Top 10 Best Men’s Tote Bags to Buy Online 2019

Top 10 Best Men's Tote Bags to Buy Online 2018 (Latest Edition)

Nowadays, we see more men with tote bags on the business scene. From high quality leather tote bags to fashionable, functional versions, there are many types available. And with the added bonus of being able to sling around many things at once, it’s gaining popularity with working fathers as well.

For fashion-conscious men, we’ve carefully selected and ranked the top 10 tote bags for men. With such an alluring line-up of tote bags, you may end up wanting all of them! We’ve included tips for selecting a business tote bag as well.

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How to Choose Men’s Tote Bag—Buying Guide

First, we will explain how to select men’s tote bags that are also business-appropriate. For those who are constantly interacting with clients, you might want to consider a design suitable for visits. In addition, we will look into practicality and special features.

Material: Look for Quality and Practicality

If the bag is for business, it’s got to leave a good impression; meaning, it’s got to be made of the right material. Below, we’ve compiled a list of recommended materials.

Leather or Nylon for Looking Classy

Leather or Nylon for Looking Classy

Tote bags are made from many materials. For professional bags, leather or nylon is recommended.

A leather tote bag looks luxurious; however, its weight and poor resistance to water are definite disadvantages. Therefore, when shopping for expensive leather, make sure the benefits outweigh the costs.

Nylon tote bags are durable and, if chosen well, look great with a suit and dress shoes. Therefore, do not select a flimsy nylon tote bag, but one that’s sturdy and high-quality.  Leather-nylon is another good option.

Want the Bag to Last? Go for Water-Repellent and Dirt-Resistant

Water-repellent and dirt-resistant features are recommended

If the job involves traveling to and from the office, go for a tote bag which is water-repellent and resistant to stains. This way, the interior of the bag stays dry and clean. And you aren’t stuck handing sopping wet documents over to clients.

Match Your Bag to Your Clothes

Select a tote bag appropriate to your attire

In most cases,  tote bags can be used both for business and pleasure, but there are various designs. Choose from tote bags bathed in black, brown, or other dark colors; to those with a minimalist design and a unique handle; to those that make bold color statements.

If you’re planning to get a bag that can be used both at and away from work, take a good hard look at your work attire. If your closet is filled with suits, go for a formal, elegant bag. However, if you’re running around in sweaters and jeans, then feel free to go for something with more character.

Consider Storage

A business tote bag needs to hold documents, laptop, work-related accessories, paperwork, etc. So we’ve got to look at capacity.

Does It Store Letter Size (ISO A4) Documents?

Select a tote bag which can store letter size (ISO A4) sized documents

Most documents are letter size (ISO A4). The minimum requirement for a professional tote bag is one which can hold at least documents of this size. Most professional tote bags will tell you how much they can handle, so double-check before making any purchases.

The More Pockets, the Merrier

Select a tote bag with excellent interior storage features

It’s great being able to shove and stack a bunch of things into tote bags. However, the more you stack, the more cluttered the bag becomes–and now you can’t find your keys. That’s why it’s important to check out the interior storage features. Selecting a fashionable tote bag without a sufficient number of pockets may lead to buyer’s remorse.

Some tote bags have spaces created for certain items, like a pocket designed for storing folding umbrellas. So, we recommend making a list of the items you normally carry to help you decide what kind of bag best suits your needs.

Will It Protect Your Laptop or Tablet?

Select a tote bag which supports laptop or tablet storage

Most professionals are glued to their laptops or tablets. However, if these electronic devices are stored in a tote bag without sufficient padding, they could get scratched or damaged.

If you carry around your laptop on a regular basis, get a tote bag that’s been designed to hold it.

Select Tote Bags That Can Stand and Close

Select Tote Bags That Can Stand and Close

One final piece of advice: make sure the tote bag can stay standing and stay closed. Tote bags are often kept on the floor during meetings and conferences, so get a bag with a strong bottom or prongs underneath to keep it from tipping over.

Tote bags have a large opening up top, so to keep documents and personal belongings secure, make sure the bag actually closes. Tote bags with zippers are a good option.

Top 10 Best Men’s Tote Bags to Buy Online

Now that we have discussed what points to consider before selection, here are our recommendations on the best men’s tote bags to buy online!

10. Gucci Tote 308927 1060

10. Gucci Tote 308927 1060

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $835.00

Business and Pleasure Tote Bag

Though on the pricier side, this made in Italy Gucci tote bag is the perfect symbol of achievement. The zippers allow work documents to remain secure, so you can grab it and run to your meetings or social events outside of the office.

Though not suitable for carrying a laptop or tablet, the elegance of the tote bag makes it versatile, transitioning smoothly from business to pleasure. And look at that canvas exterior with leather details–the height of sophistication.

