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  • 10 Best Sisal Scratching Posts in 2022 (SmartyKat, PetFusion, and More) 3
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  • 10 Best Sisal Scratching Posts in 2022 (SmartyKat, PetFusion, and More) 5

10 Best Sisal Scratching Posts in 2022 (SmartyKat, PetFusion, and More)

Does your cat scratch your furniture? Are you looking to protect your sofa from claw marks? Does your carpet have bare patches where your cat has really gone to town? Cats need to scratch, and most people nowadays know that they need a proper outlet for their instincts.  

Sisal scratching posts are a great choice for their durability, and most cats love them! The Branch-Out Cat Scratching Post from PetFusion caught our attention for its tree-like design that any house panther would gladly shred instead of your sofa. However, it was hard to narrow down our top ten choices! There are so many practical and pretty designs that both you and your cat will love. So, keep reading and check out our buying guide for tips on choosing a new sisal scratching post.

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Does My Cat Want a Sisal Scratching Post?

Any cat owner knows they need to scratch. It's how cats keep their claws healthy and mark their territory. So if you don't want your furniture marked up, sisal is an excellent material to offer your kitty instead!

What is Sisal?

What is Sisal?

Sisal comes from the agave plant and is usually harvested in Brazil. Both rope and fabric versions are available. This natural material is generally safe for cats and often comes in different colors, but plain brown is most common. Cats tend to prefer brown because it looks like a tree.

Sisal rope scratching posts are widely available. Their advantage is durability, and they can easily be repaired by winding and gluing new rope. However, as the fibers come off, some are a bit sharp and may cause splinters.

Sisal fabric or carpet is less durable but softens as it's scratched. Both sisal rope and fabric are popular with kitties, so it's really your choice which one you buy. Even better, just get one of each!

Is Sisal Better Than Other Materials?

Is Sisal Better Than Other Materials?

It's not really a matter of better or worse, but each material has its pros and cons. The most important thing is to find scratching posts your cat likes and uses.

Carpet tends to get caught in a cat's claws, and you may not want to encourage your cat to scratch something that reminds them of your expensive rugs or carpeting. Cardboard is loved by felines, but it sheds little bits of paper all over.

Another option is actual wood, which is what wild cats naturally scratch most often. But wooden scratching posts are hard to find and usually expensive. Sisal is a good alternative because it matches the texture, shape, and color of a tree well.

10 Best Sisal Scratching Posts

There are a lot of highly-reviewed scratching posts on Amazon, so we tried to go beyond the bestsellers and look for unique products that offer something more!


PetFusionBranch-Out Cat Scratching Post


MaterialsSisal rope with wooden base
Highlights12-month warranty, replacement posts available
Size28" tall

CatryCat Tree Bed


MaterialsSisal rope, jute fiber, fleece, felt, MDF base
HighlightsAdjustable angle scratching pad, teaser toy
Size26" high

Sofa-ScratcherCouch Corner Scratching Post


MaterialsSisal fabric, polycarbonate base
HighlightsFelt backing to protect furniture
Size24" high, 10" wide

DimakaUltimate Cat Scratching Post


MaterialsSisal rope, chipboard base, plush fabric covering
HighlightsDifferent textures, teaser toy
Size34" tall

7 Ruby RoadScratching Post for Floor or Wall


MaterialsWoven sisal, wooden frame
Highlights30-day money-back guarantee
Size22" high, 5.75" wide

PetnPurrCactus Cat Scratcher


MaterialsSisal rope, carpeting
HighlightsTeaser toy
Size25.6" tall

PAWZ RoadScratching Post and Pad


MaterialsSisal rope, sisal fabric, carpeting, MDF base
HighlightsTeaser toy
Size15.7" long, 12.4 wide, 6.3" tall

Petmaker3-Pole Cat Scratcher


MaterialsSisal rope, polyester fabric
Highlights3 teaser toys
Size19.25" tall

SmartyKatSisal Angle Scratcher


MaterialsSisal fabric, wooden base
Size15.25" long, 7" wide

SmartCatPioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post


MaterialsWoven sisal, MDF base
Highlights2 colors
Size32" tall

Compare the Best Sisal Scratching Posts

PetFusion Branch-Out Cat Scratching Post 1


Catry Cat Tree Bed 1


Sofa-Scratcher Couch Corner Scratching Post 1


Dimaka Ultimate Cat Scratching Post 1


7 Ruby Road Scratching Post for Floor or Wall 1

7 Ruby Road

PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratcher 1


PAWZ Road Scratching Post and Pad 1


Petmaker 3-Pole Cat Scratcher 1


SmartyKat Sisal Angle Scratcher 1


SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post 1



Branch-Out Cat Scratching Post

Cat Tree Bed

Couch Corner Scratching Post

Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

Scratching Post for Floor or Wall

Cactus Cat Scratcher

Scratching Post and Pad

3-Pole Cat Scratcher

Sisal Angle Scratcher

Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post


A Miniature "Tree" for Your Miniature Leopard

Different Textures Attract Your Cat to Leave Their Mark

A Simple Couch Protector That Fits Any Style

The Tallest Scratching Post We Could Find

A Versatile Scratcher for the Wall or Floor

Entice Your Kitty With Different Textures and Shapes

An Interactive Scratching Station for Kittens

A Scratching Post and Sturdy Perch, Plus Toys!

