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Top 10 Best Smoothie Recipe Books to Buy Online 2020

Smoothies can get boring pretty quickly, especially when you’re using the same combinations over and over. That’s why we set out to find the best smoothie recipe books available. After flipping through hundreds of pages and poring over reviews, we’ve figured out that the best recipe books match your goals, include ingredients you can eat and find easily, and offer more information than just ingredient lists.

Many books feature recipes that include vegetables as well as fruits and focus on health benefits such as weight management, anti-aging, and gut health. Keeping these factors in mind, here are our favorite smoothie recipe books available online.
  • Last updated: 10-24-2019
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Top 10 Best Smoothie Recipe Books to Buy Online

Finding the right book for you is largely a matter of your own needs and preferences, but the books we’ve picked out offer a wide range of recipes suitable for most (and they taste good, too!).

1. Green Kitchen Smoothies: Healthy and Colorful Smoothies for Every Day


Number of Recipes50+
Dietary RestrictionsVegan, sugar-free, wheat-free
Featured IngredientsFruit, vegetables, spices, nut butters
Beginner Friendly?Ingredient explanations, tips, substitution suggestions

2. 201 Healthy Smoothies & Juices for Kids: Fresh, Wholesome, No-Sugar-Added Drinks Your Child Will Love


Number of Recipes201
GoalsKids’ health
Dietary RestrictionsVegan, sugar-free, wheat-free
Featured IngredientsFrozen fruit, vegetables
Beginner Friendly?Ingredient information, time saving tips, nutrition information, substitution ideas

3. Healthy Quick & Easy Smoothies: 100 No-Fuss Recipes Under 300 Calories You Can Make with 5 Ingredients


Number of Recipes100
GoalsWeight management, time saving
Dietary RestrictionsWheat-free
Featured IngredientsFrozen fruit, vegetables, dairy
Beginner Friendly?Nutrition information, substitution ideas

4. The Healthy Smoothie Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long


Number of Recipes100+
GoalsWeight loss, health improvement
Dietary RestrictionsVegan, sugar-free, wheat-free
Featured IngredientsFruits, vegetables, spices, superfoods
Beginner Friendly?Ingredient information, substitution ideas, nutrition information

5. The Women’s Health Big Book of Smoothies & Soups: More than 100 Blended Recipes for Boosted Energy, Brighter Skin & Better Health


Number of Recipes100+
GoalsAnti-aging, energy boosting, gut health, immunity
Dietary RestrictionsVegan, sugar-free, wheat-free
Featured IngredientsFruits, vegetables, spices
Beginner Friendly?Ingredient information, nutrition information

6. Green Smoothie Recipe Book: Over 100 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes to Look and Feel Amazing


Number of Recipes100+
GoalsWeight management, digestive health
Dietary RestrictionsVegan, wheat-free
Featured IngredientsVegetables, frozen fruits
Beginner Friendly?Ingredient information, substitution suggestions, health information

7. 365 Vegan Smoothies: Boost Your Health With a Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies


Number of Recipes365
GoalsWeight management, high protein, digestion, mood-boosting
Dietary RestrictionsVegan, wheat-free
Featured IngredientsFruits, vegetables, superfoods
Beginner Friendly?Troubleshooting tips

8. The Smoothie Recipe Book: 150 Smoothie Recipes Including Smoothies for Weight Loss and Smoothies for Good Health


Number of Recipes150
GoalsWeight management, alkalization, digestive health
Dietary RestrictionsLow-sugar, low-fat
Featured IngredientsFruits, vegetables, dairy
Beginner Friendly?

9. Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-dense Recipes (Julie Morris’s Superfoods)


Number of Recipes100
GoalsNutrient-dense eating
Dietary RestrictionsVegan
Featured IngredientsSuperfoods, fruits, vegetables
Beginner Friendly?Substitution ideas, smoothie basics, ingredient information, nutritional information, troubleshooting tips

10. Healthy Keto Smoothies and Shakes Cookbook: Quick and Delicious Ketogenic Diet Smoothies and Shakes Recipes to Get Healthy, Lose Weight and Feel Great


Number of Recipes75
GoalsWeight management
Dietary RestrictionsKetogenic diet
Featured IngredientsFruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dairy
Beginner Friendly?Ingredient information, ketogenic diet information

How to Choose a Smoothie Recipe Book – Buying Guide

One of the main benefits of smoothies is that they offer you a tasty, easy way to squeeze in key vitamins and nutrients. So be sure to keep your health requirements and preferences in mind when picking out the right book for you.

More Recipes Mean More Possibilities, If They Align with Your Goals

More Recipes Mean More Possibilities, If They Align with Your Goals
While more recipes mean more options, it’s important to make sure they meet your goals. Some recipe books will cover a wide range of smoothie flavors, types, and preferences and are great for those who are looking for a bunch of recipes for different situations or just want a comprehensive smoothie overview.
Other books focus on just one goal like weight loss, alkalization, or protein increase. If you have a specific goal in mind or know that you won’t make full use of a book with a wider breadth of recipes, it makes sense to look for a more specialized book.

Look for Books that Feature Ingredients You Can Use

Look for Books that Feature Ingredients You Can Use
No matter how many recipes a book has, if you can’t make most of them, then what’s the point? If you have any special dietary considerations–vegan, low-carb, FODMAP sensitive, diabetic, etc.—it’s important to look for a book that can cater to your needs.
Aside from allergies and intolerances, certain ingredients can also just be expensive or hard to find. If that’s a concern for you, remember to check reviews to see whether the book will require you to use exotic spices and superfoods that aren’t commonly available.
Then there’s the distinction between regular smoothies and green smoothies. If you can’t tolerate the idea of liquid kale, then get a recipe book that only features fruits. On the other hand, if you’re looking for ways to sneak more spinach into your kids’ stomachs, then look for a veggie-friendly smoothie book (and perhaps read reviews to make sure they actually taste good).

If You’re a Beginner, Look for Extra Info and Help

If You’re a Beginner, Look for Extra Info and Help
It seems like smoothie making should be something that’s super simple–it’s just tossing things into a blender, right? But for those who are new to the game, it could make sense to look for a book that provides you with a little more information than just what to put into your smoothies.
For example, you might want to pick a book that includes nutritional information, substitution recommendations, or suggestions for what to do in case your smoothie doesn’t turn out quite right (too watery or too bland, for example).


Smoothies are a delicious addition to any diet, and finding a good recipe book just makes them that much easier to love. Plus, once you get a feel for the possibilities, you’ll be able to mix and match your own flavor (and nutrient) combinations in no time.
By Jacqueline Oshiro

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