Top 10 Best Garden Tool Sets to Buy Online 2019

Top 10 Best Garden Tool Sets to Buy Online 2019

If you’re just getting into gardening, you’ll probably need to pick up a few different tools, and the easiest way to do so is by finding a garden tool set. That’s why we searched the internet and pored over reviews to figure out what makes a great set.

We found that the best sets include every piece you need, are built for comfort and longevity, and come with a case for storing or carrying. Most sets include shovels, rakes, and shears, and many have several other useful tools as well. Keeping these things in mind, we’ve picked out some of our favorite garden tool sets available online.

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Top 10 Best Garden Tool Sets to Buy Online

When deciding on a set, remember to consider the quality of the pieces and not just how many different tools there are. You can always add on separate pieces if you need them later.

1. OCALiving 6-piece Garden Hand Tool Set

 OCALiving 6-piece Garden Hand Tool Set 

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Price: $29.99

Best High-Quality Set that Lasts Decades

This high-quality, Australian-made garden tool set is built to last. The tools are made from powder-coated carbon steel and have ergonomically shaped wooden handles. The included bag is made from a tear-resistant, UV-resistant, weather-proof polyester.

Reviewers note that the quality far exceeds the price and that each piece feels comfortable in your hands. The bag is roomy and will comfortably hold any additional tools you may want to put in it.

Tools Included Transplanter, trowel, garden fork, cultivator, weeder
Materials Powder-coated carbon steel with wooden handles
Case Polyester tote

2. California Picnic Garden Tool Set

California Picnic Garden Tool Set

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Price: $33.45

Best Set for Beginners

This comprehensive tool set contains everything a beginner gardener might need, while skipping out on extraneous specialized tools. Each piece is made from lightweight, high-quality cast aluminum and features comfort grip handles.

One of the gloves in this set comes with plastic claw tips that make digging, weeding, and loosening soil a little easier. Reviewers write that you do need to use the bungee cords with the pockets to prevent them from tipping out.

Tools Included  Transplanter, trowel, garden fork, cultivator, weeder, pruning shears, spray bottle, gloves
Materials Cast aluminum with soft grip handles
Case Polyester tote

3. Patio Garden Gardening Tools Set

Patio Garden Gardening Tools Set

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Price: $33.99

Best Comfort Grip Handles

This tool set features large, comfortable, colorful handles that are easy to spot in the garden and work well for even people with larger hands. They’re great for working long hours in the garden and comfortable for those with arthritis.

Reviewers write that these tools are lightweight but very sturdily built. And while the carrying bag may not hold much more than these tools, it’s easily washable and makes a nice gift bag.

Tools Included Trowel, transplanter, weeder, fork, rake, gloves
Materials Alloy steel with thermoplastic rubber handles
Case Canvas bag

4. Kit4Pros Premium Garden Tools Set

Kit4Pros Premium Garden Tools Set

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Price: $37.45

Best Upgraded Set with Pressure Sprayer and Titanium-Coated Shears

This fully stocked set features all of the tools you’d normally expect, with some notable upgrades. Rather than a spray bottle, this kit has a pressure sprayer, and the shears are made from titanium coated Japanese stainless steel.

Despite being made from aluminum, the tools are very sturdy. The bag is made from a high-quality fabric and stands on its own. However, some reviewers note a strong chemical odor when first opening the package, so be sure to give it some time to air off.

Tools Included Shears, trowel, hand rake, cultivator, transplanter, weeder, sprayer, gloves, stakes
Materials Aluminum with rubber handles; carbon steel shears
Case Fabric tote

5. TackLife Heavy-Duty Garden Tools Set

TackLife Heavy-Duty Garden Tools Set

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Price: $25.97

Best Heavy-Duty Tools for Those on a Budget

If you’re looking for heavy-duty tools without a heavy-duty price, this is the set for you. Each tool is made from extra thick stainless steel and features thoughtful touches like serrated edges, depth markings, and comfort-focused engineering.

Aside from the tools, the bag is also durable and will hold up to regular washing. Reviewers write that while you can get better quality tools, for this price, this set is well-made and will last at least a few years of heavy use.

Tools Included Bypass pruning shears, trowel, transplant trowel, soil scoop, weeder, cultivator
Materials Stainless steel with rubberized handles
Case Cotton and polyester tote

6. GardenHOME Tool Set with Folding Stool

GardenHOME Tool Set with Folding Stool

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Price: $32.59

Best Tool Set with a Stool

If your knees are bad or you don’t like sitting on the ground, this tool set comes with a folding stool for more comfortable gardening. The stool can easily support up to 200 pounds and holds the tote bag for easy access.

The whole set is quite lightweight, even when put together. However, do note that the tools are not particularly sturdy, so it’s best not to use them in rocky or hard soil.