9. adidas tote bag

9 adidas tote bag

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Price: $81.42

The Secure Daddy Tote Bag

This adidas tote bag is perfect for fathers of all ages. It’s lightweight and roomy bag, so you can bring the mitt and baseball, the diapers, and the frisbees to the park.

Zippers on the top ensure items inside are secure, and the external pocket is great for quickly needed items like tissues or wipes. There’s even a loop for your keys inside the bag, so you don’t need to go fishing for them ever again.

8. BISON DENIM Leather Tote

8. BISON DENIM Leather Tote

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Price: $72.99

The Compact Tote Bag for Mass Transit

This genuine cowhide leather tote bag is great for businessmen who use crowded public transportation. The bag is slim and durable, so you can stuff things inside without it becoming bulky.

The detachable laptop storage compartment and interior pockets are welcome features for busy businessmen. The material is waterproof, the design stylish, the color professional.

7. Porter 2WAY tote bag AF27

7. Porter 2WAY tote bag AF27

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $244.10

Family Fun Day Tote Bag

This popular tote bag from Japan is perfect for casual family outings. The super roomy interior fits lunch, extra clothes and towels, which families need for those impromptu picnics.

If you’re a fan of pockets, this bag sports a bunch of them, inside and outside. Pull out spare socks, water battles, and pocket tissues without having to check if you dropped your wallet or keys along the way. Now you can really focus on making memories with the family.

6. Michael Kors Men`s Kent Large Camouflage Nylon Tote

6. Michael Kors Men`s Kent Large Camouflage Nylon Tote

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $130.00

Manly Man’s Tote Bag

For men who know what it is to explore and look good doing it, this tote bag is for you! The cool camouflage, roomy interior, and easy to wipe nylon exterior means this bag can follow you anywhere.

This bag has spaces reserved for your wallet and phone, as well as zippered interior pockets to keep items secure. This way, your hands are left free to hold and feel things as you wander through farmer’s markets, night markets, and bazaars. And the tote bag has ample space to store your purchases as well.

5. Tom Clover’s Classy Tote MSH-1890-2

5. Tom Clover’s Classy Tote MSH-1890-2

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $52.99

Gift Tote Bag

This stylish cotton canvas tote with cow leather detailing is the perfect gift for university graduates and new employees. Simple yet particular, the fully lined interior has designated spaces for your cellphone and wallet. There are also four pockets along the inner wall, handles, and a shoulder strap.

The soft, yet durable material melds practicality and fashion. An ideal companion for young men looking to start the next stage of their lives.

4. Luufan Leather Tote A4

4. Luufan Leather Tote A4

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $79.90

Tote Bag for Professionals on the Go

If you need to carry half your office with you on business trips, then check out this bag. The interior is designed with separate spaces for letter-size documents, tablets, and other office supplies. There’s also a large exterior pocket–again, for items you need to get to in a flash.

This bag sports handles and a detachable shoulder strap, perfect for travelers, salesmen, and consultants. The recipient of great fanfare, this reasonably priced, leather tote bag is a great business accessory.

3. adidas Squad III Tote Bag

3. adidas Squad III Tote Bag

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $37.28

Sporty Tote Bag

Recommended for men who enjoy keeping fit, this tote bag boasts zippered interior pockets. It’s roomy and can easily hold gym shoes, extra clothes, and Gatorade bottles.

Reviewers have praised the bag’s sleek colors, adidas quality and smooth zippers. The only drawback may be the straps, which many have said are on the shorter side.

2. UtoteBag Laptop Tote Bag

2. UtoteBag Laptop Tote Bag

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $47.99

Supports Students and Young Professionals

This reasonably priced nylon tote bag with leather handles is great for students or young professionals fresh on the business scene. It looks professional, with a designated space for your laptop in addition to the numerous interior and exterior pockets.

It also sports a four-pronged bottom, so the tote bag can stand without tipping over. The handle is designed for young men who are lugging around heavy loads, whether it be books or work manuals. And the material is water resistant. Weather isn’t going to be hindering your success..

1. Coach Charles Foldover Tote F54759 CWH

1. Coach Charles Foldover Tote F54759 CWH

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $194.96

Work or Play, a Stylish Tote Bag

The calf leather Coach tote bag with its detachable shoulder strap is not to be kept hidden away in the office. The simplicity, yet classiness of this bag has tones of both work and play. The multiple interior and exterior pockets can be used to organize official documents or store personal items.

Though the design appears simple, little points like the pockets in front or the folding top add a dash of character. Highly recommended for professionals who need to carry work-related or personal items in and out of the office.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about men’s tote bags.  Available in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes, tote bags are versatile, appealing to single and family men, students and professionals, desk workers and travelers alike.

In addition, we shared things to keep in mind when selecting professional tote bags. With everything we went through, we hope that we managed to shed some light on the obscure process of selecting, purchasing, and using tote bags for men. Good luck!

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