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  • 10 Best Nipple Covers in 2022 (Nippies, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Nipple Covers in 2022 (Nippies, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Nipple Covers in 2022 (Nippies, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Nipple Covers in 2022 (Nippies, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Nipple Covers in 2022 (Nippies, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, and More) 5

10 Best Nipple Covers in 2022 (Nippies, Hollywood Fashion Secrets, and More)

Are you ditching your bra or planning to wear a backless dress on a date? If yes, then you might need some protection in the nipple area. Most women feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by showing their nipples, but choosing the right set may be daunting with so many covers out there.

When choosing a nipple cover, be sure to check the quality and adhesive of your cover. The last thing you want is for your cover to move or slide off during high-intensity activities that cause sweat. That’s why we chose Nippies Skin medical-grade silicone covers as our top pick for nipple covers! Check out our top 10 products to see what else made the list and why. 

Last updated 2023/01/16
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How to Choose Nipple Covers – Buying Guide

With nipple covers becoming more popular and in-demand each day, you may find yourself spoiled with too many options. To make choosing easier, we've set up a guide with things to keep in mind when browsing.  

① Consider Different Types of Nipple Covers

There are three main types of nipple covers that we're going to cover. Each of them suits different bodies and different occasions. 

Reusable Covers Have a Skin-Like Texture

Reusable Covers Have a Skin-Like Texture

Reusable covers can be washed and worn over and over again. If you plan on permanently ditching your bra, reusable covers are the way to go. They are usually made of silicone. This is mainly because of the quality, adhesiveness, and hypoallergenic features of the material. 

Reusable covers are often available in many shades to suit different skin tones. They have a skin-like texture that is flexible and comfortable enough for all-day use. 

Disposable Pasties are Ideal for One-Time Use

Disposable Pasties are Ideal for One-Time Use

Although you can buy pasties that are reusable, they are generally designed for single use. They can't be washed and are only wearable as long as the adhesive still sticks to your skin. If the covers are for special occasions or for a formal dress, you can probably get away with disposable covers. 

Keep in mind that because the adhesive sticks to the skin, removing a pastie might be painful. This is because disposable pasties are usually made of polyester and peel off like Band-Aid strips. A simple solution would be to use some sort of oil such as olive or coconut to gently ease it off of your skin.

Bra Discs Adds Extra Support Into Thinner Bras

Bra Discs Adds Extra Support Into Thinner Bras

These types of nipple covers are for slipping into a bra and don’t come with an adhesive. They are ideal for bras with thin material that need extra padding for comfort and security. Think bralettes! Also, since discs do not have any adhesives, they are less likely to leave behind any sticky residue.

② Find a Material That is Smooth and Comfortable

When choosing a material for your covers, go for a material that is smooth and comfortable against your skin. Poorly manufactured covers may lead to irritation, itchiness, or allergies on the skin surrounding the nipple. 

Silicone is Hypoallergenic

Silicone is Hypoallergenic

The most common material used when it comes to nipple covers is silicone. Medical-grade silicone is hypoallergenic while having a similar texture to the skin. The gel-like covers usually narrow toward the edges for a seamless finish. 

This material is also lightweight, so you don't feel weighed down. As silicone is invisible, it's great to wear with thin or semisheer tops. 

Polyester and Satin are Breathable

Polyester and Satin are Breathable

When it comes to fabric nipple covers, satin and polyester are for you. Fabric covers are a cheaper alternative to silicone covers. Satin covers are more breathable and allow clothes to easily glide over them. 

If you decide on fabric covers, be sure to find ones with medical-grade adhesives to prevent any irritation. Keep in mind, however, that removing fabric covers is very similar to removing a bandage and can be painful!

③ Take Additional Features Into Consideration

Apart from the material your cover is made of, there are a few other things to take into consideration when you are choosing your cover.

Warning: One Size Fits Most (but Not All)

Warning: One Size Fits Most (but Not All)

To make sure that the cover nipples provide good coverage, do check their diameter and see if it works! Many nipple covers are one size fits all, but there are also products available in different sizes.

Most covers are measured at roughly three inches in diameter. They are ideal for an A-, B-, or C-cup bra wearer. For those who wear a D-cup, there are covers available that are roughly four inches in diameter. 

Hypoallergenic Covers are Ideal for People With Sensitive Skin

Hypoallergenic Covers are Ideal for People With Sensitive Skin

If you are someone with sensitive skin be sure to be on the lookout for hypoallergenic adhesives and materials. Most covers made from medical grade silicone are inherently hypoallergenic. This avoids irritation and rashes around your nipple area, keeping your skin safe and comfortable all day long. 

For those with sensitive skin, we suggest not using disposable nipple covers. Since they stick strongly to your breast, removing them can be painful and might even cause rashes and redness. 

