Top 18 Best Japanese Salon Shampoos to Buy Online 2019 – Tried and True!

Top 18 Best Japanese Salon Shampoos to Buy Online 2019 - Tried and True!

Our editors searched Japanese e-commerce sites (such as @cosme, Amazon, and Rakuten) for the best salon shampoo. We then chose the 18 most popular products and tested for the following:

  1. Application
  2. Mildness
  3. Lather
  4. Hair Texture
  5. Cleansing Power

We consulted a researcher and talked about formulas–which would be the most mild and which would be the most effective? We also discussed the characteristics of different surfactants, including amino acids and sulfates, as well as nourishing ingredients and unnecessary additives.

We then compiled everything we learned into a buying guide about and list of the best Japanese salon shampoos available online.

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Top 18 Best Japanese Salon Shampoos to Buy Online 2019

We analyzed ingredients and ran the shampoos through tests to check for mildness. We tried the products out on samples of hair and then rated the texture afterwards. We also sniffed them and lathered them up and rinsed them out, so we could judge the entire “experience” of shampooing.

And based on how they performed, we rated the top 18 Japanese salon shampoos available online.

※Japanese prices for the products are given; they’ve merely been converted into USD for easy viewing.

1. LaClair eau M Shampoo (200 ml)

LaClair eau M ShampooLaClair eau M Shampoo

Visit Global Rakuten for more details

Price: $19.00

Best for Damaged, Brittle Hair: Mild Betains and Botanical Extracts Gently Cleanse and Nourish

Hair felt amazing after a wash. The shampoo hydrated, imparting body and shine. The ingredients were mild and counted among them natural botanicals, including rosemary and edelweiss extract, that nourished hair. Even as we were rinsing product out, we could tell that hair was smoother and more elastic.

While cleansing power didn’t knock our socks off, the formula lathered into dense, creamy foam that covered every square centimeter of hair. As long as you take time massaging the shampoo in and rinsing it out, you should be thoroughly cleansed. And the product is gentle enough to use twice on days your hair is particularly grimy.

If your hair is dry and brittle–and constantly suffering under the office air conditioner or Santa Ana winds–then LaClair eau’s M Shampoo will give it the TLC it needs.

Japanese ラクレア オー シャンプー M Scent
Price per ml 10.35 yen Benefits Elastic & Moisturized Hair
Application 4.8 Mildness 5.0
Lather 3.0 Hair Texture 4.0
Cleansing 1.0 Overall Score 4.0

2. COTA i CARE 1 Shampoo (300 ml)

COTA i CARE 1 ShampooCOTA i CARE 1 Shampoo

Visit Global Rakuten for more details

Price: $31.81

Best for Tangled or Hopelessly Damaged Hair: Formula Leaves Strands as Slippery as Silk

If you have hopelessly tangled hair, this is the product to look out for. During testing, it left hair so silky that knots slid apart, and we were able to run our fingers through the strands with no resistance.

The formula features cocamidopropyl betaine, which is often used in infant shampoos because it’s so mild. It lathers into thick, cushiony foam. However, we’d say it’s a bit too gentle–and that most adults, especially adults with thick hair, need to lather up and rinse out at least twice.

However, if you have delicate or damaged hair that needs time to recover, this is a great product to use during the interim between stronger cleansers.

Japanese コタ アイ ケアシャンプー 1 Scent Lavender
Price per ml 11.55 yen Benefits Light, Sleek Hair
Application 3.5 Mildness 5.0
Lather 3.5 Hair Texture 5.0
Cleansing 2.6 Overall Score 4.0

3. hoyu PROMASTER Color Care Cool (600 ml)

hoyu PROMASTER Color Care Coolhoyu PROMASTER Color Care Cool

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Price: $14.79

Best for Hair that Needs a Good Cleansing: Refreshing Shampoo that Has Hair Spotless but Not Stripped

Finally, a salon shampoo that juggles mild ingredients with intense cleansing power. It can wash away even stubborn gels and sprays, refreshing and prepping your hair for a new style.

Now, there was sodium laureth sulfate in the formula, but it didn’t show up until the third line of the ingredients list. That likely means that it’s present in such a low concentration it’s unlikely to cause any damage; however, it probably accounts for much of the cleansing power. The first surfactant listed was a betaine.

