Anker SoundCore Sport Review – mybest

SoundCore Sport Review – mybest

Its excellent water resistance has seen the SoundCore Sport Bluetooth speaker become a regular fixture in outdoor use scenarios and the bathroom.

While there’s no questioning its popularity, some users online claim that it is “lacking in the sound quality department” while others say it is “too loud.” These comments can turn off potential buyers.

Our editing department purchased this hot item to find out its overall sound and bass quality. We put it to the test to see if it’s really worth the hype.

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Anker SoundCore Sport Bluetooth Speaker

Anker SoundCore Sport Bluetooth Speaker

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Price: $39.88

What are the Standout Features of the SoundCore Sport Bluetooth Speaker?

The SoundCore Sport is a highly shockproof and water-resistant Bluetooth speaker developed and distributed by Anker, a Chinese venture that has undergone quick and tremendous growth.

It is IPX7 certified, which is rather rare for water-resistant speakers. It is also designed to resist damage even if you accidentally drop into water.

The package includes the speaker itself, a charging cable, wrist straps, and the user manual. It is extremely compact and does not require a lot of storage space.

Build and Structure

Build and Structure

Its size is not its only winning feature. The SoundCore Sport weighs an incredibly light 230g, making it the perfect outdoor companion. The included wrist strap make it easy to carry around.

Known for their remarkably compact and durable products, Anker also holds the distinction of being the No. 1 charger brand on Amazon. The SoundCore Sport gets the same battery quality the company is known for, boasting a maximum playtime of 10 hours. You can blast your music outdoors for almost an entire day.

The speaker comes equipped with a high-fidelity sound system that offers a more realistic experience. It does not only produce excellent overall sound quality, but also deep, powerful bass.

Putting the SoundCore Sport to the Test

Putting the SoundCore Sport to the Test

While some of the reviews online praise this speaker for its considerable water resistance and durability, there was a mixed reception regarding its sound quality.

To test this, we’ve teamed up with two sound experts to review the SoundCore Sport based on the following criteria:

Test ①: Sound Quality 
Test ②: Bass Power

We also purchased 9 other Bluetooth speakers and tried them all.

Test : Sound Quality

As this factor makes or breaks a speaker, testing this was our first order of business.

Some rather scathing reviews note that “the sound quality is not reliable,” or that “the sound cracks depending on the volume.” But how well does the speaker perform in a real-life scenarios? We listened to its acoustics using the following songs:

Song list:

• Two-second Vacation (Hikaru Utada feat Ringo Shiina)
• I.G.Y. (Donald Fagan)
• My Foolish Heart (Bill Evans)
• Clarity (Zedd)
• Luv Connection (Towa Tei)
• Die Another Day (Madonna)

Lackluster Sound Resolution

Lackluster Sound Resolution

When we played music, we found that the sound resolution wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be. In fact, it was difficult to perceive and appreciate high-quality sound with the SoundCore Sport.

That said, the great thing about this product is that it isn’t “just” a speaker. Its pairing function allows it to be used as a communications tool or as a radio, so we highly recommend it if you are looking to score a unit with additional features.

The SoundCore Sport will also meet your expectations if you’re looking for something to set the mood at a barbecue or other outdoor events. Its incredible water-resistance makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Test : Bass Power

Firm, strong bass is essential to making music come to life. While the SoundCore Sport features “robust bass” in its official literature, user reviews appear to disagree with this assessment. We put it to the test with some beats of our own.

Test ②: Bass Power

Unfortunately, bass could use some more umph. We would not consider it to be weak by any means, considering the unit’s compact size. However, this applies only if you take the speaker’s size into account. At the end of the day, we felt that the bass could use more power, judging from sound quality alone.

We would not suggest buying this speaker if you are the type to look at raw bass power alone. But this item could be right up your alley if you temper your expectations.

The Final Verdict: Great if you require no-frills music playback. SoundCore Sport Ranked in at 9 out of 10

Review Result: Ranked 9 out of 10 Bluetooth Speakers Tested

In terms of sound quality, we could not find any aspect of it that would give it a leg up compared to other units reviewed. If music playback is of great importance to you, we suggest looking elsewhere for your fix.

That said, we have absolutely no complaints about its water resistance, shock resistance, and overall durability!

If you intend to rely on this speaker for listening in your room, we suggest finding a different product. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with the Soundcore Sport if you just want something to set the mood with your friends.

Pairing with Smartphones

Pairing with Smartphones

You can pair the SoundCore Sport with a smartphone. This step is incredibly simple – all you need to do is tap “Anker Bluetooth” on your smartphone’s Bluetooth setting screen. This will allow you to play music and movies from your smartphone to your heart’s content.

The SoundCore Sport’s smartphone pairing capability can serve as a speaker for phone calls as well. This is great for hands-free calling when you’re soaking in the tub, making it a great choice for people who often make or take calls from the comfort of their bathtubs.

Don’t worry if you accidentally drop it in water as it will float on top. Do note, however, that submerging it will distort the sound it produces and reduce its overall sound quality.


For this review, we went ahead and purchased a SoundCore Sport to thoroughly evaluate its sound quality. Unfortunately, it did not meet our expectations in this department.

Nevertheless, it’s still a great choice if you’re in the market for a speaker for outdoor use. It does the job of setting the mood when you’re out with friends and family.

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