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Top 21 Best Wiener Sausages to Buy Online in Japan 2020 - Tried and True!

What are your favorite Japanese foods? Sushi? Tempura? Ramen? And... sausages??? In Japan, these moderate-calorie morsels are used in a variety of meals from breakfast and dinner sides, to bento lunches, and even to drinking snacks.

Our editors searched Japanese e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping for the best brands of wiener sausages available online in Japan. We then picked out the most popular products and taste tested them. We then ranked the products and put what we learned into a buying guide to help you choose the best sausages out there.

  • Last updated: 01-16-2020
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Top 21 Sausages to Buy Online in Japan

We picked out some of the most popular products and taste-tested them. Then, based on our tests, we ranked the top 21 Japanese sausages available online in Japan.

Remember, taste is subjective! Japanese sausages tend to be あらびき (arabiki), which means coarsely-ground, with a fair amount of cartilage that adds a snappy crunch and juicy oiliness. The flavors are usually salty, meaty, and a bit smoky. Our rankings may not match your tastes, so please read the all the product descriptions to find the right product for you!

Japanese prices for the products are given, but they've been converted into US dollars to make it easy for you.

Japaneseジョンソンヴィル・ジャパン オリジナルスモーク
Net weight360 grams
Calories per 100 grams324
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score4.2
Japanese日本ハムシャウエッセン 1束(127g×2)
Net weight127 grams
Calories per 100 grams311
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score4.2

Prima HamKoukun Coarse-Ground Pork Weiner


Japaneseプリマハム香薫 あらびきポークウインナー (90g×2)×5束
Net weight90 grams
Calories per 100 grams302 (per 90 gram package)
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score4.1

YonekyuGotemba Kogen Coarse-Ground Pork Sausages


Japanese米久御殿場高原あらびきポーク 820g 2袋セット
Net weight820 grams
Calories per 100 grams328 grams
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score4.0

Ito HamBergerwurst



Japanese伊藤ハムベルガヴルスト バジル
Net weight120 grams
Calories per 100 grams314
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score4.0
Japanese伊藤ハムグランドアルトバイエルン 2袋束
Net weight127 grams
Calories per 100 grams341
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score3.9

7-11 Japan (manufactured by Ito Ham)Seven Premium Coarse-ground Wieners


Japaneseセブン‐イレブン・ジャパン(製造:伊藤ハム)セブンプレミアム あらびきウインナー 100g×2
Net weight100 grams
Calories per 100 grams313
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score3.9
Japanese日本ハムアンティエ レモン&パセリ 140g(8本入)×3パック入り
Net weight140 grams (8 sausages)
Calories per 100 grams327
FlavorLemon and parsley
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score3.9

7-11 JapanSeven Premium Gold Wieners


Net weight130 grams
Calories per 100 grams346
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score3.9

Family MartJuicy & Delicious Coarse-ground Wieners


Japaneseファミリーマートジューシーな美味しさ あらびきウインナー
Net weight90 grams
Calories per 100 grams332
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score3.7
Japanese信州ハム爽やか信州軽井沢 熟成あらびきポークウインナー 160g
Net weight160 grams
Calories per 100 grams319
Storage methodKeep refrigerated
Overall score3.6

Compare the Best Japanese Wiener Sausages

Johnsonville Japan Original Smoked Brats 1

Johnsonville Japan

Nippon Ham Schau Essen 1

Nippon Ham

Prima Ham Koukun Coarse-Ground Pork Weiner 1

Prima Ham

Yonekyu Gotemba Kogen Coarse-Ground Pork Sausages 1


Ito Ham Bergerwurst 1

Ito Ham

Ito Ham The Grand Alto Bayern 1

Ito Ham

7-11 Japan (manufactured by Ito Ham) Seven Premium Coarse-ground Wieners 1

7-11 Japan (manufactured by Ito Ham)