When we started applying the shampoo, it gave off a citrusy scent, like grapefruit. However, as it foamed up, the smell became light, clear, and minty.

Japanese hoyu プロマスター カラーケア クール Scent Floral Mint
Price per ml 2.69 yen Benefits Conditioning, Color Preservation after Dyeing
Application 3.1 Mildness 5.0
Lather 3.5 Hair Texture 4.0
Cleansing 4.6 Overall Score 4.0

4. Demi MILLEUM Shampoo (800 ml)

MILLEUM Shampoo Demi MILLEUM Shampoo Demi

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Visit Rantasy for more details

Price: $13.18

Best Budget Salon Shampoo: Gentle Ingredients that Smooth out Kinks and Nurture Hair

This is another salon shampoo designed to be as gentle as possible. The main surfactant is the ever popular cocamidopropyl betain, which is safe for delicate scalps and hair.

Again, cleansing power leaves much to be desired. If you have oily hair or use styling products, you’ll have to lather up well and massage thoroughly. Still, at least than 2 yen (~2¢) a ml, it’s incredibly cheap for a salon shampoo. You can afford to lather, rinse, and repeat as many times as you need.

Finally, the formula is silicone-free, but it leaves hair sleek and moisturized.

Japanese デミ ミレアム シャンプー Scent
Price per ml 1.8 yen Benefits
Application 3.1 Mildness 5.0
Lather 4.0 Hair Texture 5.0
Cleansing 2.3 Overall Score 4.0

5. cocuu Slow Shampoo (250 ml)

 cocuu Slow Shampoococuu Slow Shampoo

Visit Global Rakuten for more details

Price: $13.86

The Best if You Want to Hydrate Your Hair Naturally: Features Botanical Oils that Impart Shine and Moisture

cocuu’s shampoo is meant to hydrate as much as it cleanses. We didn’t feel any signs of dryness after all the washing and blowdrying, and the sample of hair slid like water between our fingers.

The formula featured plenty of natural plant oils and extracts, including jojoba seed oil and orange oil. There were no silicones, so you know that sleek texture and shine was all plant-derived.

We did wish it lathered more though. The foam came out a bit loose and rough, and we needed more product to get a thorough cleanse.

Japanese cocuu スロウ シャンプー Scent Orange & Patchouli
Price per ml 6.04 yen Benefits Moisture
Application 3.6 Mildness 5.0
Lather 3.5 Hair Texture 4.0
Cleansing 2.6 Overall Score 4.0

6. SUNNYPLACE nano suppli Cleansing Shampoo (Oolong, 1000 ml)

SUNNYPLACE nano suppli Cleansing ShampooSUNNYPLACE nano suppli Cleansing Shampoo

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Price: $10.89

Worth Checking out: Budget Shampoo that Really Cleanses but Keeps Hair Sleek

This was the cheapest of all the salon shampoos we tried. The formula was silicone-free, but hair felt like silk after cleansing.

But don’t get too excited. If you read the instructions, you’ll see that SUNNYPLACE recommends you shampoo twice. That not only means that you’ll use up product twice as fast, but you’ll be wearing down your scalp. It didn’t help that the main surfactant was sodium laureth sulfate, either.

Japanese サニープレイスナノサプリ クレンジングシャンプー ウーロン Scent Citrus
Price per ml 1.19 yen Benefits Scalp Care
Application 3.4 Mildness 3.0
Lather 5.0 Hair Texture 5.0
Cleansing 5.0 Overall Score 3.9

7. LebeL IAU Cleansing Relaxment Shampoo (200 ml)

LebeL IAU Cleansing Relaxment ShampooLebeL IAU Cleansing Relaxment Shampoo

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Price: $10.44

Worth Checking out: Feels Amazing to Use, though You Might Not Want to Apply to Greasy Hair

The formula was relatively mild, though all the sebum left on that glass slide had us a bit hesitant.

The shampoo did feel amazing to use. It lathered readily but rinsed out quickly. And it smelled divine. It was the perfect marriage between the sweetness of rose and the earthiness of leafy greens.

The shampoo came in a squeeze bottle. While we prefer nozzles, the cap was easy to open and the bottle easy to squeeze, so it gets a grudging nod.

