• Top 10 Products to Organize Your Closet in 2021 (Rubbermaid, Seville Classics, and More) 1
  • Top 10 Products to Organize Your Closet in 2021 (Rubbermaid, Seville Classics, and More) 2
  • Top 10 Products to Organize Your Closet in 2021 (Rubbermaid, Seville Classics, and More) 3
  • Top 10 Products to Organize Your Closet in 2021 (Rubbermaid, Seville Classics, and More) 4
  • Top 10 Products to Organize Your Closet in 2021 (Rubbermaid, Seville Classics, and More) 5

Top 10 Products to Organize Your Closet in 2021 (Rubbermaid, Seville Classics, and More)

No matter how neat and unassuming a closet starts out, it's amazing how quickly it can become a cluttered mess. Thanks to lockdowns keeping everyone indoors, now is a perfect time to organize your closet and make your living space a little brighter.

We've put together a guide to help you get started on your organizing expedition, as well as a list of the top ten products that will help you get your closet spic and span again! Our favorite was Songmics' Cube Storage Organizer, for its sturdiness, versatility, and how you can arrange it any way you like to fit your interior. Read on for more!

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  • Last updated: 02-17-2021
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Do Some Organizing Before You Start

Before actually buying extra hangers, cubbies, or shelves, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide what needs organizing. Do you need a place for accessories? Shoes? Sheets? Clothes? Answering that will help you understand what kind of closet organizing items you’ll need to shop for.

Sort Through Your Closet

Sort Through Your Closet

If you’re good at visualizing, you may be able to do all this sorting just by looking through your closet and writing down a quick checklist. Look for overcrowded items and consider whether they would be best sorted using a set of drawers, hangers, or shelves.

If you’re more of a hands-on type of person, don’t be afraid to physically clear out your closet and sort things into piles: clothes to hang or store, smaller items that need a drawer, sheets and comforters, and so on.

Donate or Discard What You Don’t Need

Donate or Discard What You Don’t Need

This may be an obvious bit of advice, but it’s important nevertheless. One of the best ways to de-clutter your closet is to figure out what you don’t need and either donating it, throwing it away, or recycling, if possible.

Measure the Inside of Your Closet

Measure the Inside of Your Closet

Before buying anything to organize your closet, be sure to take thorough measurements. Want to add a new bar or shelf? Measure the distance between walls, and break it into chunks if needed. Thinking of adding some drawers or cubby holes on the floor? Measure both the depth of your closet and the height that you’ll need.

Write all your measurements down so that you can check them while you shop. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will be well worth it to avoid buying something that’s too big or too small for your needs. 

Top 10 Products to Organize Your Closet

There are a ton of different ways to organize your closet, and a huge array of products to help you do so. Below we've assembled a list to get you started and hopefully give you some ideas to springboard off of for putting your closet back in order.


SongmicsCube Storage Organizer


MaterialABS connectors, PP plastic panels, metal frame
Size11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 in. per cube

OxelOver The Door Hanging Wall Organizer


TypeDoor-hanging organizer
MaterialFabric with metal hooks
Size70 x 13 in.

RubbermaidConfigurations Custom Closet Kit


TypeFull closet organizer
SizeDeluxe set includes: 7 26 in. shelves, 2 48 in. shelves, 2 48 in. top rails, rods and mounting hardware

FinnhomyHeavy Duty Plastic Hangers

Pack of 50


Size16.5 x 8.7 in. per hanger

Simple HousewearHanging Closet Organizer


TypeHanging shelves
MaterialFabric with metal hooks
Size12 x 10 x 45 in.

Seville ClassicsShoe Storage Rack


Size26.5 x 12.25 x 18.75 in.

SongmicsWall-Mounted Clothes Rack


TypeGarment bar
Size43.3 x 11.8 x 11.5 in.

ZoberSlacks/Trousers/Pants Hangers

Pack of 20


MaterialMetal, rubber coating
Size14 x 6.7 in. per hanger

Simple HousewareFoldable Cloth Storage Boxes


TypeDrawer dividers
SizeLarge boxes: 11 x 11 x 5.25 in. medium boxes: 5.75 x 11.25 x 5.25 in. small boxes: 5.75 x 5.75 x 5.25 in.

SteriliteStacking Drawer

Set of 4


Size17 x 14.38 x 10.25 in.

