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Top 10 Best Flashlights to Buy Online in 2021

Though they may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of "household necessities," flashlights are a definite must both in and around the home. However, the range of flashlights available is staggering, and picking out the perfect one for your purposes can be a daunting task. That's why we've scoured the internet to find the best flashlights for a wide range of needs.

Whether you need an all-purpose flashlight for around-the-house chores, are looking for a non-flammable source of light to take camping, or simply want to be prepared in case of an emergency, we're here to help you narrow down the list and figure out which flashlight is right for you.

  • Last updated: 02-22-2021
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Top 10 Flashlights to Buy Online

Each of the flashlights we've selected for this list has its own strong points and specialties. As you read, keep in mind why you need a flashlight. Whether you need one for around-the-house, emergencies, camping, or to keep in your car's glove compartment, we've got you covered!


COASTLumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight


Water resistanceNo IPX rating
Modes1, zoomable
Batteries1 AA, NiMH, or lithium ion

Capstone Lighting4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite

2 Pack


Water resistanceNot stated
BatteriesN/A, uses rechargeable base

LinaTechLED Camping Lantern


Water resistanceIPX4
BuildABS plastic
Batteries2 lithium ion, rechargeable power bank




Water resistanceIPX8
BatteriesLithium ion, rechargeable

OLIGHTBundle M2R Tactical Flashlight


Water resistanceIPX8
Batteries1 lithium ion, rechargeable

ThorFireSolar Flashlight


Water resistanceIPX6
BatteriesN/A, solar powered or hand crank

The Original Body RollerLebote Car Flashlight


Water resistanceNot stated
Batteries1 lithium ion, solar powered

FoxdottRechargeable Headlamp


LumensUp to 13000
Water resistanceIPX4
Batteries2 lithium ion, rechargeable

NoCry18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight


Water resistanceWaterproof up to 3 ft depth
BuildABS Plastic
Batteries4 lithium ion, rechargeable

VOLADORUnderwater Flashlight


Water resistanceIPX8
Batteries2 lithium ion, rechargeable

Compare the Best Flashlights

COAST Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight 1


Capstone Lighting 4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite 1

Capstone Lighting

LinaTech LED Camping Lantern 1


SKYBEN Olight S1 MINI Cree  1


OLIGHT Bundle M2R Tactical Flashlight 1


ThorFire Solar Flashlight 1


The Original Body Roller Lebote Car Flashlight 1

The Original Body Roller

Foxdott Rechargeable Headlamp 1


NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight 1


VOLADOR Underwater Flashlight 1



Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight

4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite

LED Camping Lantern

Olight S1 MINI Cree

Bundle M2R Tactical Flashlight

Solar Flashlight

Lebote Car Flashlight

Rechargeable Headlamp

18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight

Underwater Flashlight


A Simple, Straightforward Flashlight for Everyday Use

A Night Light That Doubles as an Emergency Flashlight

An Electric Lantern Perfect for Camping and Emergencies

A Sturdy Flashlight You Can Fit on Your Keychain

This Hi-Spec Tactical Flashlight That Won't Let You Down

Best Emergency Flashlight with No Batteries Required

Best Solar-Powered Emergency Flashlight for Your Car

A Headlamp Ideal for Nighttime Jogging or Construction

Portable Spotlight for Boating, Hunting, or Long-Distance Illumination

Best Flashlight for Recreational Diving

Lumens1906050060015008500Up to 1300010003100
Water resistanceNo IPX ratingNot statedIPX4IPX8IPX8IPX6Not statedIPX4Waterproof up to 3 ft depthIPX8
BuildAluminumPlasticABS plasticAluminumAluminumPlasticAluminumAluminumABS PlasticAluminum
Modes1, zoomable445634833
Batteries1 AA, NiMH, or lithium ionN/A, uses rechargeable base2 lithium ion, rechargeable power bankLithium ion, rechargeable1 lithium ion, rechargeableN/A, solar powered or hand crank1 lithium ion, solar powered2 lithium ion, rechargeable4 lithium ion, rechargeable2 lithium ion, rechargeable

How to Choose a Flashlight - Buying Guide

When picking out a flashlight, there are three main categories you need to consider: the brightness, structure, and power source. We've put together a thorough guide going over each category so you can find your perfect flashlight!