Japanese ルベル イオ クレンジング リラックスメント Scent Rose & Leafy Greens
Price per ml 5.69 yen Benefits Hydrated Scalp and Sleek Hair
Application 4.8 Mildness 3.5
Lather 4.0 Hair Texture 4.0
Cleansing 1.3 Overall Score 3.8

8. napla N. Shea Shampoo (Moisture, 300 ml)

napla N. Shea Shampoonapla N. Shea Shampoo

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Visit DOKODEMO for more details

Price: $19.64

Worth Checking out: Gentle Formula that is as Moisturizing as It Claims

Here is yet another salon shampoo that could’ve provided a bit more cleansing power. Maybe don’t use this during sweaty summers or after active days.

Unfortunately, application was only so-so. The floral scent was light and elegant, but the formula didn’t lather easily. We were worried about missing a spot during application or hidden residue left behind after rinsing.

Still, the shampoo was not without its strengths. It earned a full score for its mild ingredients. It was also as moisturizing as it claimed to be, which resulted in a solid grade for hair texture.

Japanese ナプラエヌドット シアシャンプー Scent White Floral
Price per ml 6.04 yen Benefits Moisture
Application 3.6 Mildness 5.0
Lather 3.5 Hair Texture 4.0
Cleansing 2.5 Overall Score 3.6

9. FIOLE F Protect Shampoo (Basic, 300 ml)

FIOLE F Protect ShampooFIOLE F Protect Shampoo

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Visit YesStyle for more details

Price: $11.64

Worth Checking out: A Well-Balanced Shampoo that Doesn’t Fail at Anything

The formula was quite mild and cleansing quite effective, and we appreciated that it struck a balance. However, other than that, nothing really stuck out to us.

It didn’t lather into particularly rich foam nor did it leave it particularly sleek. Also, very little product comes out per pump–just one of those small annoyances that doesn’t need to be there.

Japanese フィオーレ F.プロテクト ヘアシャンプー ベーシックタイプ Scent
Price per ml 4.23 yen Benefits
Application 3.0 Mildness 4.2
Lather 3.0 Hair Texture 3.0
Cleansing 3.8 Overall Score 3.4

10. COTA SERA Shampoo (800 ml)


Visit Global Rakuten for more details

Price: $37.64

Worth Checking out: Mild Dandruff-Fighting Shampoo Meant to Cleanse Your Scalp

This scalp shampoo is formulated to fight dandruff and soothe itchiness. While ingredients were mild, they did not leave hair silky. Strands tangled as we were washing and blowdrying. Take care not to tug too hard, or you’ll actually end up damaging your hair and scalp.

And while it wasn’t present in high concentrations, piroctone olaminea powerful antibacterial, was on the ingredients list. Make sure you rinse thoroughly.

Japanese コタセラ シャンプー Scent Leafy Greens
Price per ml 5.13 Benefits Medicated Scalp Care
Application 3.5 Mildness 5.0
Lather 4.0 Hair Texture 2.0
Cleansing 1.8 Overall Score 3.7

Products That Didn’t Make the Cut

And why they didn’t quite make it.

Cleanses Perhaps Too Well–Leaves Hair Squeaky and Tangled

Cleanses Perhaps Too Well--Leaves Hair Squeaky and Tangled

LebeL’s Natural Hair Soap with Marigold (11) was similar in ways to our number six pick. Both were effective cleansers but contained ingredients that weren’t particularly mild (LebeL’s product was rated at a 3.5).

However, unlike the SUNNYPLACE shampoo, which turn hair into spun silk, LebeL was stripping. Locks tangled and felt so squeaky clean that we weren’t able to run our fingers through them.

Likewise, Loretta’s Mainichi no Sukkiri Shampoo (14) and Aujua’s Aging Hair Care Timesurge Shampoo (15) received only around 2.0 points on mildness but near perfect scores for cleansing. Both formulas featured sulfates as surfactants, so we hesitate to recommend them for regular use.

Ingredients are Gentle but Cleansing Power Sub-Par

Ingredients are Gentle but Cleansing Power Sub-Par

product’s shampoo (12) was the opposite; the mild ingredients earned it a score of 4.0; however, it got just 1.3 points for cleansing power. It didn’t lather either, so we honestly didn’t feel like we were washing our hair.

