Top 10 Best Scissors to Buy Online 2019

Top 10 Best Scissors to Buy Online 2019

Scissors are one of those things you don’t think about but are in fact an indispensable part of your household. That’s why we’ve decided to cut through the junk and research what makes a great pair of scissors.

We chose to stick to general use scissors and found that the best ones are durable, comfortable, safe for all members of the family, and cut through anything from paper to cardboard. That might mean you need titanium-coated stainless steel blades, a left-handed grip, or a mechanism that makes use easier for arthritic users. Keeping these things in mind, we’ve handpicked a few of our favorite scissors available online.

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Top 10 Best Scissors to Buy Online

A good pair of scissors works well for your hands and lifestyle. So be sure to keep your preferences in mind when making a choice.

1. Livingo Heavy Duty Scissors

Livingo Heavy Duty Scissors

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Price: $12.99

Best Extra Sharp, Heavy-Duty Scissors

This heavy-duty, multi-colored, titanium-coated pair of scissors can cut through basically anything you’d need to cut through on a daily basis. It’s made from forged steel, which is three times stronger than standard stainless steel.

Reviewers write that the scissors are a little stiff at first, but within a few uses they’re extremely comfortable and cut very easily. Be careful though–they’re very sharp and may not be good for homes with young kids.

Blade Titanium-coated, forged stainless steel
Handle Ergonomic softgrip handle; Ambidextrous
Size 9.5 inches, blade: 4 inches
Safety Features

2. Slice Large Ceramic Scissors

Slice Large Ceramic Scissors

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Price: $31.99

Best Effective Safety-Focused Scissors

These scissors are built with safety in mind. The blades are made from ceramic rather than metal and won’t cut through skin. However, they can still cut through most materials (including cardboard) and stay sharper for longer than traditional scissors.

Reviewers write that they’re comfortable, lightweight, and a great medium size. They’re particularly good for opening boxes as there’s less worry about accidentally slicing open the contents.

Blade Ceramic
Handle Soft-touch grip; Ambidextrous
Size 7.8 inches, blade: 2.3 inches
Safety Features Rounded tip, ceramic blades

3. Thornton’s Art Supply Multi-Purpose Spring Action Scissors

Thornton's Art Supply Multi-Purpose Spring Action Scissors

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Price: $17.24

Best for Arthritic or Pain-Prone Hands

These scissors are designed to make cutting easier. They use a spring open mechanism, so you only have to exert force down and not up. These are great for people with arthritis or those who use scissors for long periods of time.

Reviewers note that they’re sharp and surprisingly strong–one reviewer writes that she can cut through eight layers of fabric with these. On top of that, they also have a closing latch that holds shut even when accidentally dropped.

Blade Stainless steel
Handle Ergonomic softgrip handle; Ambidextrous; Arthritis-friendly
Size 8 inches, blade: 3.5 inches
Safety Features Closing latch

4. Maped Expert Scissors, Left-Handed

Maped Expert Scissors

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Price: $9.50

Best for Left-Handed People

For lefties who just want a good pair of left-handed scissors, gosh darn it, these are the ones for you. Many ambidextrous scissors still have right-handed blades, but these are completely optimized for the left.

The molded plastic handle fits comfortably around your fingers, and reviewers write that having scissors that fully work for left-handed people makes a world of difference.

Blade Stainless steel
Handle Ergonomic plastic; Left-handed
Size 8.25 inches, blade: 4 inches
Safety Features

5. Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears

Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears

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Price: $17.09

Best for Cutting Thicker Materials

These scissors have a unique mechanism that makes it easier to cut through tougher materials like cardboard, chipboard, magnet, and cork. They stay pressed tightly together when cutting thick material and remain fairly comfortable despite the harder force.

Reviewers write that these scissors do exactly as they claim and cut through thicker items with the same ease as paper. Plus, they hold up well to regular use.

Blade Stainless steel
Handle Softgrip handle; Right-handed
Size 8 inches, blade: 3.75 inches
Safety Features

6. AmazonBasics Multipurpose Office Scissors (3 Pack)

AmazonBasics Multipurpose Office Scissors

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Price: $9.99

Best Budget Bundle

If you’re looking to just grab a few pairs of scissors to leave around the house or office, this is the set for you. They’re well-made and decently sharp; plus they come at a great price.

Reviewers write that they’re a good value but warn that they’re not nearly as sharp as slightly higher-end options and might not give you a nice glide when cutting through wrapping paper.

Blade Titanium-coated stainless steel
Handle Soft-grip handles; Ambidextrous
Size 8.3 inches, blade: 3.5 inches
Safety Features

7. Farberware Professional Kitchen Shears

Farberware Professional Kitchen Shears

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Price: $7.41

Best for Use with Wet Hands

These scissors are great for cutting through thick materials like cardboard, twine, and flower stems. Though they’re designed for kitchen use, you can use them in any situation, and they work great with wet hands.