Waterproof Nipple Covers Keep Your Covers from Sliding Down

Waterproof Nipple Covers Keep Your Covers from Sliding Down

There is nothing worse than the feeling of your nipple covers sliding down your chest when you’re out dancing with your friends. One of two things is going to happen: it will annoy you to the point where you take them off and free the nipple, or you're going to be uncomfortable the rest of the night. 

To save yourself from this misery, opt for a waterproof or sweatproof option. This is ideal if you live in a rainy or humid environment, and it allows you to be active without being uncomfortable. 

10 Best Nipple Covers

Finding a bra to wear with your backless garment can be difficult. And with so many options out there, finding the right one for you can be daunting. To ease this process, we searched through the Internet to find the 10 best nipple covers to buy online. We ranked them based on factors such as their material and reviewer satisfaction.
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Nippies Skin

Nippies Nippies Skin 1枚目

Long-Term Use Covers in All Sizes and Skin Tones


Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Silicone CoverUps

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone CoverUps  1枚目

Waterproof Covers With a Seamless Finish



Nippleless Covers

Goldfarm Nippleless Covers 1枚目

A Smooth and Natural Alternative to Bras



Nipple Breast Covers

Goldfarm Nipple Breast Covers 1枚目

Disposable Pasties Ideal for Special Occasions



Bra Discs Nipple Covers

Bezi Bra Discs Nipple Covers 1枚目

An Eco-Friendly Option Without Adhesives



Lingerie Breast Pasties

Cloho Lingerie Breast Pasties 1枚目

Fun and Flirty Disposable Nipple Covers



Invisible Silicone Push Up Bra

Niidor Invisible Silicone Push Up Bra 1枚目

Give Your Girls a Lift Without the Wire



Rave Pasties

iHeartRaves Rave Pasties 1枚目

Glow in the Dark Nipple Pasties for a Night Out



Headlight Hiders

Boob-eez  Headlight Hiders  1枚目

Look Natural Without the Bulk of a Bra



Disposable Bra Gel Petals

Smozer Disposable Bra Gel Petals 1枚目

Easy to Use Disposable Nipple Pasties

Product details

NippiesNippies Skin


Long-Term Use Covers in All Sizes and Skin Tones

Nippies Skin has expanded their range with different shapes, sizes, and skin tones to compliment your uniqueness. The hypoallergenic silicone has a matte finish that prevents it from reflecting light. This is ideal if you want to avoid embarrassment when taking photos.

A few buyers complain that darker nipples may still be visible through the lighter nipple covers. Still, the majority find these covers comfortable enough for all-day use, even in humid environments.

Many reviewers also mention that these covers work seamlessly under tight-fitting or white clothing. One thing most people note is to match the color of the cover to the color of your nipple and not your skin. 


Hollywood Fashion SecretsSilicone CoverUps


Waterproof Covers With a Seamless Finish

These reusable Hollywood secret cover-ups are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Rock your t-shirts, sheer tops, or backless dresses with confidence! The waterproof feature assures that your covers will stay put in rain or humid weather, ensuring that you always look your best.

The hypoallergenic silicone is gentle on the skin and comfortable for all-day wear. If taken care of properly, these nipple covers can be reused for about 25 times! They're also available in four shades.

According to a few buyers, these nipple covers are a bit small and thin. Nonetheless, many say that the tapered ends are perfect since they give a seamless look to the thinnest of tops. They also find the adhesive strong yet comfortable


GoldfarmNippleless Covers2 pack


A Smooth and Natural Alternative to Bras

These Goldfarm nipple covers are made from silicone and make you feel comfortable and breathable. They also give you a smooth appearance and fit nicely under sheer tops, backless dresses, or form-fitting outfits. 

A few buyers complain about the thin and transparent material of the nipple covers. Still, many reviewers find these covers to be so comfortable that they tend to forget they have them on. Despite this fact, the manufacturer doesn't recommend keeping these covers on for longer than eight hours.

Moreover, many buyers compliment that the adhesive is strong enough to endure a sweaty all-day festival. They further add that the covers are easy to wear. 


GoldfarmNipple Breast Covers10 Pack


Disposable Pasties Ideal for Special Occasions

Goldfarm's Nipple Breast Covers are made from woven fabric and can give your top a smooth and natural look. They measure 2.75 inches in diameter and are the ideal size for all breast sizes. 

These disposable nipple covers are convenient to use! They intended for women unable or unwilling to wear a bra. They are ideal for bathing suits, bridal gowns, or halter neck tops.

Some buyers note that removing these covers might be painful. And one reviewer even compares it to taking off a bandage. Yet, the majority comment that these pasties give great coverage to hide your nipples without changing the shape of your breast. 


BeziBra Discs Nipple Covers


An Eco-Friendly Option Without Adhesives

Bezi bra disks are reusable since they’re made from a latex-free resin that's highly durable and eco-friendly. These nipple covers provide a contoured shape and stay in place even without adhesive. 

