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  4. 10 Best Organic Cotton Bras in 2022 (Kindred Bravely, Majamas, and More)
  • 10 Best Organic Cotton Bras in 2022 (Kindred Bravely, Majamas, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Organic Cotton Bras in 2022 (Kindred Bravely, Majamas, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Organic Cotton Bras in 2022 (Kindred Bravely, Majamas, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Organic Cotton Bras in 2022 (Kindred Bravely, Majamas, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Organic Cotton Bras in 2022 (Kindred Bravely, Majamas, and More) 5

10 Best Organic Cotton Bras in 2022 (Kindred Bravely, Majamas, and More)

Our breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, so it makes sense that we want to treat them well. Organic cotton is soft, wicks away sweat easily, and is great for the environment! That’s why we’ve searched the Internet for the best organic cotton bras available.

After poring over reviews, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best organic cotton bras offer the support that you’re looking for and come in the right size, whether you’re petite or plus, small or large breasted. That's why we picked The Very Good Bra's Liberty Paisley Bra as our top pick. Check out the rest of our favorites!
Last updated 2023/01/16
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How to Choose an Organic Cotton Bra – Buying Guide

With an ever-growing demand for organic and eco-friendly clothing, the cotton bra market might seem overwhelmingly large. We've created a buying guide to help you navigate your shopping experience for organic cotton bras, whether it's online or in-store!

① Take Extra Care When Sizing for Cotton Bras

Take Extra Care When Sizing for Cotton Bras
Many organic cotton bras tend towards light and breathable styles, which can often mean that they’re aimed more at those with smaller breasts. So especially if you have a larger bust, you need to be extra careful when reading the sizing guide.

Additionally, cotton bras are less likely to have underwires or even hook and eye closures; this means that the sizing charts may use small, medium, and large-labeled sizing. 

This might not be the sizing style you're used to shopping with and differs from brand to brand. We recommend that you always double-check the sizing chart and do research to see how it compares to your current bra's size.

② Remember to Prioritize Your Comfort and Support

It may be tempting to go for the bra that's cutest, but that doesn't always mean it's the bra that gives your breasts the support they need. Here are some points to consider about bra designs and the support they provide. 

Different Coverages Meet Different Needs

Different Coverages Meet Different Needs
Full coverage bras aren't the only option if you have larger breasts and want more support. Bras with side panels, thicker straps, and hook and eye enclosures also offer more comfort to body types with larger breasts. 

Underwires and wider bands beneath the bra's cups also offer more support; however, they can dig into larger stomachs. If you're worried about this, you might want to consider the same bra type with an arched center panel

If you struggle to find the right fit because you have smaller shoulders, you can look to racerback or convertible bras to ensure that the straps don’t slide off. Consider different cup sizes for differently shaped breasts; if you find that your breasts can’t fill a typical molded cup, for example, you may have better luck with a demi-bra.

Then Consider Personal Preferences

Then Consider Personal Preferences
Depending on your goals, you might want to look into different styles. If you’re looking for an organic cotton bra for comfort, for example, it might make sense to look for a bra without an underwire. If you’re looking for something breathable and lightweight, look for an unlined or unpadded bra.

③ All-Cotton is Great, but Spandex Adds a Little Stretch

All-Cotton is Great, but Spandex Adds a Little Stretch

Naturally, when looking for an organic cotton bra, what it’s actually made of is going to be your highest concern. Organic cotton beats out commercial cotton in terms of water conservation and fair trade, but certain synthetic materials can be added to your bra without breaking your moral standards.

While 100 percent cotton bras certainly exist, as long as you don’t have any sensitivities, you might want to consider a slightly lower percentage of cotton in favor of adding a little bit of spandex for stretch. In that case, look for blends that are around 90 percent organic cotton and 10 percent spandex.

10 Best Organic Cotton Bras

While organic cotton bras are objectively great, it’s hard to judge how well a bra will fit your body based on general descriptions. Based on our research and on the feedback given by users who actually purchased and wore these bras, we've decided that these three organic cotton bras are the best on the market this year.
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The Very Good Bra

Liberty Paisley Bra

The Very Good Bra Liberty Paisley Bra 1枚目

Our Top Choice - Colorful and Supportive Zero-Waste Cotton Bra


Organic Basics

Organic Cotton Triangle Bra

Organic Basics Organic Cotton Triangle Bra 1枚目

Best for Comfort and Gentle Support



Smooth Cup Bralette

Pact Smooth Cup Bralette 1枚目

Best Organic Cotton Bralette


Brook There

Brook There  1枚目

Best for Natural Support and Coverage


Kindred Bravely

6. Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Bra

Kindred Bravely 6. Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Bra 1枚目

Best for Nursing


Duluth Trading Co.