Brighter isn't Always Better

A flashlight’s brightness is measured in “lumens.” You may have also heard some flashlights touting 1000 lumens or more – but unless you’re in the police force or the military, chances are you don’t need nearly that many lumens for everyday use.

Everyday Use Doesn't Require a Lot of Lumens

Everyday Use Doesn't Require a Lot of Lumens

The minimum amount of lumens you’ll need to scrape by is 30, like in very dark spaces or during a power outage. 100 is ideal for use within cities and suburbs to see some detail from a distance while still giving you a decent amount of battery life.

If you’re hoping for a flashlight for walking home late at night, such as one that could be used for self-defensive purposes to blind an attacker, you only need about 80 to 100 lumens.

Get More Lumens for Seeing Things at a Distance

Get More Lumens for Seeing Things at a Distance

If you think you’ll need to see things from a considerable distance of 50 yards or more, then you’ll want to aim for around 300 lumens. This level is great if you live in a more rural area or you plan to do some nighttime biking. You can go higher if you want to, but again, it's not necessary.

That being said, if your needs are a bit more specialized or you just prefer something super bright, you're in luck! Many flashlights nowadays can give you 1000 lumens or more for a very reasonable price.

Multiple Modes for Increased Versatility

Multiple Modes for Increased Versatility

Most of the time, you’ll want a flashlight that can be used for multiple purposes. This is where different brightness modes come in handy: a lower setting prioritizes battery life over brightness while a higher setting uses more of the battery to illuminate details and further distances.

When checking a flashlight’s modes, look to see if the actual lumens per mode are listed. This will be far more helpful than a generic “low/medium/high,” and will give you a concrete idea of what mode will be useful in a given situation.

For Camping and Hiking, Less is More

For Camping and Hiking, Less is More

When surrounded by pitch-black darkness far away from the cities and street lights, you only need 10 lumens for most camping or hiking activities. Having fewer lumens also gives you the benefit of longer battery life, so you don’t have to worry about packing a cartload of extra batteries into an already stuffed backpack.

For camping, you’ll also usually want a more “spread-out” kind of illumination rather than a spotlight. To achieve this, look for lantern-style flashlights. Most come equipped with a handle and a solid, flat base. A handle is useful as you can hang it on a branch or a post so that the light can reach as far as possible around your campsite.

What's great about lanterns is that quite a few nowadays can also serve as power banks. This means you can recharge your phone or another electronic device via USB cable, making it a great tool for both camping and emergencies.

What’s on the Outside Counts for Flashlight Builds

When looking at a flashlight build you'll want to consider its shape and size, but you should also think about the casing material and how water-resistant it is.

Aim for a Shape That Suits Your Needs

Aim for a Shape That Suits Your Needs

The ideal shape and size of your flashlight depend on what you plan to use it for. For example, if you want a flashlight for your car, you’ll likely want something light and easy to grip.

However, if you mainly intend to use it for DIY projects and home repairs, you’ll probably want something with a flat, sturdy base so you can set it down while you work. You may even consider a hands-free headlamp. You’ll also want to make sure that the on-off switch isn’t located on the base.

You Don't Have to Limit Yourself to a Conventional Shape

You Don't Have to Limit Yourself to a Conventional Shape

Unconventional shapes are designed for specific purposes. As mentioned previously, a flashlight shaped like a lantern is ideal for camping, but it also comes in handy during a black-out to help illuminate a room.

Headlights and neck lights (shaped like headphones but tipped with lights instead of speakers) are made for when you need your hands free. These are ideal for nighttime cycling and doing work in the dark.

A handheld searchlight tends to be more heavy-duty and is best suited to hiking and, as the name implies, searching in the dark. They’re generally a bit much for normal, everyday use, but are well-suited for emergencies and certain types of jobs where you need as bright a light as possible.

Go Aluminum for Maximum Durability

Go Aluminum for Maximum Durability

Although plastic is cheaper and lighter than aluminum, it breaks down a lot more easily over time. So if you want your flashlight to last, be sure to invest in one with an aluminum casing.

There are also titanium flashlights that are touted as a “high-end” product, but these tend to be impractical due to their heaviness.