Doesn’t Excel in Cleansing Power but isn’t That Gentle Either

Doesn't Excel in Cleansing Power but isn't That Gentle Either

Abreeze’s Natural Organic Shampoo (13) wasn’t particularly gentle nor effective; it earned 2.5 and 3.0 points for mildness and cleansing power, respectively. However, it did get 4.0 points for lather and hair texture.

Neway Japan’s Nanoamino Shampoo (16) and Shiseido’s The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Shampoo (17) featured sodium laureth sulfate as their main surfactant. Therefore, they earned about a single point for mildness–and still managed to score a little beneath 3.0 for cleansing power.

beauty experience’s Clay Esthe Shampoo (18) was only slightly gentler, receiving a flat 2.0 for its ingredients. However, it also wasn’t as effective and got only 2.3 points for how poorly it cleaned.

How We Tested Our Products

We think a good shampoo, first and foremost, lathers easily and cleanses thoroughly. However, it needs to contain mild ingredients that will nourish–not irritate–your scalp. And it should leave your hair hydrated and sleek.

This is how we tested for those factors.

Test ①: Application


We transferred all the shampoos into plain bottles. We then gathered a group of editors and had them pass the products around and grade each on scent, how easily it lathered and rinsed out, and whether hair tangled upon application.


To try to keep things more or less objective, we asked testers not to tell us whether they liked the fragrance, but rather if it faithfully reproduced whatever it was supposed to reproduce (e.g. whether a rose-scented shampoo smelled like roses or sweet chemical perfume).

Test ②: Mildness


We conducted something called the “protein denaturation test.” Denaturation, by the way, refers to the altering or destruction of protein structure through the introduction of an external stressor.


We diluted each shampoo and dripped the mixture into egg whites. We then stirred gently as to not cause any frothing. After waiting a set period of time, we transferred the cups onto black sheets of paper.


Basically, the harsher a shampoo was, the more the mixture would cloud over. Therefore, the shampoo added to the cup of the left side of the picture was strong and earned only a 1.0 for mildness; on the other hand, the shampoo added to the cup on the right resulted in a clear solution and earned a score of 5.0.

Test ③: Lather


It’s hard for a shampoo to clean if it doesn’t lather. So we diluted the shampoos, making sure to keep the shampoo-to-water ratio equal. We then poured the mixtures into large plastic cups.


We set a hand mixer to a set speed and frothed up the mixtures for a fixed amount of time. We were looking for products that produced huge amounts of foam quickly. Therefore, the higher up the bubbles mounted in the cup, the higher the score a shampoo could earn.

Test ④: Hair Texture

Hair Texture

We prepared 18 bundles of long hair. We then washed each with a separate shampoo before blowdrying, ten times each.

Hair Texture

Because the very act of rubbing shampoo into your hair can be damaging, we applied using a comb. That way, we ensured that product was distributed evenly throughout the hair sample and that any damage dealt was consistent among the batches.

We also made sure the hair dryer was set to the same temperature and speed throughout testing. We dried without combing through or otherwise ruffling hair.

Hair Texture

After we’d gone through the 10 reps, we measured for texture. We used a machine to calculate the amount of force it took us to pass a comb through hair; a higher measurement meant more friction and poorer texture.

Test ⑤: Cleansing Power

Cleansing Power

Last but not least, we checked for efficacy. We started off by diluting the shampoos at a set water-to-product ratio.

Cleansing Power

We then dyed a mixture of stearic acid and oleic acid (the main components of human sebum) red and applied it to glass slides.

Cleansing Power

Finally, we gently submerged the slides into the diluted shampoo. The more artificial sebum came off, the higher the score.

Tips on How to Choose Japanese Salon Shampoo – Buying Guide

Here are five big things to look out for.

① Surfactants Determine How Much a Shampoo Will Strip Your Hair

Generally speaking, salon shampoos contain only mild ingredients, but not always.

When reading the ingredients list, just focus on the first three lines–these are the only items are present in high enough concentrations to really matter. Just keep in mind that products in Japan classified as “quasi-drugs”※1 don’t have to list all the ingredients that went into them, so they’re much harder to judge.

