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Top 13 Best Japanese Dark Beers in 2021 - Tried and True!

Japanese brewers are starting to broaden their offerings and produce some world-class varieties in recent years. If you love dark beers, known in Japan as "black beers," you have a good selection of quality homegrown Japanese beers to choose from.

Our editors searched Japanese e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Kakaku.com for the best Japanese black beers available online. We then picked out the most popular products and taste-tested them.
We rated their taste on 7 things:

  1. Bitterness
  2. Acidity
  3. Sweetness
  4. Body
  5. Sharpness
  6. Hops
  7. Aroma

We then ranked the products and put what we learned into a buying guide to help you choose the best Japanese black beers available online.

  • Last updated: 05-27-2021
Table of Contents

What Exactly is a Dark Beer?

Dark beers (or "black beers"), generally speaking, are dark brown beers brewed using charred barley malt. The malt is first roasted to stop germination, and then subjected to temperatures of 212℉ or higher to give it a savory flavor and burnt color

Depending on the grains and techniques used, malts are given names such as crystal, caramel, chocolate, black, or roasted barley. They all produce different flavors and aromas; for example, toasted wheat, coffee, chocolate, or nuts.

Our Rating Chart

Our Rating Chart

Here's a quick look at the radar charts we used to rate the beers, with a translation to help you understand them. We explain it in more detail in our "How We Tested" section which follows the product list.

Top 13 Japanese Dark Beers to Buy Online

We picked out some of the most popular products and taste-tested them for bitterness, acidity, sweetness, body, sharpness, hoppiness, and aroma. Then we ranked the top 13 Japanese dark beers available online.

Japanese prices for some of the products are given, but they've been converted into US dollars to make it easy for you.


Miyazaki Hideji BeerChestnut Black


Volume11 oz.
Fermentation methodLager
Alcohol percentage9%
Bottled inMiyazaki
Overall score4.3
NotesContains additives (aromatics)

Coedo BreweryShikkoku (Jet Black)


Volume11 oz.
Fermentation methodLager
Alcohol percentage8.3%
Bottled inSaitama
Overall score3.7

Kirin BeerIchiban Shibori Raw Black


Japaneseキリンビールキリン一番搾り 黒生
Volume12 oz.
Fermentation methodLager
TypeBlack lager
Alcohol percentage5%
Bottled inJapan
Overall score3.5

Sapporo BeerMoonlit Night Sky Dunkel


Japaneseサッポロビール空模様 月夜のデュンケル
Volume12 oz.
Fermentation methodLager
Alcohol percentage5.5%
Bottled inNasu, Tochigi
Overall score3.2

Asahi BeerAsahi Dry Black

24 pack


Japaneseアサヒビールアサヒスーパードライ ドライブラック
Volume12 oz.
Fermentation methodLager
Alcohol percentage5.5%
Bottled inJapan
Overall score3.2
NotesContains additives (corn and starches)

SapporoBarley and Hops Black

24 pack


Japaneseサッポロビール麦とホップ 黒
Volume12 oz.
Fermentation methodAle
Alcohol percentage5%
Bottled inJapan
Overall score3.1
NotesDaisan beer (blend of malt and alcoholic spirits)

Sapporo BeerYebisu Premium Black

24 pack


Japaneseサッポロビールヱビス プレミアムブラック
Volume12 oz.
Fermentation methodLager
Alcohol percentage5%
Bottled inJapan
Overall score2.9

Compare the Best Japanese Dark Beers

Miyazaki Hideji Beer Chestnut Black 1

Miyazaki Hideji Beer

Coedo Brewery Shikkoku (Jet Black) 1

Coedo Brewery

Kirin Beer Ichiban Shibori Raw Black 1

Kirin Beer

Sapporo Beer Moonlit Night Sky Dunkel 1

Sapporo Beer

Asahi Beer Asahi Dry Black 1

Asahi Beer

Sapporo Barley and Hops Black 1


Sapporo Beer Yebisu Premium Black 1

Sapporo Beer


Chestnut Black

Shikkoku (Jet Black)

Ichiban Shibori Raw Black

Moonlit Night Sky Dunkel

Asahi Dry Black

Barley and Hops Black

Yebisu Premium Black


mybest's Top Choice! You've Never Tasted Anything Like This!