Look for an IPX4 Rating for Decent Water Resistance

Look for an IPX4 Rating for Decent Water Resistance

While most flashlights have at least a little bit of water resistance, you can’t be sure exactly how well it will withstand getting splashed, dunked, or rained on unless it has an IPX rating.

An IPX4 rating means a flashlight is splash-resistant from all angles. Anything less than this indicates either no water resistance or only resistance from certain angles, which could mean that one unlucky splash could make your flashlight stop working.

Look for an IPX4 Rating for Decent Water Resistance

If you live in an area that has a risk of flooding and want a flashlight for emergency purposes, you may want to consider an even higher rating, say IPX7, which means that the flashlight will be okay even if completely submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of about a yard.

IPX8 is the highest rating and is designed for deep diving. So, for example, if you want to start scuba diving as a hobby so you can scour the ocean floor, you’ll want a flashlight with this rating.

Rechargeable and Renewable Batteries are a Great Long-Term Investment

Though disposable batteries are the most common source of power for flashlights, alternative sources have been growing more popular in recent years and are definitely worth considering.

Rechargeable Batteries are Cheaper in the Long-Run

Rechargeable Batteries are Cheaper in the Long-Run

Flashlights that have rechargeable lithium batteries (or “rechargeable flashlights” for short) are a great long-term investment, particularly if you’ll be using it on a regular basis. These types of flashlights can usually be recharged simply by plugging into a wall or laptop via a USB cord.

These may have a higher price tag than one that uses disposable batteries, but they're far cheaper in the long run. After all, a typical pair of AA disposable batteries last 24 hours at most on a low brightness setting. With regular use, the cost of purchasing new batteries for your flashlight will only get higher and higher.

They're Also Environmentally-Friendly

They're Also Environmentally-Friendly

It’s also important for many to consider the environmental impact of rechargeable batteries versus disposable. Batteries are full of toxic chemicals and hazardous materials. 

Although newer batteries have less mercury content than they once did, it’s still not great for the environment to simply toss them in the trash. You still have to go through the trouble of recycling them once they’re used up.

Depending on where you live and the recycling services available, this can range from a minor inconvenience to a serious pain. A rechargeable battery means that you won’t have to go through the bother of recycling nearly as often as you would with disposable batteries.

Disposable Batteries Don't Store Well

Disposable Batteries Don't Store Well

Flashlights are invaluable in an emergency, such as black-outs and natural disasters. However, disposable batteries don't have a very long shelf life, so having an emergency flashlight that relies on them may not be the best solution.

Alkaline batteries have a tendency to leak toxic chemicals if left on a shelf too long. If you want to have a flashlight that uses disposable batteries for emergencies, you have to regularly use and restock your batteries so they won’t go bad before you need them. This can get very pricey down the line.

For Emergencies, Renewable Batteries are the Best Alternative

For Emergencies, Renewable Batteries are the Best Alternative

The best alternative is a flashlight that instead relies on a renewable source of energy, such as a hand crank or solar panel. Some flashlights are equipped with both! If the charge from the solar panel runs out, you can still use the hand crank as a backup. 

However, they do come with some drawbacks. Charging using a solar panel takes a long time. In some cases, up to 40 hours of daylight is needed. Unless it's sunny every day, all day, you may have to leave it charging on a windowsill or dashboard for a week or more! 

For Emergencies, Renewable Batteries are the Best Alternative

Hand cranking for one minute typically gets you anywhere from five to ten minutes of light, but it tends to be fairly dim. It's still useful in pitch-black darkness, but it may be impractical for general use.

Ultimately, the fact that you can have light without worrying about power outages or running out of batteries makes these styles of flashlights perfect for emergency preparedness.

More Must-Haves for Your Household

More Must-Haves for Your Household

If you're looking to stock up on other highly rated household necessities, we've got you covered!


Flashlights are an invaluable tool that can be designed and specialized for certain tasks. It's definitely worthwhile to invest in a sturdy, long-lasting flashlight made of quality materials. Plus, there are a variety of power options and brightness levels to suit anyone's preferences!

Whether you're stocking up on emergency supplies or just making sure you have a decent flashlight on hand, we hope this list has been helpful in finding what you're looking for!

Author: Katherine Combs

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