※1 医薬部外品: quasi-drugs (similar to OTC drugs in America)

Betains are So Gentle, They’re Often Used in Infant Shampoos

Betains are So Gentle, They're Often Used in Infant Shampoos

Betains are often used in infant shampoos. Betain shampoos are not sticky or slimy but are very gentle. They also lather into plush, velvety foam.

Many salon shampoos actually feature some kind of betain as the main surfactant. However, though betains are mild, they also haven’t much to offer in the way of cleansing power. There will likely be days you’ll have to wash your hair twice.

Look for These Ingredients

  • ラウラミドプロピルベタイン: Lauramidopropyl Betaine
  • ココアン酢酸Na: Sodium Cocoan Acetate
  • コカミドプロピルベタイン: Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Amino Acids are Mild, But You’ll Need to Spend a Few Extra Minutes a Day Pampering Yourself

Amino Acids are Mild, But You'll Need to Spend a Few Extra Minutes a Day Pampering Yourself

Amino acid shampoos have been gaining traction recently. They’re mild on your hair and your scalp.

However, they also aren’t the most effective cleansers–and they don’t lather well either. And shampoos that don’t lather don’t rinse out easily. And no matter how gentle the surfactant, leaving it on your skin for longer than necessary spells damage.

But we aren’t trying to scare you away from amino acids. As long as you make sure to lather up before applying to your scalp and then spend about five minutes rinsing product out, you’ll be fine.

Most amino acids will contain “cocoyl” or “lauryol”※2 in their name.

Look for These Ingredients

-Don’t Lather Easily but are Especially Gentle-

  • ココイルグルタミン酸Na: Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate
  • ココイルグルタミン酸TEA: TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate
  • ラウロイルグルタミン酸Na: Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate 

-Lather Relatively Easily-

  • ラウロイルアラニンNa: Sodium Lauroyl Alanine
  • ココイルメチルアラニンNa: Sodium Cocoyl Methyl Beta-Alanine
  • ココイルアラニンTEA: TEA-Cocoyl Alaninate 
  • ラウロイルサルコシンNa: Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate
  • ココイルサルコシンNa: Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate

※2 「ココイル」「ラウロイル」: “cocoyl” and “lauroyl,” respectively

Sulfates are Harsh, but They Will Do Wonders for Lank, Greasy Hair

Sulfates are Harsh, but They Will Do Wonders for Lank, Greasy Hair

There’s a reason sulfates are popular. They lather high and cleanse deep, and perhaps most importantly, they’re cheap. They’re often used as the main surfactant in commercial shampoos, and they’re even included in salon shampoos, albeit at lower concentrations.

Actually, sulfates are a bit too effective. They strip your hair and scalp of not only gunk but also moisture and nutrients–stuff you want to keep. It’s fine if you turn to sulfate shampoos every once in a while–when you’ve been sweating a lot or have seawater in your hair–but we wouldn’t recommend them for everyday use.

Look for These Ingredients

  • ラウレス硫酸Na: Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • ラウリル硫酸Na: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

② Know What Ingredients are Unnecessary

Shampoos really only need three types of ingredients: water, a cleansing agent (surfactant), and conditioners, such as nutrients and moisturizers. Yet some contain unnecessary additives or harsh antibacterials.

Tar Dyes are Represented by a Color Followed by a Number and are Best Avoided

Tar Dyes are Represented by a Color Followed by a Number and are Best Avoided

Image is important for marketing. However, shampoo is something you dispense, lather up, and then rinse out right away, so you don’t need dyes.

Scanning the ingredients list, you may sometimes stumble across a color followed by a number※3. These are knows as tar dyes. While they’re harmless in small amounts, they contain impurities that, if left to build up on your scalp, could cause irritation. Do your best to avoid them.

We will make an exception for caramel, which is sometimes included as a colorant. It’s the same caramel you get from heating up sugar–it’s a natural and safe ingredient.

※3 「赤」「青」「黄」「紫」「緑」「橙」: red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and orange, respectively

Salicylic Acid Irritates the Eyes, so You Don’t Want It in Shampoo

Salicylic Acid Irritates the Eyes, so You Don't Want It in Shampoo

Salicylic acid is sometimes included in shampoo as a kind of antibacterial. If you’ve ever struggled with acne before, you’re likely familiar with it. It’s a powerful cleanser, which can also act as an exfoliant.

