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Top 14 Best Japanese Ice Packs to Buy Online 2020 - Tried and True!

For camping, barbecues, picnics, and tailgating, you need a good cooler and ice packs to keep your food and beverages chilled. They're also essential in an emergency if the power goes out.

That's why our editors searched Japanese e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Kakaku.com for the best ice packs available online. We then picked out the most popular products and tested them on 3 things:

  1. How cold does it keep things?
  2. How long does it sustain cold temperatures?
  3. How long does it take to be ready to use?

We then ranked the products and put what we learned into a buying guide to help you choose the best Japanese ice packs available online.

  • Last updated: 01-27-2020
Table of Contents

Top 14 Japanese Ice Packs to Buy Online

We picked out some of the most popular products and tested them for how well they could cool, how long they could sustain cold, and how fast they could be ready. Then, based on our tests, we ranked the top 14 Japanese ice packs available online.

Japanese prices for some of the products are given, but they've been converted into US dollars to make it easy for you.

Japanese山善キャンパーズコレクション パワークール-16℃
Sizes350/600/1100 grams
Refreezing time (manufacturer's recommendation)24 hours
Chilling power5.0
Chilling duration5.0
Refreezing speed (based on manufacturer's recommendation)2.0
Overall score5.0
Japanese川合技研ネオアイスPro ハード -16℃が16時間 超強力保冷剤
Sizes550/1000/1250 mL
Refreezing time (manufacturer's recommendation)10 hours
Chilling power3.0
Chilling duration4.0
Refreezing speed (based on manufacturer's recommendation)4.0
Overall score4.0

INOACCAH Series Refrigerant



Japaneseイノアック保冷剤 CAHシリーズ -11℃
Sizes200/500 grams
Refreezing time (manufacturer's recommendation)24 hours
Chilling power4.0
Chilling duration3.0
Refreezing speed (based on manufacturer's recommendation)2.0
Overall score3.0

Iris OhyamaOpen Area Hard Coolant


Sizes350/500/800 grams
TypeFreezing point
Refreezing time (manufacturer's recommendation)10 hours
Chilling power3.0
Chilling duration3.0
Refreezing speed (based on manufacturer's recommendation)4.0
Overall score3.0

LogosSpeedy Freeze Ice Pack


Japaneseロゴス倍速凍結 長時間保冷 氷点下パック
Sizes600/900/1200 grams
TypeFreezing point
Refreezing time (manufacturer's recommendation)24 hours
Chilling power3.0
Chilling duration4.0
Refreezing speed (based on manufacturer's recommendation)2.0
Overall score4.0

LogosGT Minus 16 Degrees Hard Pack


Japaneseロゴス氷点下パック GTマイナス16度 ハード
Sizes600/900/1200 grams
Refreezing time (manufacturer's recommendation)48 hours
Chilling power3.0
Chilling duration4.0
Refreezing speed (based on manufacturer's recommendation)1.0
Overall score3.0
Japaneseトッパン・フォームズメカクール-5℃ 高機能保冷剤
Sizes500/1000/2000 grams
Refreezing time (manufacturer's recommendation)12 hours
Chilling power3.0
Chilling duration3.0
Refreezing speed (based on manufacturer's recommendation)3.0
Overall score3.0

Compare the Best Japanese Ice Packs

Yamazen Campers Collection Power Cool 1


Kawai Giken Neo Ice Pro Hard 1

Kawai Giken

INOAC CAH Series Refrigerant 1


Iris Ohyama Open Area Hard Coolant 1

Iris Ohyama

Logos Speedy Freeze Ice Pack 1


Logos GT Minus 16 Degrees Hard Pack 1


Toppan Forms Mega Cool 1

Toppan Forms


Campers Collection Power Cool

Neo Ice Pro Hard

CAH Series Refrigerant

Open Area Hard Coolant

Speedy Freeze Ice Pack

GT Minus 16 Degrees Hard Pack

Mega Cool

Featuresmybest's Top Choice! Chills...Put it in the Freezer Overn...Great Chilling at an Afford...For a Quick Freeze and Slig...The Best One from Logos BrandOnly Good if You Use it wit...Changes Color When it's Rea...
Japanese山善キャンパーズコレクション パワークール-16℃川合技研ネオアイスPro ハード -16℃が16時間 超強力保冷剤イノアック保冷剤 CAHシリーズ -11℃アイリスオーヤマ保冷剤ハードロゴス倍速凍結 長時間保冷 氷点下パックロゴス氷点下パック GTマイナス16度 ハードトッパン・フォームズメカクール-5℃ 高機能保冷剤
Sizes350/600/1100 grams550/1000/1250 mL200/500 grams350/500/800 grams600/900/1200 grams600/900/1200 grams500/1000/2000 grams
TypeSub-zeroSub-zeroSub-zeroFreezing pointFreezing pointSub-zeroSub-zero
Refreezing time (manufacturer's recommendation)24 hours10 hours24 hours10 hours24 hours48 hours12 hours
Chilling power5.
Chilling duration5.
Refreezing speed (based on manufacturer's recommendation)
Overall score5.

