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Top 10 Best Umbrellas to Buy Online 2020

A great umbrella is one that can be used for months without breaking. If it can keep most of your body dry, is easy to store, and is stylish—then you've found yourself the perfect umbrella. 

Yet, finding one at a suitable price can also be difficult, whether it's for you or your kids. It is also hard to determine how useful an umbrella from just looking at an online product page. That is why our team at mybest researched the top 10 best umbrellas that you can buy online!

  • Last updated: 03-10-2020
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Top 10 Best Umbrellas to Buy Online

Below is our list of the best umbrellas anyone can get online. We chose our picks based on their canopy size, their length when closed, their weight, and their handles. Alongside these specs, we also considered what additional and unique features come with each product.


Repel UmbrellaDouble Vented Travel Umbrella


Coverage36 inches
HandleRubber grip & wrist strap
Length (closed)11.5 inches
Weight0.74 lbs
Canopy materialTeflon

SharptyInverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle


Coverage42.5 inches
HandleC-shaped plastic
Length (closed)29.5 inches
Weight1.15 lbs
Canopy materialUnknown

AnntrueWindproof Travel Umbrella


Coverage38 inches
Length (closed)11.5 inches
Weight1 lb
Canopy materialTeflon

TotesAuto Open Wooden Handle J Stick Umbrella


Coverage48 inches
HandleWood & J-shaped
Length (closed)36.5 inches
Weight1.25 lbs
Canopy materialPolyester

BaliosLuxury Walking Stick Umbrella


Coverage43.3 inches
HandleWood & J-shaped
Length (closed)36 inches
Weight1.55 lbs
Canopy materialUnknown

BaliosSingle Canopy Automatic Folding Umbrella


Coverage39 inches
HandleRosewood & stainless steel
Length (closed)14 inches
Weight0.95 lbs
Canopy materialPolyester

TradMallTravel Umbrella with Ergonomic Handle


Coverage42 inches
Length (closed)13 inches
Weight1.1 lbs
Canopy materialPolyester

SY CompactFactory Outlet Umbrella


Coverage38.5 inches
Length (closed)11.8 inches
Weight0.8 lbs
Canopy materialPongee

TotesKid's Bubble Umbrella


Coverage38 inches
HandlePlastic & J-shaped
Length (closed)25 inches
Weight0.6 lbs
Canopy materialNon-PVC plastic

UV-Blocker UmbrellasVented Cooling Umbrella with Solar Protection


Coverage39 inches
Length (closed)11.5 inches
Weight1.2 lbs
Canopy materialSolarteck

Compare the Best Umbrellas

Repel Umbrella Double Vented Travel Umbrella 1

Repel Umbrella

Sharpty Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle 1


Anntrue Windproof Travel Umbrella 1


Totes Auto Open Wooden Handle J Stick Umbrella 1


Balios Luxury Walking Stick Umbrella 1


Balios Single Canopy Automatic Folding Umbrella 1


TradMall Travel Umbrella with Ergonomic Handle 1


SY Compact Factory Outlet Umbrella 1

SY Compact

Totes Kid's Bubble Umbrella 1


UV-Blocker Umbrellas Vented Cooling Umbrella with Solar Protection 1

UV-Blocker Umbrellas


Double Vented Travel Umbrella

Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle

Windproof Travel Umbrella

Auto Open Wooden Handle J Stick Umbrella

Luxury Walking Stick Umbrella

Single Canopy Automatic Folding Umbrella

Travel Umbrella with Ergonomic Handle

Factory Outlet Umbrella

Kid's Bubble Umbrella

Vented Cooling Umbrella with Solar Protection

FeaturesThe Most Durable Umbrella Y...An Inverted Umbrella That P...This Affordable Umbrella is...A Sophisticated Stick Umbre...Get a Great Amount of Cover...Classic British Design Meet...A Stable and User-Friendly ...A Simple Umbrella with Grea...The Perfect Gift for the Li...Keep Yourself Safe from the...
Coverage36 inches42.5 inches38 inches48 inches43.3 inches39 inches42 inches38.5 inches38 inches39 inches
HandleRubber grip & wrist strapC-shaped plasticRubberWood & J-shapedWood & J-shapedRosewood & stainless steelRubberPlasticPlastic & J-shapedPlastic
Length (closed)11.5 inches29.5 inches11.5 inches36.5 inches36 inches14 inches13 inches11.8 inches25 inches11.5 inches
Weight0.74 lbs1.15 lbs1 lb1.25 lbs1.55 lbs0.95 lbs1.1 lbs0.8 lbs0.6 lbs1.2 lbs
Canopy materialTeflonUnknownTeflonPolyesterUnknownPolyesterPolyesterPongeeNon-PVC plasticSolarteck

How to Choose the Right Umbrella - Buying Guide

Picking an umbrella isn’t difficult once you know what specs to consider before making a decision. When choosing your umbrella, you should think about its size and weight, how large you want the canopy to be, and what kind of grip you are looking for.

