back to Nature in Comfort and Style

Whether you like camping, glamping, or just sitting in your yard, we have ideas that will make your time communing with nature even more enjoyable.


We know you can just use a branch you find on the ground to roast food in a pinch, but with one of our recommendations, you'll enjoy your s'mores and weiners much more.

Remember to keep in mind the design and durability, and try out some roasting sticks with unique features. For kids, make safety and fun your top priorities. Save the branches for kindling!

Author: Susan Lucier

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