Recommended to Drink Slowly and Enjoy With Food

A Great Introduction to Dark Lager for Beginners

A Sweet and Caramelly Beer

For Lighter Beer Enthusiasts Looking for Something Different

Recommended for Dark Beer Lovers on a Budget

A Reliable Taste to Enjoy Every Day

Japanese宮崎ひでじビール栗黒 コエドブルワリーCOEDO漆黒キリンビールキリン一番搾り 黒生サッポロビール空模様 月夜のデュンケル アサヒビールアサヒスーパードライ ドライブラックサッポロビール麦とホップ 黒サッポロビールヱビス プレミアムブラック
Volume11 oz.11 oz.12 oz.12 oz.12 oz.12 oz.12 oz.
Fermentation methodLagerLagerLagerLagerLagerAleLager
TypeStoutSchwarzBlack lagerDunkelPilsnerStoutSchwarz
Alcohol percentage9%8.3%5%5.5%5.5%5%5%
Bottled inMiyazakiSaitamaJapanNasu, TochigiJapanJapanJapan
Overall score4.
NotesContains additives (aromatics)Contains additives (corn and starches)Daisan beer (blend of malt and alcoholic spirits)

Beers That Didn't Make the Cut

And why they didn't quite make it. But we think they're worth a taste anyway!

Yasugatake Beer Touchdown Chocolate Schwarz is a lager bock created by renowned brewer Kazumi Yamada. It has an elegant, high-end taste that was unexpectedly clear and easy to drink. Brown sugar flavors spread out on the palate and left a pleasant aftertaste.

Yaho Brewing's Tokyo Black is a robust porter with a good balance and a moderately roasted malt aroma. The bittersweet combination of dark lager presents sharply and smoothly. We think it would be fine for people who are occasional drinkers, but it may not have enough punch for regular dark beer lovers.

Shiga Kogen Porter from Tamamura Honten is easy to drink and has a light taste. The feel of the roasted malt is moderate and it has a coffee-like aroma. The taste is clean and clear. However, many of our tasters thought it was a bit too thin and unsatisfying.

Unazaki Beer's Antelope Bock is well-balanced but lacks personality. The acidity and sweetness play off each other, and some of our tasters really liked that aspect. It's easy to drink with a light taste that may appeal to people who aren't total black beer converts.

Gassan Beer Munchener from Michinoeki Nishikawa is a dunkel brewed with spring water from Gassan, a region of Japan with tremendous snowfalls. But, it's a little too sweet, and the malt roast was lacking. Nothing really stood out about it, but it can be drunk as easily as water, so it may be good on a hot summer day.

Fuji Sakura Kogen Beer's Schwarzweizen had a sweet taste like brown sugar. It's light with no punch and a fuzzy taste. We don't think it's an acquired taste necessarily, but we don't recommend giving it as a gift until you try it yourself, because it's the kind of beer people would either love or hate.

How We Tested the Dark Beers

No one wanted to call in sick to work this day! In fact, our six members of the editorial department who tested the beers probably would have been more than happy to work overtime. Our resident beer lovers took their job very seriously, though. 

They rated each beer using a 100-point scale (you can see each radar chart in the rankings) and then converted it to an overall score out of 5 points.

Dark Lagers That Were Too Intense or Unique Didn't Get High Scores

Our tasters liked beers that were balanced; they were strong enough to leave an impression without being too in-your-face. We looked for a good body and drinkability. We also wanted brews that appealed to everyone and were not so specialized in their taste that they'd only impress experienced drinkers. 

However, each of these beers had their supporters- some of us really liked the more distinctive, unique offerings. Please read the descriptions to find the best one for your tastes, and don't just go by the rankings!

Beers Heavier on Sweetness Than Bitterness Got High Scores!

We've included the radar charts of each beer for you to see. The categories, clockwise from 12:00, are bitterness, acidity, sweetness, body, sharpness, hops, and aroma.

When the charts are overlayed, you can see that beers from the top-scoring group (3.5 out of 5 or higher) were moderately bitter and fairly sweet. In addition, most of them were medium- or full-bodied. They were not very hoppy, and the smell of the roasted malt was pronounced.

How to Choose a Dark Beer- Buying Guide

How to Choose a Dark Beer- Buying Guide

We recommend considering the following points when choosing a black beer.

Choose by Your Preferred Brewing Method

There are two types of black beer: ale and lager. They're differentiated by their brewing techniques. Let's look at ales first.

Black Ales Have Rich Aromas

Ales are made by a method called top fermentation which is common in beers from the UK. The process takes place at room temperature or higher temperatures. It produces a fragrant, tasty beer which is good for sipping and enjoying slowly. Examples include Tokyo Black, Sapporo Barley and Hops Black, and the famous draft Guinness.