Consider the Length and Weight for Ideal Storage

Consider the Length and Weight for Ideal Storage

Stick umbrellas provide more coverage, whereas compact, telescoping umbrellas can be stored in most backpacks. The best size for a compact umbrella that can fit in a backpack is about 12 inches in length

Although non-compact styles take up more space and weight, they tend to come in a wider variety of styles and designs for fashion-conscious people. Compact umbrellas should weigh less than a pound, whereas there can be more liberty when choosing heavier stick umbrellas as they can also be a walking aid.

However, you should keep in mind that the more compact the umbrella, the more rivets it will have; this leads to more points of failure. The rivets where an umbrella can fold are what lead to the umbrella becoming inverted by strong winds. It is ideal to have an umbrella with two rivets per rib as opposed to four.

Pay Attention Canopy Diameter

Pay Attention Canopy Diameter

Most umbrellas are made of polyester or nylon (synthetic fabrics). The specific material of a canopy isn’t as important as the actual sizeIt is impossible for any particular umbrella to cover you completely when it is raining, especially in windy conditions, but it can certainly help.

A 37- to 39-inch-diameter canopy is perfect for keeping a person’s head and torso dry without adding too much weight to the total umbrella. This range is used as the standard for portable umbrellas. Additionally, umbrellas with diameters of more than 50 inches can provide coverage of more than one person.

Arc width is also used as an alternative unit of measurement when determining how much coverage an umbrella provides. Rain in the wind and splatters made from stepping in puddles will always get your legs wet. It’s best to consider an umbrella as a tool that protects your head and upper body.

Note How the Umbrella Opens

Note How the Umbrella Opens

Manual umbrellas tend to be stick umbrellas and compact umbrellas usually open and close automatically. Automatic umbrellas that work with a button are generally the best choice, especially when you have a phone or bag in your other hand.

Aluminum, steel, and fiberglass are the standards for most umbrella shafts and ribs. Umbrellas with nickel, brass, fiberglass, or tempered spring steel have strong frames that withstand strong winds. These materials are best when considering an umbrella that can get inverted and flip back into its original shape without any issues. 

Some umbrellas come with a vented-canopy. This design includes two-layers which prevent the umbrella from inverting because wind passes through the arc, so it's great for particularly windy areas.

Choose the Right Umbrella Grip Shape and Material for You

Choose the Right Umbrella Grip Shape and Material for You

Leather, pleather, and rubberized plastic handles are the best because they provide sticky and secure grips. Wooden handles are slippery but, provide sophisticated look. Regardless of the material of the handle, the best handles have a wrist strap attached to it. 

If the handle is shaped with the contours of your hand, this is even better as this feature gives a more secure hold. The handles of a stick umbrella are usually made with leather, rubberized, wood or laminate.

How to Make Your Umbrella Last Longer

How to Make Your Umbrella Last Longer

All umbrellas wear down after long-term use. Make sure you purchase from a known brand that doesn’t make their return policies difficult. Just because a vendor offers lifetime warranty doesn’t guarantee that the process of getting a replacement is easy to do.

The best way to ensure that your umbrella lasts a long time is by making sure it dries after use. Leaving it in your bathtub or a sink to dry is always recommended. If you don't let your umbrella dry after use, the metal parts erode over time. Your umbrella can also start to smell because of mildew if you don't dry it. 

It is also important to remember not to tug on your umbrella if it uses an automatic closing mechanism. If you force it shut, you can break the mechanism.

Make Your Daily Commute Easier with These Products

Make Your Daily Commute Easier with These Products

Make traveling in the rain and other kinds of harsh weather easier with these other products!


An umbrella's usefulness comes from its ability to protect you from the rain, even under the windiest conditions. Whether you’re looking for an umbrella that complements your outfit or something more practical that can fit into any bag, make sure you know what are the specs before buying.

You will know if you’ve bought a great umbrella by how well the grip of the handle is, how well the canopy withstands the wind, and if it is easy to store away. If you follow best practices when it comes to preserving your umbrella, you should be covered whenever you go out to work or just for a walk around town!

Author: Kenny Soto

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