Salicylic acid won’t damage your skin or scalp (which is why it’s often used in acne medication), but we wouldn’t recommend it in shampoo because, when you rinse out, it can get into and irritate the eyes.

③ Next, Know What Ingredients Can Nourish Your Hair

Why not get a shampoo with benefits?

Ceramides Moisturize Dry, Brittle Hair

Ceramides Moisturize Dry, Brittle Hair

For dry, frizzy hair, we recommend ceramides. They hydrate without weighing down your locks.

Look out for ingredients like “ceramide 2” and “ceramide NP,”※4 or “cetyl-PG hydroxyethyl palmitamide” and “ceramide NS dilaurate,”※5 which are kind of mock ingredients, very similar in structure to ceramides.

※4 「セラミド2」「セラミドNP」:ceramide 2 and ceramide NP, respectively
※5 「セチルPGヒドロキシエチルパルミタミド」「ジラウリン酸セラミドNS」: cetyl-PG hydroxyethyl palmitamide and ceramide NS dilaurate, respectively

Hydrolyzed Keratin Patches up Damaged, Delicate Hair

Hydrolyzed Keratin Patches up Damaged, Delicate Hair

If you bleach, dye, or use heat styling tools, consider getting a shampoo that contains hydrolyzed keratin (or hydrolyzed lecithin).

Keratin is a protein that protects cells from damage, and it’s an important component of healthy nails and hair. When hydrolyzed, it absorbs more easily into hair and accelerates healing.

④ Make Sure the Shampoo Fits into Your Budget

Make Sure the Shampoo Fits into Your Budget

Commercial shampoos sell for, on average, about 2.6 yen (a little over 2¢) a ml. Salon shampoos, however, sell for about 5.6 yen a ml.

The latter may contain higher quality ingredients, but none of that matters if you can’t afford to restock regularly. Look at the price and compare it to how much product you get and how much you use up in a month before determining if the shampoo is worth it.

⑤ Follow Your Nose

Follow Your Nose

The scent of your shampoo lingers in your hair even after you rinse it out. So don’t discount fragrance. It’s an incentive to cleanse regularly and thoroughly and can lift your mood throughout the day.

Most commercial shampoos will have a description of scent–lavender and chamomile or whatever–listed somewhere on the bottle, usually near the ingredients list. Salon shampoos often don’t. However, if you’re curious, you can probably find more information on the company’s official site.

For a sweeter scent, look for floral fragrances; rose is especially popular. If you like lighter, more neutral scents, try citrus or herbal blends.

How to Properly Wash Your Hair

The very act of washing your hair can be a stressor. So we turned to a hair specialist, who taught us the dos and don’ts of cleansing.

① Start off by Slowly and Thoroughly Cleansing Your Scalp

Start off by Slowly and Thoroughly Cleansing Your Scalp

Before applying shampoo, rinse your hair out for 2-3 minutes. As you rinse, gently massage your scalp, helping the water reach every square centimeter of it. That’ll help you wash away most air pollutants and styling products.

Next, lather up your shampoo and pile it onto your head. Use the pads of your fingers to massage foam into your pores for 1-2 minutes. Make sure you aren’t scratching at your scalp. That can put stress on not only your skin, but also on your baby hairs as well.

Maintain a distance of about 2-3 cm between your fingers and slowly work your scalp from front to back.

② Comb Through–Don’t Rub at–Your Hair. Then Rinse for Three to Five Minutes

Comb Through--Don't Rub at--Your Hair. Then Rinse for 3 - 5 Minutes

After you’ve cleansed your scalp, it’s time for your hair. Wash as follows.

  1. Place your fingers at the roots of your hair.
  2. Comb your fingers towards the ends of your hair, coating each strand with foam.
  3. Free your fingers from your hair.
  4. Return any leftover foam on the backs of your hands to the roots of your hair.

Think of these four steps of a set. Each portion of your hair should go through three sets. Like with your scalp, wash from front to back. Once foam has been distributed evenly throughout your hair, rinse out.