Let Your Cat Work Different Muscles With an Inclined Scratcher

A Sturdy Scratching Post With Corners

MaterialsSisal rope with wooden baseSisal rope, jute fiber, fleece, felt, MDF baseSisal fabric, polycarbonate baseSisal rope, chipboard base, plush fabric coveringWoven sisal, wooden frameSisal rope, carpetingSisal rope, sisal fabric, carpeting, MDF baseSisal rope, polyester fabricSisal fabric, wooden baseWoven sisal, MDF base
Highlights12-month warranty, replacement posts availableAdjustable angle scratching pad, teaser toyFelt backing to protect furnitureDifferent textures, teaser toy30-day money-back guaranteeTeaser toyTeaser toy3 teaser toysAngled2 colors
Size28" tall26" high24" high, 10" wide34" tall22" high, 5.75" wide25.6" tall15.7" long, 12.4 wide, 6.3" tall19.25" tall15.25" long, 7" wide32" tall

How to Choose a Sisal Scratching Post - Buying Guide

The most important things when choosing any pet product are safety and durability (and sometimes cuteness). Let's look at those in more detail.

Make Sure the Scratching Post is Durable

A lot of sisal scratching posts have similar designs that are nearly indistinguishable from each other. Instead of going by appearance or relying on the manufacturer's description, dive into the user reviews to make sure you're buying a quality product.

Check the Quality of Materials

Check the Quality of Materials

The rope used for scratching posts is usually 1/4 or 3/8 inch sisal. 1/4-inch is less durable because it's thinner, but it's easier to use for repairs because it's more flexible. Manila and hemp rope are also available, and there's not much difference between them all.

Sisal fabric is sometimes called sisal carpeting, but for scratching posts it's a bit tougher. It's still less durable than rope, but it sheds less, too.

Regardless of the outer material, many scratchers have a core. Some are heavy-duty cardboard tubes, which are obviously not good for outdoor use. If you want a scratching post for a catio look for one with a heavy wood core.

Get One That's Very Stable

Get One That's Very Stable

Cats pull really hard when they scratch; remember, the whole point of scratching is to remove their old dull outer-claw sheath. A top-heavy or unstable scratching post can scare the cat and make them lose interest, or worse, cause injury.

For an uprights scratcher, look for a low center of gravity and heavy base. For other shapes, see if it can be fastened securely to a wall or the floor. Some are designed so the weight of a cat sitting on it keeps it in place.

Choose a Size and Shape That You and Your Cat Will Love

Many people think of a "post" shape, naturally, but in addition to tree-like objects, cats love to scratch in different positions, too!

Choose Vertical, Horizontal, or Angled

Choose Vertical, Horizontal, or Angled

Vertical posts are great tree substitutes. They let your house panther get a full stretch! It's recommended to get a post that is 20 inches tall for kittens and about 40 inches for adult cats. Of course, taller posts need wide, stable bases.

Shorter heights are fine for a horizontal or angled post. It's a great idea to offer a variety of shapes, as they work different muscle groups when your cat scratches.

Decide If You Want Other Features Besides a Scratching Surface

Decide If You Want Other Features Besides a Scratching Surface

A lot of cat trees come with sisal rope posts, but many scratchers have extra features that can attract your cat and keep it busy.

If you get one with a hammock or toys, look for ones that are sturdy and safe. It's hard to predict what your cat will like, but for kittens, almost any dangling toy will do! You can even consider a DIY addition if you have a toy, some string, and a staple gun!

Another fun feature for your cat is materials and surfaces which can act as "scent-soakers." If you're a fan of Jackson Galaxy, you've heard him talk about how cats feel secure when they smell themselves in their territory. (That's why they rub on your legs, too!) Look for absorbent surfaces your cat might enjoy rubbing on while scratching.

How to Get Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

How to Get Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

The whole point is to save your furniture, walls, and carpets, so you need to convince your kitty that the great scratching post you bought just for them is a better choice!

Absolutely consider the location first. If your cat has attempted to scratch your sofa before, put a scratching post in front of the couch. Try putting it near their favorite sleeping spot so they can use it for a good stretch when they wake up.

As scratching is also a territorial behavior, it's a good idea to have posts in areas where they can leave their mark as a sign of their presence. Cats' paws have scent glands, so they leave a message to other cats anywhere they walk or scratch.

How to Get Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

Examples of territorially-significant areas include places where humans and other animals pass by, such as hallways and doorways. The bedroom is important to a cat because your smell is strong there, so they love to mix in their scent by scratching something in the bedroom.

Most of the time, it's not hard to get a cat interested in a new scratching post. You can also try rubbing some catnip on it! Give them time and just let them check it out. Oddly enough, though, if you act like you're using it yourself, sometimes they'll get the message!

Good Kitties Deserve Good Stuff!

Now that your cat is leaving your furniture unscathed, treat them to some other things they need and enjoy!

Author: Susan Lucier-Ogawa

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