Compare the Best Products to Organize Your Closet

Songmics Cube Storage Organizer 1


Oxel Over The Door Hanging Wall Organizer 1


Rubbermaid Configurations Custom Closet Kit 1


Finnhomy Heavy Duty Plastic Hangers 1


Simple Housewear Hanging Closet Organizer 1

Simple Housewear

Seville Classics Shoe Storage Rack 1

Seville Classics

Songmics Wall-Mounted Clothes Rack 1


Zober Slacks/Trousers/Pants Hangers 1


Simple Houseware Foldable Cloth Storage Boxes 1

Simple Houseware

Sterilite Stacking Drawer 1



Cube Storage Organizer

Over The Door Hanging Wall Organizer

Configurations Custom Closet Kit

Heavy Duty Plastic Hangers

Hanging Closet Organizer

Shoe Storage Rack

Wall-Mounted Clothes Rack

Slacks/Trousers/Pants Hangers

Foldable Cloth Storage Boxes

Stacking Drawer


Versatile, Stackable Cubby Storage

Door-Hanging Organizer That Won't Bend Out of Shape

Long-Lasting, Highly Customizable System in Various Sizes

Basic Hangers With a Useful, Clever Design

Sturdy Hanging Shelves That Are a Breeze to Set Up

No-Hassle Shelving Great for Versatility

A Strong and Stylish Garment Bar

Great Non-Slip Hangers for Pants, Skirts, and Scarves

Organize a Messy Drawer or Store Small Items

Stackable Drawers to Make Organizing Easy and Simple

TypeShelves/cubbiesDoor-hanging organizerFull closet organizerHangersHanging shelvesShelvesGarment barHangerDrawer dividersDrawers
MaterialABS connectors, PP plastic panels, metal frameFabric with metal hooksMetalPlasticFabric with metal hooksSteelSteelMetal, rubber coatingFabricPlastic
Size11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 in. per cube70 x 13 in.Deluxe set includes: 7 26 in. shelves, 2 48 in. shelves, 2 48 in. top rails, rods and mounting hardware16.5 x 8.7 in. per hanger12 x 10 x 45 in.26.5 x 12.25 x 18.75 in.43.3 x 11.8 x 11.5 in.14 x 6.7 in. per hangerLarge boxes: 11 x 11 x 5.25 in. medium boxes: 5.75 x 11.25 x 5.25 in. small boxes: 5.75 x 5.75 x 5.25 in.17 x 14.38 x 10.25 in.

How to Choose Products to Organize Your Closet - Buying Guide

With such a wide range of ways to organize one's closets, the sheer volume of options available can be a bit daunting. Because of that, it's important to narrow down exactly what you'll need to improve your closet and storage space. Below we've compiled some tips and suggestions to help you as you sort through the options.

Think Outside the Box to Maximize Space

While some people may have the option of knocking down a wall and adding onto their house when they need more room to store things, most of us have to work with the space we have. Thankfully, with a little creativity, even a small closet can offer a lot more storage space than you might initially think.

Too Many Clothes? Consider Adding an Extra Bar

Too Many Clothes? Consider Adding an Extra Bar

There are a few ways to deal with excess clothes. While seasonal clothes can always be stored away for part of the year, sometimes you just need more space – especially if you’re sharing that closet with someone else!

For this, you can either get specialized hangers to maximize space, or you can add in an extra bar to double the number of hangers you can fit in your closet.

Use the Vertical Space in Your Closet

Use the Vertical Space in Your Closet

If your closet isn’t set up this way already, seriously consider adding shelves above and below the garment bar. This will give you a huge amount of space to store things like shoes, accessories, and sheets.

There are also hanging organizers for shoes and bags that attach to your wall or door. Some even hang from the bar itself.

Consider Replacing Your Closet Door

Consider Replacing Your Closet Door

If your closet is in a narrow hall or a crowded room, you may want to consider exchanging the traditional closet door with something else so that you don’t have to deal with the extra space an open door can take up.

Whether made of fabric or beads, floor-length curtains are simple and stylish and can add a lot of color to a room. They may not be the best option if you have little kids (especially if there are things in the closet you don’t want them to get at!), but if that’s not a concern for your lifestyle, curtains can be a very convenient substitute for a door.

Consider Replacing Your Closet Door

For a more modern approach, you can opt for a sliding door. It’s sleek and convenient, taking up far less space than a swinging door. The only caveat is that your doorway may need some reworking to accommodate a sliding door, depending on its design.

If those options don’t appeal to you, however, you can always try setting a mirror onto the door in order to give an illusion of more space. Not only is it functional; you’ll be surprised at how much it brightens up a room.