Nippon Ham Entier Lemon & Parsley Wieners 1

Nippon Ham

7-11 Japan Seven Premium Gold Wieners 1

7-11 Japan

Family Mart Juicy & Delicious Coarse-ground Wieners 1

Family Mart

Shinshu Ham Karuizawa Aged Pork Wieners 1

Shinshu Ham


Original Smoked Brats

Schau Essen

Koukun Coarse-Ground Pork Weiner

Gotemba Kogen Coarse-Ground Pork Sausages


The Grand Alto Bayern

Seven Premium Coarse-ground Wieners

Entier Lemon & Parsley Wieners

Seven Premium Gold Wieners

Juicy & Delicious Coarse-ground Wieners

Karuizawa Aged Pork Wieners

Featuresmybest's Top Choice! Full-S...The Most Deliciously Versat...Fragrant Sausages with a Gr...Peppery and Bursting With U...Refreshing Flavor and Great...A Tasty Choice for Dinner o...Perfect for Tossing in Lunc...A Mild, Refreshing, and Mat...The Luxuriously Smoky Wagyu...These Will Add Smoky and Sp...A Crunchy Sausage to Go wit...
Japaneseジョンソンヴィル・ジャパン オリジナルスモーク日本ハムシャウエッセン 1束(127g×2)プリマハム香薫 あらびきポークウインナー (90g×2)×5束米久御殿場高原あらびきポーク 820g 2袋セット伊藤ハムベルガヴルスト バジル伊藤ハムグランドアルトバイエルン 2袋束セブン‐イレブン・ジャパン(製造:伊藤ハム)セブンプレミアム あらびきウインナー 100g×2日本ハムアンティエ レモン&パセリ 140g(8本入)×3パック入りセブン‐イレブン・ジャパン金のウインナーファミリーマートジューシーな美味しさ あらびきウインナー信州ハム爽やか信州軽井沢 熟成あらびきポークウインナー 160g
Net weight360 grams127 grams90 grams820 grams120 grams127 grams100 grams140 grams (8 sausages)130 grams90 grams160 grams
Calories per 100 grams324311302 (per 90 gram package)328 grams314341313327346332319
FlavorSmokedPlainPlainPlainBasilPlainPlainLemon and parsleyPlainPlainPlain
Storage methodKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigeratedKeep refrigerated
Overall score4.

Products That Didn't Make the Cut

And why they didn't quite make it.

Nippon Ham's Houjun Weiners are so juicy that the liquid leaps out of the thin casing as soon as you bite in. The taste is simple and comforting, and it will appeal to children's less-matured taste buds. Because they're not thick, we were left wanting something a bit more substantial, but they were still tasty.

These Smoked Aged Coarse-ground Wieners from Marudai Foods were actually quite good. They have a snappy, elastic texture that may not appeal to all, but the spice blend is perfect, especially as a breakfast sausage. They're seasoned with rock salt from the German Alps and aged for 72 hours to bring out the pork's full flavor.

Seijo Ishii's Homemade Pork Sausages have a texture that makes them more like hotdogs than most of the ones we tested here. They're made from Japanese pork with natural casings from sheep. The casings are crispy, but the meat inside is smooth and easy to bite. They taste a bit smoky, but we wanted more meaty umami and juiciness.

These Coarse-ground Pork Wieners from Lawson Select are juicy, fragrant, and pair well with beer even if you don't use mustard or ketchup. The crisp casings are strong, and the wieners are not thick, so you can enjoy them as snacks. However, some thought they were too salty, and others thought the smokiness wouldn't make them suitable for a breakfast sausage.

TopValu Coarse-ground Pork Wieners from Aeon are salty and have a smooth texture. They use salt from the Goto Sea near Nagasaki to bring out the umami of the meat. They're very juicy and are good without any condiments. But some of us didn't like the smooth texture and thin skin, so we recommend these for people who want a strong meat taste with no crunch.

Kaiken's Smoked Pork Sausages are sold frozen in large bags for commercial use. The skin is really thick, and the meat is satisfying enough. It didn't quite have the juiciness and umami we wanted, but would be a good choice for large gatherings and big crowds.

Economy Size Pork and Chicken Wieners from Ito Ham is another decent choice for parties and big barbecues, but it tastes a bit cheap. The skin is so thick that it's hard to chew, and we found their crispness and succulence to be lacking. However, our tasters gave it high marks for a strong, meaty flavor and a good balance of fat.

Tengu Ham Coarse-ground Wieners from Tengu Nakata Industries are one last cheap option for a large crowd. In this case, they reminded us of supermarket bento box sausages. The meat is packed tightly in the casings, so they have substance at least. However, the taste is nothing special. They'd be fine for big families to use at breakfast or in school lunches.

The Meat Guy's Irish Breakfast Handmade Uncooked Sausage by TMJ International has a unique flavor with herbs and spices. It feels like something you would eat on special occasions, but isn't versatile for everyday meals. The links are thick and full of flavor. They can be boiled or grilled, but either way will produce a heavy, thick, and crispy sausage that would go well with beer--Guinness, perhaps?--or as part of an Irish breakfast, obviously!

Foodlier's Crispy Breakfast Wieners have natural casings that are tightly-packed with a plump texture. However, they're not chewy or crunchy or moist, just kind of soft with a weak skin. The texture is similar to hot dog meat. If you just want something simple and non-greasy, they're okay.

How We Tested the Sausages

Well, obviously, we ate them!