You aren’t done rinsing when all the foam has disappeared. That’s because you want to get rid of not only the bubbles, but also any cleansing agents that sank into your hair and pores. Aim to rinse for about three to five minutes. Basically, you should spend more time washing away the shampoo than you spend applying it.

Looking for a Better Deal? Consider Commercial Shampoos

Looking for a Better Deal? Consider Commercial Shampoos

Not everything good has to be expensive. After all, aren’t the best things in life free? We actually tested 26 commercial shampoos as well, and some produced stellar results. Learn more about them below.


We rounded up members from our editing department, purchased the 18 most popular Japanese salon shampoos, and tested them all.

Now, most salon shampoos you purchase at a salon at the recommendation of your stylist. However, some brands do sell online and in select stores–just beware of fakes. Take the time to do your research, be a discerning buyer, and we’re sure your scalp and hair will thank you for it.

Original by Mai Okutomi; Translation by Jasmine Li

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    So, we know that washing your hair too much’ll turn it into a nest of twigs. But some shampoos are gentler than others. Moisturizing shampoos contain key ingredients like amino acids, coconut, avocado, or argan oil that will help keep your hair healthy and soft. You’ve got moisturizing shampoos for dyed hair, naturally curly hair, dry hair, dry scalp, fine hair. But no matter what type you have, a moisturizing shampoo should  make your hair healthier and more manageable. How to Choose a Moisturizing Shampoo – Buying Guide Let’s choose the best moisturizing shampoo for you by comparing popular products, what they do for your hair, how they do it, and how much they cost. For Silky Hair, Get Amino Acid Shampoo Amino acid shampoos are the gentlest. They won’t bleach your locks or dry them out. Rather, there’s an amino acid derivative–called TEA-cocoyl glutamate–which’ll condition your hair. It’ll smooth down your cuticles (the sheath that wraps around each strand) and leave your hair fe

  • Top 10 Best Shampoos for Hair Repair and Growth to Buy Online 2019
    We’ve scoured the internet and pored over reviews to find the best shampoos for hair repair and growth. During our research, we discovered that the best shampoos contain DHT-blocking ingredients to combat hair loss and nourishing ingredients to encourage healthy strands. They’re free from irritants like sulfates and parabens and are also suitable for your hair type. Keeping these things in mind, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite growth and repair shampoos available online. Top 10 Best Shampoos for Hair Repair and Growth to Buy Online When looking for a shampoo, keep your goals in mind. While many shampoos promise growth, volume, and repair, some will target hair loss while others will improve texture. Think about what you’re looking for. 1. Pura D’or Anti-Hair Thinning Shampoo (16 fl. oz.) Visit Amazon for more details Price: $37.99 Best Plant-Based Formula with Clinical Strength Hair Loss Prevention This shampoo isn’t just effective, it’s also good for you. It includes 17 h

  • Minon Amino Moist Milky Cleansing Review - mybest
    Cleansers are usually a trade-off. You can find a cleanser that works on everything from waterproof mascara to lip tint, but it’s going to be harsh. Or you could find a cleanser that’s mild but will remove maybe liquid foundation. At best. However, at mybest, we’re constantly in search of a cleanser that gives you the best of both worlds. This time around, our editing department purchased Minon Amino Moist’s Moist Milky Cleansing. We looked at the ingredients and tested for both cleansing power and moisture. This is what we learned. Minon Amino Moist Milky Cleansing Visit Amazon for more details Visit ebay for more details Visit Global Rakuten for more details Price: $19.95 Why is Minon Amino Moist’s Milky Cleansing so Popular? Minon’s cleansing milk is so thick, it feels more like cream. The formula features nine amino acids, which hydrate and nourish. With a single tube, you knock out two birds with one stone: cleansing and moisturization. The cleanser is popular among sensitive-skin

  • Cow Brand Beauty Soap (Red Box) Review - mybest
    Cow Brand’s been around since the Showa Era. For a reason. Their products are said to cleanse deep, lather well, and be full of mild ingredients safe for the most sensitive of skin. And they’re dirt cheap. Our editing department purchased what may be their flagship product–Beauty Soap Red Box–and put it to the test. We rated the efficacy of the formula and analyzed the ingredients. This is everything we learned. Cow Brand Beauty Soap Red Box (3 Pieces) Visit Amazon for more details Visit ebay for more details Visit Global Rakuten for more details Price: $1.96 Tell Me More about This “Miracle Product” Cow Brand’s Beauty Soap (Red Box) is chock full of natural, plant-derived oils and fats. It also contains milk butter and squalane–all of which work to hydrate and reinforce your skin’s natural barrier. Cow Brand uses what’s called the “soap-kettle saponification method.” Basically, it’s a traditional–but time-consuming and labor-intensive–way of making soaps. Workers spend 5 – 7 days