They may look like ordinary scissors, but reviewers write that the combination of their weight, shape, and size make them far more comfortable to use than similar options.

Blade High-carbon stainless steel
Handle Non-slip handle; Ambidextrous
Safety Features Blade cover, non-slip grip

8. Plus Pen Style Compact Twiggy Scissors with Cover

Plus Pen Style Compact Twiggy Scissors with Cover

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Price: $6.78

Best Pen-Style Scissors for Small Cut Jobs

These pen-style scissors have a spring open mechanism that makes them easy to use without thumb loops and tuck away neatly into any pencil case. They’re surprisingly effective given their size and style but shouldn’t be used for heavy-duty cutting.

Reviewers write that the cover is easy to slip on and off and that the scissors are a great addition to your craft box, first-aid kit, or purse. Some reviewers note that the blades might be a little sticky at first but that it’s a quick fix.

Blade Stainless steel
Handle Plastic; Ambidextrous
Size Pen style; 5.25 inches, blade: 1.6 inches
Safety Features Blade cover

9. It’s Academic Pillow Grips 8-Inch Scissors with Comfort Handles

It's Academic Pillow Grips 8-Inch Scissors with Comfort Handles

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Price: $8.96

Best Soft Grip Handle

If normal scissors tend to dig into your hand, you might want to look into these. The handles have a pool noodle-like spongy cover that’s super soft.

Reviewers write that they’re extremely comfortable and are especially good for people who may need to use scissors for extended periods, like school teachers.

Blade Stainless steel
Handle Spongy cushion handle; Ambidextrous
Size 8 inches
Safety Features

10. UCEC Folding Scissors

UCEC Folding Scissors

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Price: $8.99

Best Travel Scissors for Taking on the Plane

These scissors resemble a pair of glasses when folded and are perfect for travel. The blades are quite sharp and precise but tuck away safely when you’re on the go. Plus, they also have a loop to attach to a key ring for extra convenience.

Reviewers write that they’re sturdy and easy to fold and unfold, and many state that they’ve taken them through airport security with no issues.

Blade Stainless steel
Handle Stainless steel
Size 3.9 inches extended, 3.4 inches folded
Safety Features Blades hidden when folded

How to Choose Scissors – Buying Guide

Finding the right pair of scissors is more than just looking at star ratings. Different people have different requirements, and you should be sure to keep your own situation in mind when weighing a scissor’s strengths and weaknesses.

Consider Materials for Longevity and Strength

Consider Materials for Longevity and Strength

Most scissors are made from uncoated stainless steel, which is admittedly good enough in most situations and is likely to last through years and years of the kind of occasional use that all-purpose scissors tend to get.

But if you’re looking for something a little more durable, look for carbon steel (which is incredibly strong but has the tendency to rust when not properly cared for), fluorine-coated stainless steel (which resists sticky residue from tape and glue), or titanium-coated stainless steel (which makes stainless steel three times more durable).

Grip Determines Comfort–Look at Materials, Size, and Handedness

Grip Determines Comfort--Look at Materials, Size, and Handedness

If you’ll be using scissors a lot or cutting through tougher materials, it’s important that the handle is comfortable for you to hold. Many scissors have padded handles, which are kinder on your hand bones than metal or plastic.

Some scissors are shaped to fit right-handed people, which can make them uncomfortable for lefties. So, households with left-handed people may want to look for ambidextrous scissors or even left-handed scissors.

If you have arthritis or weaker hands, look for scissors with a larger handle to blade ratio as that will give you more leverage and require less force. You could also look for spring-action scissors.

Find a Size that’s Effective and Easy to Store

Find a Size that’s Effective and Easy to Store

Of course, you want to ensure that the blades of your scissors are long enough to cut through anything from paper to cardboard. But you should also consider your storage options. If they’re going to be tucked away in a drawer, feel free to go as large as you want. But if they’re going to be in a pen cup on a desk, a slightly shorter pair will ensure that the cup won’t tip over.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a trusty pair of scissors that goes around with you to work or while traveling, you’ll need something compact. You can get folding scissors or pen-shaped scissors to carry around in a pencil case. If you’re planning on flying with them in carry-on, remember that their blades have to be less than four inches long.

If You Have Young Children, Consider Safety Features

If You Have Young Children, Consider Safety Features

Safety features are always good to have, but for those who have young kids, they’re especially important. If you’re worried about kids reaching their hands into a drawer and cutting themselves, look for scissors with a protective case over the blades. Or, look for ones that have a latch to keep them firmly closed while they’re in storage.

You could also look for scissors with a rounded, blunt tip, but you may be hard pressed to find one in a size that’s also comfortable for adults.


What makes a pair of scissors good is highly contingent on who’s going to be using it. For some, that might mean stronger blades to cut through thicker items, while for others, a comfortable grip might be more important. In any case, once you find the right one, you’ll realize that having a favorite pair of scissors isn’t as weird as it sounds.

By Jacqueline Oshiro

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