First, we boiled the sausages over a moderate flame, keeping the water at a temperature of 175℉ to prevent flavor from escaping. We then did a blind taste test with five of our editors.

100% Pork is Where it's at

We found that 100% pork products tasted better than those which also had chicken mixed in. They were crunchier and more springy, more succulent, and had better flavor. They really tasted like "pork sausage."

Those with a mixture of pork and chicken had a smoother texture like hotdogs, and didn't provide a burst of juice. There was no depth to their flavor. They tasted cheap. We recommend choosing 100% pork products for the ultimate sausage experience.

How to Choose a Japanese Sausage - Buying Guide

We recommend considering the following points when shopping for sausages or wieners in Japan.

Look for the JAS Mark to Ensure Quality

Most Japanese sausages are made of 100% pork, but some are mixed with chicken or lamb, and other use starches as an extender. The taste and texture will vary depending on the ingredients and the proportions used. Look for the JAS mark, which specifies quality standards.

  • 標準 (Standard grade): contains less than 10% fillers; 5% or less starches. The meat can be pork, beef, rabbit, chicken, or duck.
  • 上級 (Above-average grade): contains less than 5% fillers; the raw meat is pork or beef. Less than 3% starches.
  • 特級 (High grade): contains no fillers; the raw meat is pork or beef only.
  • 特定JAS (Special grade): includes the same requirements as High Grade, but additional manufacturing methods such as aging are used.

It probably goes without saying, but the higher the grade, the higher the quality. If you want sausages for a main course that are crispy, chewy, savory and juicy, choose the highest grade you can.

Choose One With Few Additives

Sausages are processed meats, and additive-free sausage isn't a thing. But some ingredients are safer than others, and it's best to choose products with as few additives as possible.

Sorbic acid, which is a preservative, and sodium nitrite, which kills the bacteria that cause food poisoning, have been shown to have carcinogenic properties. There are products available that say 無塩せき in Japanese, which means they are free of sodium nitrate.

Choose One With Few Additives

Phosphates are another ingredient to watch for. They are added to provide a crisp texture and adjust the pH of meats. They can interfere with calcium absorption if ingested in large amounts. Red food dye, called cochineal pigment or carmine (fun fact: it's made from crushed insects), can trigger allergies.

Some good news for processed-meat lovers, though: if you boil your sausages before eating them, you can reduce the amount of these additives, as they are water-soluble.

Look for Packaging That Will Keep Your Sausages Fresh after Opening

Sausages stay fresher if they are not exposed to air. Look for packages that have two bags sold together, so you can open only one at a time. Some have a resealable zipper opening, which is great to be able to use easily without getting scissors or undoing a twist-tie.

Frozen sausages are another good option for long-term storage. You can take them out as you need them. Just be sure to wrap them tightly to avoid freezer burn.

Tips For Cooking Tasty Sausages

Sausages can be boiled, baked, or grilled, but cooking them right can be a bit tricky.

Method 1: Sauté Whole in a Frying Pan with Just a Bit of Water

Most manufacturers say to cook their products in a dry frying pan with water, but we recommend adding just a little oil, along with some water, to give the skin a crisp texture. Don't make any cuts in the sausage if you want it to retain its chewy texture; if you cut it, the skin will shrink and the meat will become firmer. 

The water in the pan (add just enough to keep the pan wet) will be absorbed and keep the sausages juicy. Make sure to turn them frequently, as the extra oil will make them more likely to burn. Cook evenly on all sides, and enjoy the tastiest, juiciest sausages!

Method 2: Simmer in Salted Water

Add 2 teaspoons to a large pot of water and bring it to a temperature of 175℉. Cook the sausages until they float. This method preserves the savory, meaty flavor; if you cook at a full boil, some of the umami will seep out into the water.

Method 3: Cut Calories and Oil by Microwaving

You can steam sausages in the microwave, which is both easy and doesn't add any salt or calories. Make cuts in the casings, place the sausage on a plate, and cover with plastic wrap.

If you don't cut them first, the skins will burst; but you probably knew that already, since we've all done it with hot dogs when we were kids! Anyway, this method is great for a quick breakfast or drinking snack.

Love Snacks and Drinks? Check out These Other Great Products!

Love Snacks and Drinks? Check out These Other Great Products!

The Japanese cuisine doesn't have to stop here! Lucky for you, we've translated a lot of other articles on Japan's delicious snacks and drinks.


In Japan, wiener sausages are eaten for breakfast, in bento lunch boxes, as part of dinner, and as snacks with alcoholic drinks. Everyone has different tastes, but remember to look for the quality standards mark, and cook and store them carefully to enjoy that savory umami!

Author: Ryuichi Ohira/Translation: Susan Lucier-Ogawa/Photos: Kazuya Ota

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