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The RAVPower 6700mAh is one of the best-known power banks due to its compact size and large battery capacity. While many of its reviewers praise it for its ease of use, its light and compact size, and charging performance, some reviews online claim it actually has low capacity and slow charging speeds as well.

This time around, our editing department purchased a RAVPower 6700 and tested its charging speed, ease of use, and actual charging capacity. Here's everything we learned.

  • Last updated: 01-15-2020
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What are the Stand-out Features of the RAVPower 6700mAh?

The RAVPower 6700 is a power bank that uses iSmart 2.0 technology to enable fast yet stable charge speeds. It measures 3.5 x 1.6 x 1 inches, making it small and light enough to fit in the palm of your hand despite its sizable charging capacity.

It also sports a glossy matte finish that makes it resistant to scratching, and it also includes safety features such as its multi-charge protection system that prevents over-charging and high temperatures.

How to Use the RAVPower 6700mAh

Using the RAVPower 6700 is as simple as connecting your device using the including USB cable. It can charge smartphones, tablets, and pretty much anything that can take a charge from a USB outlet. Indicators on the main body show the amount of charge capacity left in the device.

The RAVPower 6700 supports pass-through charging, allowing users to conveniently charge the power bank while simultaneously charging a device attached to it.

The RAVPower 6700 comes with a micro USB charging cable, carry pouch, and user manual. It unfortunately does not include iPhone lightning cables, so iPhone users must supply their own.

RAVPower 6700mAh Review Roundup

Many of the RAVPower 6700mAh reviews online praise it for its portability and value for money. However, it also has its share of negative reviews that may cause potential buyers to reconsider their purchase. Our editorial team shares some of the reviews below.

Charge Capacity Woes: it Can Only Charge a Phone Battery Once

Most of the negative reviews involved the device's charge capacity. A charger with 6700mAh should be enough to charge a smartphone twice over, but some reviews have expressed disappointment at the battery pack's actual capacity.

Lost all charge after charging an iPhone X once. This clearly does not have 6700mAh in capacity.
On a good day, it's only able to charge up to 3000mAh.

Charge Speed Troubles: it Takes Too Long to Charge

The second most frequent negative review we saw involve the device's charge speed.

Some reviews mentioned slow charging speeds despite the advertised maximum charge speed of 2.4A. Charging speed is a deciding factor that could make or break a power bank, so these claims definitely need to be looked into during testing.

Charge speed is really slow. It takes so much time that it's practically useless.
Product claims to support QuickCharge but I only got 0.3A out of it.

Other Issues: it Produces Too Much Heat

We also found some reviews that claim to experience issues with excessive heat generation or defective products that do not work altogether.

The USB output port breaks too easily. The first one broke within half a year, while the second one broke within 4 months.
Doesn't fully charge even when it's been plugged in for more than 10 hours. What scared me was that it was really hot to the touch.

Putting the RAVPower 6700mAh to the Test

To put both the positive and negative reviews to the test, our team of editors purchased the RAVPower 6700 and asked a team of electronics specialists to perform the following tests on it:

Test 1: Ease of use

Test 2: Charging speed

Test 3: Actual capacity

Test 4: Other issues

Test ① Ease of Use

Our first order of business was testing ease of use.

To test the good reviews praising the RAVPower 6700 for its ease of use, we started out by measuring its size and weight.

Weighs 4.5 Ounces - Light Enough to Carry with Your Phone

In our ease of use tests, the RAVPower 6700 weighed in at just 4.5 ounces (or 129 grams). It's official weight is at 4 ounces, so there may be some discrepancy between individual devices. We consider this to be very lightweight given that most power banks in the 5000mAh range tend to weigh closer to 7 ounces. 

In terms of its size, the RAVPower 6700mAh is so light and compact that an adult could easily hold both the power bank and a phone together in one hand.

Test ② Charging Speed

Our next agenda was the charge speed test. We measured the ampere current value using an iPhone 8 charged with an Apple Lightning cable. We also measured the time it took for the phone to reach a full charge.

Charging Speed Measured at 1.64A, Which is Better Than Most Power Banks!

In our tests, we found that the RAVPower 6700mAh charged at 1.64A. In fact, it was the fastest of the 24 power banks we tested for this series of reviews.

The RAVPower 6700mAh automatically adjusts its power output based on the device that is connected to it, which accounts for its fast charging speed. It's a great choice for people who need a quick yet stress-free charging experience.

3 Hours to Fully Charge Internal Batteries

In our charging speed tests, it took approximately 3 hours to charge the battery pack from zero. We count this on the fast side considering that the battery pack is advertised to have enough capacity to charge a smartphone completely twice over. 

During charging, we noticed that each of the indicator dots would blink periodically, but all 4 would remain lit to indicate that the battery pack is fully charged. It's an intuitive way to determine how much charge is left in the internal batteries.

Test ③ Actual Charging Capacity

Next, we turn our attention to the unit's actual capacity. To do this, we connected a USB fan to a fully-charged unit and let it run continuously until the battery ran out while using a current measurement device to test the battery's actual capacity. This allowed us to find out exactly how much charge the internal battery could hold.

Actual Capacity is at 3,103mAh, Which is a Little Underwhelming

Upon closer inspection, the RAVPower 6700 only had an actual capacity of 3103 mAh, which is only 46% of its advertised 6700 mAh!

Power banks usually undergo some form of conversion loss, leading to actual capacities of around 60% to 70% of their advertised capacities. That said, the RAVPower 6700mAh only had less than half of its advertised capacity.

3103mAh is enough to fully charge a smartphone once. If you're looking for a large-capacity power bank that will let you charge multiple devices several times in a day, you might need to look elsewhere.

Test ④ Other Issues

Now we put the other reviews to the test. Some of the negative reviews we've seen online mentioned extreme heat generation and broken USB ports, so we tested the RAVPower 6700mAh to see if any of those reviews hold water.

USB Port Stress Test: Still Functional after 200 Port Insertions

USB Port Stress Test: Still Functional after 200 Port Insertions

To test USB port durability, we subjected the USB port to a stress test by repeatedly inserting and removing a USB cable 200 times.

We found that the USB port survived the stress test and continued to work normally. This is based on the assumption that the port will be used once a day for half a year (180 days). The port appears to be durable enough to survive daily use, but in the event that your port is broken, RAVPower does offer customer support.

Heat Test: No Discernible Heat Generation

Our final order of business was to test excess heat generation.

We are glad to report that we did not feel any excessive heat during any of the tests we conducted, which involved charging the battery pack and using it to charge smartphones. While our test unit did feel warm to the touch, it was within safe, non-hazardous levels.

The RAVPower 6700mAh features a multi-charge protection system that protects against overcharging, over-voltage, and short circuits. It has also been awarded with PSE certification, which guarantees that the product adheres to quality standards and is safe to use.

The Final Verdict: Great Charging Speed and Portability Equals Great Value for Money

The RAVPower 6700mAh packs 1.64A of charging speed in a compact and portable package, making it a must-have for people who like to pack light.

Its charging capacity does leave a lot to be desired. An actual charging capacity of just 3,103mAh means that the battery pack can only fully charge a smartphone once. That said, smaller battery packs tend to have smaller charging capacities, so this becomes a trade-off between charge capacity and portability.

It only has one USB port so it can only charge one device at a time, but this should be enough to serve as an lightweight and portable option for when you really need that last bit of juice.


In this review, we took a look at the RAVPower 6700 and subjected it to a battery of rigid testing. Its portability, charging speed and value for money make it a great buy for people who need a no-frills power bank with a good charge rate to get their phone through the day.

Translation: Jamie Martin

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