Tools Included Trowel, transplanter, garden fork, cultivator, weeder, stool
Materials Stainless steel with wooden handles
Case Fabric tote (detaches from stool)

7. Sleek Garden Comfort Plus Gardening Tool Set

Sleek Garden Comfort Plus Gardening Tool Set

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Price: $52.99

Best Comfort-Focused Set with Super Functional Gloves

This garden set is all about comfort. Each tool has a soft rubberized handle to prevent hand fatigue, and it comes with a high-density foam kneeling pad. But the best part is probably the nitrile rubber grip bamboo gloves (with touchscreen sensitivity!).

Reviewers write that every piece is as comfortable and well-built as the brand claims, and several write that this kit would be worth it for the gloves alone.

Tools Included Trowel, transplanter, rake, cultivator, shears, gloves, kneeling pad
Materials Aluminum with soft rubber handles; stainless steel shears
Case Fabric tote

8. Flora Guard Floral Print Garden Tool Set

Flora Guard Floral Print Garden Tool Set 

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Price: $18.98

Best Painted Set

For those looking for something a little prettier than your standard metal tools, this simple set might be for you. Each piece is made from a single piece of high-quality aluminum (the shears have stainless steel blades), and it comes in three different colors.

Reviewers say that the paint is extremely resilient and doesn’t scratch or chip, even with heavy use. However, some reviewers have noted issues with the shears breaking over time, though it doesn’t seem to be a universal problem.

Tools Included Trowel, cultivator, pruning shears
Materials Aluminum; stainless steel shears
Case None

9. Scuddles Garden Tools Set

Scuddles Garden Tools Set

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Price: $42.99

Best Extensive Tool Set with Extra Pieces

If you’re looking to add to a basic set that you already own or are of the ‘more is more’ mentality, this kit is for you. It features a number of tools that aren’t normally included in gardening sets, such as a utility knife, tape measure, and mini tools.

Reviewers note that it’s quite high-quality for the price and that these tools are larger than the ones in most sets. However, the small tools are flimsier and should only be used for potted plants.

Tools Included Shovel, rake, utility knife, folding saw, shears, tape measure, sprayer, branch twist ties, mini shovel/rake/fork
Materials Iron with anti-rust paint with rubber handles
Case Hard plastic

10. Yotek Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

Yotek Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

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Price: $12.99

Best Mini Set for Container Gardening, Succulents, and Bonsai

This miniature tool set is ideal for container gardens, succulents, and bonsai. Each tool is about nine inches long and features a three-inch blade (approximately).

Reviewers write that they’re the perfect size for pots 6 inches and larger, and the metal holds up well enough for gardening on this scale.

Tools Included Two spades, rake, pruner, scissors, tweezers, cleaning brush
Materials Stainless steel with wooden handles
Case Cloth bag

How to Choose a Garden Tool Set – Buying Guide

Picking out the right set for you should be a balance of figuring out what you need and how well it’ll serve you.

Think About What Tools You’ll Need and What Each Set Includes

Think About What Tools You’ll Need and What Each Set Includes

Depending on what kind of gardening you’re looking to do and what you already have, there might be some variation in what kind of tools you’ll need. But if you’re looking for a set, you’ll probably want something comprehensive. At its most basic, your kit should include two shovels (a smaller transplanter and a larger trowel), a rake for breaking up soil, and pruning shears.

If you’re looking for additional tools, consider finding a set with a spray bottle, a weeder, hedge clippers, or gloves. Some even come with a gardening stool or a pad for your knees. These tools should be sufficient for most kinds of gardening, including vegetable patches and flowers.

Look for Rust-Proof Metal and Ergonomic Handles

Look for Rust-Proof Metal and Ergonomic Handles

Since you’ll be using these tools outdoors possibly for hours at a time, it’s important that they’re both durable and comfortable.

For the metal portions of the tools, ensure that they’re rust-proof. Aluminum is lightweight and naturally rust-resistant but can be a little flimsy depending on the quality. Stainless steel is more heavy duty but also heavier in weight. Other materials can be coated with a rust-proof paint, but they may still eventually corrode as the paint wears off.

When it comes to the handle, ergonomically shaped rubber will be the most comfortable, but it’s important to note that rubber may degrade over time and shouldn’t be stored in the sun.

When Choosing a Case Type, Consider Portability and Storage

When Choosing a Case Type, Consider Portability and Storage

Most garden tool sets come in either a soft canvas bag-type case or a hard tool kit case. Soft cases open from the top and are easy to take around with you and use in the garden. Just be sure that you choose one that’s easy to clean and fairly hefty so that your tools don’t poke any holes in it.

Hard cases, on the other hand, can be a little unwieldy to open up and carry around with you as you work. However, if you don’t plan on bringing the case out with you to the yard, these could be a great option as they close flat, are easy to store, and protect your tools well.

Looking to Surround Yourself with Plants? We Can Help

Looking to Surround Yourself with Plants? We Can Help

Gardening’s a wonderful hobby to have. It’s relaxing, the plants are beautiful to look at, and indoor greenery can freshen air right up. Below are some other articles you may find helpful.


Having a great garden tool set can put you on the fast track to a beautiful garden and maybe even a new hobby. But just as the right tools can make life easier, the wrong ones might just turn you off gardening, so read those reviews and choose wisely!

By Jacqueline Oshiro

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