Products That Didn't Make the Cut

And why they didn't quite make it.

Captain Stag's Super Cold Pack is labeled as being "quick-freeze," but it also says it takes 24 hours... so we were not really impressed by that. It was able to keep our cooler interior below 50℉ for 3 hours, which is just average. We might have felt differently if it could have brought the temperature down to 40℉.

Strong Cool Type Ice Pack from Trusco Nakayama is smaller than the others we tested, but in fact it held its own in the cooling department. It's a sub-zero type that had a surface temperature of 9℉ after one hour in our cooler. It wasn't comparable to the other sub-zeroes, but could be good if you need something compact with average chilling power.

This ice pack from Daiso is not too bad for a dollar! The cooling power and duration were both below average, but it had the shortest refreezing time at only 6 hours. For less than a dollar, it's a decent choice for emergencies.

This standard ice pack from Logos is not expensive and will be ready after only 10 hours in your freezer. The cooling power was below average, though, with our beer reaching 60℉ after 8 hours. We recommend using it in combination with a sub-zero type if you buy it.

Freezer Ice Hard from Ice Japan is just cheap, with no other advantages. It will be ready to use in 14 hours (OK, that's not too bad), but it was below average otherwise. The lowest temperature we achieved in our tests was 47℉, and after 8 hours the cooler interior was 65℉.

Neo Ice Frost Hard -5℃ from Kawai Giken was very disappointing. It certainly didn't perform as expected based on the name. In our tests, the inside of the cooler reached 47℉ after one hour, and 60℉ by 24 hours. We think the name might refer to the surface temperature of the cooling agent.

Hishiya's Cool Master Super was the worst as far as cold production and duration. Five hours after we started measuring, the temperature in the cooler had exceeded 68℉. Our beer went from 40℉ to 70℉ after 8 hours.

How We Tested the Ice Packs

How We Tested the Ice Packs

We ran each product through a series of tests to check for how well they chilled, how long they chilled, and how fast they could freeze and be used. Then we scored them on a scale out of five points.

To keep our results as fair as possible, we used a 500 gram size pack for each product. If there was no 500 gram size available, we used one as close to that size as we could find.

Test ① How Well Did it Chill?

We put a can of beer that had been chilled in the refrigerator into a cooler alongside one of the ice packs. We then put the setup in a room that was 86℉ to replicate a hot summer day. Then, we measured the temperature of the beer after 8 hours. The smaller the change from the original temperature, the higher the score.

It All Depends on the Ingredients

We found that ice packs which were the same size and rated to the same temperature still varied a lot in their performance. The best were those rated as subzero ice packs. Their surface temperatures were 3.2℉ and made our cooler 37℉.

When we looked at the makeup of these products, we found that they contained plant-based polymer compounds and inorganic substances as their main components. The ice packs with only natural main ingredients were not as strong.

Test ② How Long Could it Keep Cool?

To determine how long each ice pack stayed cold, we measured the temperature inside our cooler every hour for 24 hours. We gave our highest rating to those that could maintain temperatures below 50℉ the longest.

Only 1 Ice Pack Kept it under 40℉ for an Hour!

In our test, 11 products could keep the temperature in the cooler below 50℉ for more than an hour. But only one product, Yamazen's Campers Collection Power Cool, could keep the temperature below 40℉. It was able to bring the cooler down to just above freezing in an hour, and kept it below 40℉ for four hours - about the same as a refrigerator!

We also learned that size is not as closely related to performance as we expected. Products that were within 200 grams (7 ounces) of each other didn't have much difference in how long they could keep things cold.

Test ③ How Quickly Was it Ready to Use?

We used the manufacturer's specifications in addition to our tests to check this, because it's hard to see if the product is totally frozen when it's in a hard plastic case.

Many Ice Packs Took a Full 24 Hours to Freeze

We found that most of the products took 24 hours of freezer time before they were ready to use in our cooler. Use this as your benchmark when selecting a 500g ice pack, and look for one that's even faster. We also found that the time had little to do with the size or cooling power, so please rely on our product descriptions.

How to Choose an Ice Pack- Buying Guide

We recommend considering these four points before buying an ice pack.

Match the Temperature With Your Needs

Ice is ice, and it only has one temperature, but ice packs come in a variety of temperatures to choose from.