  • Top 10 Best Styling Products for Oily Hair to Buy Online 2019
    Oily hair can be a challenge to deal with, so we’ve scoured the internet to find good styling products that won’t leave you greasy. After combing through reviews, we’ve brushed the gimmicks out of the way and found that the best products are texturizing, free from oils and irritants, and suited to your hair type and texture, whether you be fine and thin or thick and curly. We kept all this in mind as we picked out some of the best styling products for oily hair available online. Top 10 Best Styling Products for Oily Hair to Buy Online Naturally, you’re going to want to pick out a product for a specific purpose, but here are some covering a wide variety of uses–all great for those with oily hair. 1. Anchors Hair Company Courage Clay Visit Amazon for more details Price: $21.00 Best Strong Hold Matte Pomade This hair clay gives you a strong hold that can be either matte or a little shiny depending on how you wear it. It isn’t drying but also doesn’t make your hair look or feel any oilie

  • Cow Brand Cleansing Oil Review - mybest
    Cow’s a brand targeted at sensitive skin. Its products are as simple, natural, and mild as possible. Even the white and baby pink packaging makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This time around, our editing department purchased Cow Brand’s Cleansing Oil. It’s marketed as additive-free, but we looked into the ingredients list to test their claims. We also tried the product out ourselves to check for cleansing power. This is what we learned. Cow Brand Additive-Free Makeup Cleansing Oil Visit Amazon for more details Visit ebay for more details Visit Global Rakuten for more details Price: $11.90 Cow Brand’s famous for their bar soap. Their products cater to delicate skin and are marketed as additive-free and non-irritating. All formulas have to go through allergy testing. This cleanser features naturally derived ceramides to moisturize and protect dry skin. And it’s cheap. In Japan, you can get a bottle for about 500 yen–and though it’s sold for double in the States, the price still i

  • Sekkisei Cleansing Cream Review - mybest
    When we talk about Japanese cosmetics, we often talk about Sekkisei. Their skincare line is wildly popular, and now they’ve come out with a cleansing cream that can apparently moisturize and beautify as it cleanses. Our editing department purchased Sekkisei’s Cleansing Cream and put it to the test. We made sure it actually removed makeup and was moisturizing. We also analyzed the ingredients and, later on in this article, explain how to properly use the product. Here’s everything we learned. Sekkisei Cleansing Cream Visit ebay for more details Visit Global Rakuten for more details Visit Sekkisei for more details Price: $38.00 What is Sekkisei’s Cleansing Cream Supposed to Do? Sekkisei’s Cleansing Cream is smooth, slick and easily permeates into pores and makeup crust. It contains oriental herbs with many purported benefits: whitening, hydration, and anti-inflammation. This blend of cleansing and hydration is supposed to result in the glass-skin look that’s so prized in Asia now. And

  • Top 10 Best Scalp Exfoliators to Buy Online 2019
    We scoured the internet and pored over reviews to figure out what makes a great scalp exfoliator. In our research, we found that the best exfoliators fit seamlessly into your hair washing routine as either a treatment or exfoliating shampoo, use gentle physical or chemical exfoliants, and offer additional benefits like hydration and skin calming. As with facial exfoliants, scalp exfoliators can either be made from gritty ingredients–like walnut shells, sugar crystals, and salt–or acids that cover the range of both AHAs and BHAs. Keeping these things in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favorite scalp exfoliators available online. Top 10 Best Scalp Exfoliators to Buy Online As many of these exfoliators come with additional benefits for your scalp and hair, be sure to keep your hair type and needs in mind as you make your choice. 1. Girl+Hair Natural Hair Products Clear Plus Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Hair Rinse (10.1 fl. oz.) Visit Amazon for more details Price: $14.24 Best G