Black Lagers are Light and Easy to Drink

Lager beers use a low-temperature bottom fermentation method that originated in Southern Germany. They have more hops taste, are clear and refreshing with a light mouthfeel that makes them easy to drink. Many Japanese beers are lagers. Some black lager choices are Asahi Super Dry Black, Kirin Raw Black, and Yebisu Premium Black.

Pick Your Favorite Roasting Method

Aside from the brewing techniques, black beer can also be grouped by the method of roasting the barley for the malt. We'll look at four:

  • Stout
  • Porter
  • Schwarz
  • Dunkel

Like a Strong Roast? Get a Stout

Stout is perfect if you like a strong roast. It's characterized by its dark, almost black color and smooth, creamy head. The aroma and bitter taste of stout are what many people imagine when think of when they think of dark beer. Stouts often have a high alcohol content, some approaching 10%.

Porters are Rich and a Tad Bitter

With moderate bitterness and a rich taste, porter is a bit less full-bodied than stout. It still showcases the burnt malt and bitterness of hops unique to dark beer. Originating in the UK, it has lower alcohol content than stout and an exquisite balance. The head is less dense and it's a refreshing choice for those who prefer fewer bubbles.

Schwarz Beers are Sweet and Refreshingly Bitter

Schwarz is lighter still than porter. It has a subtle sweetness and refreshing bitterness. The technique of roasting fermented black malt on the bottom originated in Germany. These lagers feature a good throat and refreshing aftertaste with mild sweetness.

Dunkels are the Least Bitter of the Bunch

Dunkel is another lager style from the Munich area of Germany. It's less bitter than schwarz brews and is light and mellow. It's popular because it's easy to drink: the sweetness and bitterness of the roasted malt are well-balanced. If you prefer lighter beer that isn't bitter, you'll enjoy dunkel.

Look for a Beer with Few Additives

To enjoy the pure taste of the beer itself, choose one with no additives. Additives can include flavors, bitters, and seasonings. Sometimes these have a purpose, like our top choice brew containing chestnut flavor, but often they just are to improve the appearance and aroma and aren't strictly necessary. 

Other have antioxidants to extend their shelf life. Look for simple products containing only barley, malt and hops to fully appreciate your dark beer.

Beers with an Alcohol Content around 5% are Ideal

Dark beer has a higher alcohol content than other beers, ranging from 5% to 11%. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends no more than 20 grams of alcohol per day, which works out to about a beer and a half if it's 5% alcohol. When the percentage goes up to 6%, you're looking at less than a whole bottle or can if you still want to keep these health guidelines.

Tips For Enjoying Dark Beers

We'll give you some advice so you can get the most enjoyment from your black beer!

Don't Drink it Straight out of the Container!

Never, ever drink a dark beer straight from the can or bottle! Admit it, you've done it - but, shame on you. When you pour the beer, tilt the glass, pour it slowly, and then wait for 90 seconds to two minutes before taking your first sip. During this time, a process called surging takes place. Bubbles released from the beer collect at the surface, forming the head and giving a creamy, rich mouthfeel.

Drinking from a glass also allows you to thoroughly enjoy the solid bitterness and sweet aftertaste, as it will expose your palate to the aromas more easily. If you've noticed that people seem to have very different opinions about dark beers, it could be that some of them are drinking them wrong. Pour correctly and enjoy!

Black Beer isn't Just for Breakfast Anymore; How about for Dessert?

If you are on the fence about dark beer, or a true lover who wants to try something different, how about a black beer cocktail or dessert?

Here are some cocktails, both traditional and innovative.

  • Black Velvet: black beer + champagne
  • Dog Nose: black beer + gin
  • Dark beer + orange juice - a rich orange scent with a sweet and sour taste

Or why not try some adult dessert cocktails that balance bitterness and sweetness?

  • Black beer + cola
  • Black beer + vanilla ice cream
  • Black beer + sugar and milk
  • Or a combination!

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The gourmet experience doesn't have to end here. Have some other goodies!


Black beers are delicious regardless of the season. Try refreshing lagers in the summer and rich ales in the winter. And don't stop there- mix things up with some cocktails and desserts! Japan truly has some great black beers on offer. Remember that our tastes are individual, so please read all the descriptions to help you choose the best beer for you - and then try a different one too!

Author: Rikako Miyazaki/Translation: Susan Lucier-Ogawa/ Photos: Koichi Miura, Yamato Muraoka

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