Freezing Point Ice Packs for Drinks and Lunchboxes

If you're looking for moderate chilling, choose one that says 0℃ (32℉) on the package. These are standard types, so if it's not labeled, it's probably this kind. Use them for lunch boxes and for drinks you don't want to freeze. Using stronger ones could leave you with a slushie and freezer-burned sandwiches.

Sub-zero Ice Packs for Ice or Raw Meat

If it says "strong cooling" or has minus Celsius temperatures written on it, it's good for keeping foods at lower temperatures. Use these to keep ice frozen and for transporting fresh fish or meats

They vary in performance, but in general they should keep a cooler's interior below freezing. A home freezer ranges from -4℉ to 0℉, so it won't keep things frozen forever, but it's possible to stay near freezing for a while.

Look For One That Lasts a Long Time

Better cooling isn't related to longer cooling. In fact, to cool the surrounding air, you have to remove heat from it, which in turn melts the ice pack faster. This means that regular ice packs generally keep their cool for longer than the sub-zero ones.

Imagine you're taking a camping trip, and you have to drive 3 hours to the campground. To enjoy your roasted wieners for dinner safely, you need an ice pack that lasts 10 hours. For an all-day barbecue or beach picnic, choose one that lasts 6 hours or longer.

Choose One That's Ready Fast

As we mentioned, the average time required to freeze these ready for use is 24 hours. However, some of the sub-zero types need up to 48 hours in your home freezer before they could reach their peak cooling.

It's also worth checking what temperature they need to be frozen at. Most of the ones sold for home use will reach their effective temperature by just putting them in typical freezers, but double-check the sub-zero types if it's a brand you're not sure of.

Do You Want a Hard or Soft Type?

We tested and ranked the hard types in this article. But there are also soft ones. Which kind should you choose?

Hard Ice Packs are Great for Camping or Emergencies

These are durable and efficient. They're the best choice for outdoors use and for having in an emergency power outage. Their hard cases insulate them, so they keep cool longer. If you put one in the bottom of a cooler and stack your food and drinks on top of it, they will chill your items effectively.

Soft Ice Packs are Optimal for Everyday Use

These will melt more easily because they don't have an insulating shell, but they're useful in many ways. They can cool powerfully because of the lack of insulation. They freeze faster, so they're ready to use easily. They never harden when they're frozen, and come in many sizes and shapes, so you can squeeze them into gaps where hard types don't fit.

We recommend these for everyday uses such as packing in lunchboxes and keeping your bottled drink cool in your bag. They're also perfect to use in conjunction with the hard type. Stick the hard ones in your cooler first, them use these to fill the gaps between your food and drinks. Fewer air pockets makes for better, longer-lasting chilling.

Tips For Using Ice Packs Effectively

Here are some ways you can get the most out of your ice packs.

  • Chill your cooler before putting stuff in it

If you can fit your cooler into your refrigerator to cool it down or use ice packs when it's empty, it will keep cold longer once you fill it. When you add food and drinks, make them as cold as possible first, too.

  • Fill the cooler all the way

Put the hard ice packs at the bottom of the cooler and stack your stuff. Use another hard ice pack on top of the food and drinks. Then use soft ice packs to fill in any gaps. You don't want any air, if possible.

  • Dump out melted water

If there is melted water from ice or condensation that collects in the bottom of the cooler, discard it often. It will make the still-frozen ice packs melt more easily if you leave it.

How Do I Get Rid of My Ice Pack?

Ice packs are mainly water, with absorbent polymers and a gelling agent. In Japan they can usually just be thrown in combustible garbage, but check with your local government.

But no matter where you are, one thing you should never, ever do is dump it down the drain or flush it down the toilet! The materials will react with water and swell, causing clogged pipes. Put it straight in the trash without attempting to empty it, even if it's torn and leaking.

Are You an Outdoors Survivalist? Here are Some Other Useful Products For You!

Are You an Outdoors Survivalist? Here are Some Other Useful Products For You!

Eating outdoors is only half the fun (or struggle) when it comes to being outside. Here are some other products that will make your experience a great one.


We learned a lot from testing these. To be honest, we thought they would all be the same, but we learned there were big differences in performance. Remember to check our rankings and tips to get the most out of your ice packs.

  • Look for the right temperature and chilling length for your needs
  • Choose hard or soft types
  • Pack them correctly in your cooler

If you take our advice, you'll have fresh lunches, ice-cold drinks, and most importantly, no food poisoning!

Author: Kano Ichiyama/Translation: Susan Lucier-Ogawa/Photos: Koichi Miura, Rika Tomomatsu, Hiroshi Takigawa

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