If you do decide to keep your door, remember that the door can also be used to hang things in order to increase space. This can range from hooks for clothes, scarves, and hats, to pocket organizers for any number of smaller items that don’t fit elsewhere.

Be Honest About Your DIY Abilities

Be Honest About Your DIY Abilities

Some people really know their way around a hammer and nail. If this is you, that’ll give you a lot of freedom in how you want to reorganize your closet, and may include adding or cutting shelves or repositioning a garment bar.

If you don’t have much experience with such DIY projects, however, don’t worry – there are still plenty of easy-to-set-up options on the market that will make your closet organizing experience run smoothly.

Consider the Materials of Your Closet Organizers

Choosing the right materials is not just a matter or durability or aesthetics. Some materials can damage your clothes or even invite pests into your closet!

Avoid Cheap Wire Hangers

Avoid Cheap Wire Hangers

If you’ve used wire coat hangers, you’re probably familiar with how easily clothes tend to slip right off them. Even worse, wire hangers can damage clothing over time. Because of this, it’s well worth it to invest in some decent hangers.

For a slightly higher-end hanger, there is a wide range of padded and wooden hangers to choose from. Velvet hangers are another choice, although they can gather lint over time, making them less visually appealing.

There are also a number of more unique hangers – some specially designed for pants and slacks, some for skirts, others meant to hold multiple shirts at once in order to maximize space in your closet.

For Long-Term Storage, Use Airtight Plastic or Acid-Free Boxes

For Long-Term Storage, Use Airtight Plastic or Acid-Free Boxes

If you’re storing anything in your closet for weeks or months at a time, using the right container is essential to keeping the items in good condition. For this, you’ll want to aim for airtight plastic boxes or, for fabrics and really important memorabilia, acid-free boxes.

Cedar is a great, all-natural solution to keep pests away from your clothes that won’t leave a chemical smell like other alternatives.

Note, however, that the acid in cedar can damage clothes if they are in direct contact, so if you want to store clothes in a cedar chest, wrap the clothes in acid-free paper or unbleached muslin first. Or, you can wrap a cedar block in acid-free paper to place alongside your clothes in an airtight plastic box.

For Long-Term Storage, Use Airtight Plastic or Acid-Free Boxes

Fabric needs proper ventilation in order to last a long time, and as such, you’ll want to avoid vacuum storage and other airtight bags for long-term storage. This holds especially true for wool, cashmere, and other delicate clothes; being compressed, even if only for a few months, can damage the fabric.

However, vacuum storage bags can be a great solution for bulky, puffy coats or water-resistant materials, as these tend to be more resilient and typically regain their shape after coming out of the bag.

Avoid Cardboard and Plastic Bags

Avoid Cardboard and Plastic Bags

Whatever you’re storing in your closet – be it shoes, clothes, sheets, or what have you – there are certain materials that you want to avoid altogether, as they tend to attract either pests or mold or both. The worst are cardboard and plastic bags.

Plastic bags collect moisture and become a breeding ground for mold and mildew (this is especially true if you live in a more humid area). They can also cause your clothes and sheets to yellow over time.

Cardboard can attract a variety of bugs and is poor protection against rodents, who can eat right through it. This includes things like shoe boxes – so even though it might seem convenient to just store your shoes away in the box you bought them in, it can be a disastrous long-term decision.

Consider the Aesthetics of Your Closet

Consider the Aesthetics of Your Closet

Do you want everything displayed or hidden away? Look for shoe racks, clear plastic boxes, and transparent hanging organizers if you want to be able to clearly see the contents of your closet. This is an ideal option if easy access is your priority; no need to guess where everything is tucked away when you can see through the boxes.

If you're aiming for a specific look or would simply rather have everything hidden from sight, invest in opaque boxes and drawers for a classier look. This is especially great for keepsakes or other important items.

Whatever storage method you choose, you might also want to consider labels or a label maker so that anyone can understand what’s inside.

Need More Products to Keep Your Home Organized?

Need More Products to Keep Your Home Organized?

Looking for more ways to stay organized and keep your living space uncluttered? Check out some of these articles for great ideas to get you started.


There are many ways to organize a closet, but so long as you break down your individual storage needs, having your ideal set-up doesn't have to be a distant dream. It might take some work or a bit of elbow grease, but the final result will make all the hassle well worth it.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you work out some of the kinks in your organizing scheme, and given you a springboard to get started on neatening up your living space!

Author: Katherine Combs

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