And since there's no adhesive, they're less likely to leave a residue on your breast. They come in four different colors, including natural, blush, latte, and mocha. However, some buyers complain that the outline of the nipple covers are quite noticeable. 

Yet, the majority love that the disks are comfortable to wear and truly stay on despite having no adhesives. Many are also happy that these nipple covers blend nicely with the skin to conceal those unwanted headlights. Those with sensitive skin further comment that the disks don't irritate their skin. 


ClohoLingerie Breast Pasties10 Pack


Fun and Flirty Disposable Nipple Covers

Free your breast while concealing your nipples with these fun and flirty disposable nipple covers. The satin fabric is comfortable and breathable and the different shapes and sizes provide you with enough coverage. These nipple covers are also waterproof, so you can wear them under your bathing suit or while exercising. 

Keep in mind that like most other disposable pasties, removing these covers may be painful. In fact, some buyers advise not to wear these nipple covers for a long time since they can stick to the skin and cause irritation

Nonetheless, many love that the adhesive lasts for hours in water and humid weather and also rave about the adorable design of the covers. Some reviewers wear these while lounging next to the pool, and others enjoy their fun shapes at festivals - the options are limitless. 


NiidorInvisible Silicone Push Up Bra


Give Your Girls a Lift Without the Wire

Say goodbye to embarrassing bra straps with this elegant Niidor push-up bra. Unlike nipple covers, this comes with a clip inside and a strong adhesive to give your breasts a lift for beautiful cleavage. The skin-friendly silicone is breathable and comfortable to wear all day long. 

After wearing your reusable bra, wash with soap and warm water. With Niidor you can choose your ideal shape and size to fit your breasts perfectly. However, be sure to check your exact size before purchasing a pair. Some reviewers find that the bra size tends to be smaller in relation to the actual fit. 

On the other hand, many reviewers note that the adhesive works great even in humid weather. Those with sensitive skin love that it doesn't cause skin irritation, too! Reviewers with small breasts and large breasts both noted that this bra is comfortable and gives them the support they need all day long. 


Glow in the Dark Nipple Pasties for a Night Out

Be proud and show off the girls in these glow in the dark nipple pasties. Simply peel, stick, and you will have comfortable covers that can last up to 12 hours. Also, these nipple covers are for one-time use only. 

The hypoallergenic and waterproof adhesive is ideal to keep you looking your best at raves, music festivals, or parties. Besides this daisy flower design, there are many other designs like seashells and skeleton hands for you to choose from! Check out the iHeartRaves website for more options. 

Some buyers say the covers are too thin and small and might not be suitable for large breasts. Yet, many find that the adhesive is strong enough to endure humid weather on the beach or in warm venues without ever slipping off. They praise the design, too! 


Boob-eez Headlight Hiders


Look Natural Without the Bulk of a Bra

This ultra-light covers will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and will have you kissing your bra goodbye. These nipple covers' ultra-light feature will keep you covered without adding extra bulk or weight to your breast. 

The skin-friendly waterproof adhesive is comfortable enough to wear all day while looking your best in the latest fashion trends. However, reviewers find that the covers are small and might not work for those with large nipples. Some others note that removing these covers can be painful.

Still, according to many reviewers, these covers stay on nicely and hold up during the hot summer. The majority further mention that they provide great comfort and cover headlights well.


SmozerDisposable Bra Gel Petals


Easy to Use Disposable Nipple Pasties

Made with breathable satin material, these flower nipple covers allow clothing to glide over them with no issues. These disposable pasties are easy to use and ideal for one-time use, while the quantity ensures that you always have a pair on standby.

Some reviewers mention that the material is thin, while a few others warn that the covers are a little irritating to the skin. It also hurt to remove them, reviewers say. 

On the other hand, many users comment that the adhesive is strong enough to last the whole day. They further add that the pasties cover up the nipples nicely and offer great comfort

Tips to Care for Reusable Nipple Covers

Tips to Care for Reusable Nipple Covers

With proper care, reusable nipple covers can last from 20 up to 50 uses. However, if you wash the covers regularly, the adhesive might lose its sticky properties. Therefore, we suggest only washing the covers when they become dirty. 

Avoid applying moisturizer or lotion on your skin since it can also make the adhesive become less sticky. Also, wash your nipple covers by hand with soap and water and let them air-dry naturally. Cover the adhesive side of the covers with plastic film to keep away dust and protect them when not in use.

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Top 5 Nipple Covers

No. 1NippiesNippies Skin

No. 2Hollywood Fashion SecretsSilicone CoverUps

No. 3GoldfarmNippleless Covers2 pack

No. 4GoldfarmNipple Breast Covers10 Pack

No. 5BeziBra Discs Nipple Covers

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