Duluth Trading Co.  1枚目

Best Free-Range Organic Cotton Bra



10. Cottonique Hypoallergenic Racer Back Front Closure Support Bra

Cottonique 10. Cottonique Hypoallergenic Racer Back Front Closure Support Bra 1枚目

Best for Sensitive Skin


Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe  1枚目

Best for Plus Sizes


Danish Endurance

Danish Endurance  1枚目

Best for Impact Sports


Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely  1枚目

Best for Maternity Wear

Product details

The Very Good BraLiberty Paisley Bra32B


Our Top Choice - Colorful and Supportive Zero-Waste Cotton Bra

The Very Good Bra founders pride themselves on supplying the world's first zero-waste bras, and the Liberty Paisley Bra's gorgeous print brings the company's ideals of fashion, ethics, and comfort together beautifully. Like all Really Good Bra products, the Liberty Paisley is made of organic cotton, tinsel, and tree rubbers. 

The V-line of this stunning bra has a rubber wire for extra support and a bigger allowance for cup size variety. This bra is also lined with a sturdy, woven cotton band along its bottom that will keep it molded to your body. While a few wearers admit that the lack of an underwire takes getting used to, they are happy to report that the band provides stability and comfort.

All buyers seem to be delighted with their Liberty Paisley bras, with many stating that the comfort level is like that of their own skins. Even people with larger bust sizes feel that The Very Good Bra has done a fantastic job of keeping all body types and sizes in mind when designing this bra. The Liberty Paisley supports breast sizes large and small, and its fully compostable to boot!


Organic BasicsOrganic Cotton Triangle BraLight blue


Best for Comfort and Gentle Support

Organic Basics' Organic Cotton Triangle Bra comes in seven different flattering shades and promises plenty of support without any constrictive wires. The bra features adjustable straps and a double eye-hook clasp in the back for easy wear. A double-layer of padding helps keep you fully covered.

Some users complain that the Cotton Triangle Bra's design isn't fully inclusive for wearers with larger breast sizes. Quite a few reviewers with breast sizes in the upper C's and higher complained of spillage when wearing this bra. Others warn the bra can be a bit revealing if worn with a thin shirt.

Still, reviewers who reported a good fit with Organic Basic's Cotton Triangle Bra were delighted by how comfortable and supportive it was.  Most are happy with how comfortable, durable, and easy to wash the Organic Triangle Bra is. While we don't recommend a thin shirt with this bra, the double layer of cotton does provide full nipple coverage for most outfits.


PactSmooth Cup BraletteBlack


Best Organic Cotton Bralette

Pact's Smooth Cup Bralette is a cute and comfortable organic alternative for those who enjoy bralettes and lace. Removable pads provide additional support when desired, and the fabric has been pre-washed so you don't have to worry about shrinkage. As with most bralettes, Pact's design has neither an underwire nor a band along the bottom. If you have a larger bust, it might not provide the support you're accustomed to.

Some wearers found the lack of a band and elasticity at the bottom of this bra to be a big issue. They complained that even though they fit into the recommended size range for this design, they experienced spillage at the bottom of the bra and occasional issues of fabric riding up when they moved too much. 

Many who purchased Pact's Smooth Cup Bralette, however, laud its attractive design and comfort of wear. Some even say they prefer the lack of an underband, as it makes the bra feel less restrictive.  The common consensus is that this bralette is so soft and smooth, it's comfortable enough to sleep in. 


Best for Natural Support and Coverage

Brook There's Chili Triangle Bra is made of soft, double-layered organic cotton with rose gold clasps on its adjustable straps. The elastic trim and sturdy band provide support while the lack of any wiring promises supreme comfort. This bra is also machine washable, adding a bit of extra convenience to its wearability and style.

As Brook There is a niche designer brand created by an artisan in her Maine apartment and stitched together in a dedicated team location, mass reviews are admittedly hard to find. Individual lingerie enthusiasts write fairly often on their blogs about these bras, though. They only have one complaint about this bra, and that would be that it runs a bit on the small side

The pros for Brook There's Triangle Bra line are well worth it for those who can fit the size constraints. The sturdy double layer of soft cotton ensures the same coverage that a Victoria's Secret cup would. Reviewers report they're thrilled with how supported they feel while at the same time experiencing a freeing level of comfort with this bra. 


Kindred Bravely6. Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton BraBeige


Best for Nursing

With its organic cotton and spandex make and light, breathable design, Kindred Bravely's Nursing and Maternity Sleep Bra is a great choice for new mothers. The pull-on style erases the need for irritating clasps while the crossover design allows easy access for nursing. 

Some reviewers have reported fitting issues with Kindred Bravely's bra, stating that it feels too boxy and constrictive to be considered a proper night bra. Others find the material to feel cheap, and fear it won't last many washes. We recommend using the sizing guide with care and perhaps considering handwash only for this bra. 

While even some happy wearers agree that the bra feels tight for a night bra, most seem happy with how easy it is to wear while nursing. They report that the pull-away style is perfect for feeds and pumping and find that it's easy enough to sleep while wearing Kindred Bravely's bra.  


Duluth Trading Co.Marmalade


Best Free-Range Organic Cotton Bra

Duluth Trading Company's Free Range Bralette offers great support with side panels, sturdy organic cotton make, and a two-inch elastic band. Despite the fact that bralettes can forego support for comfort, Duluth Trading Company promises that their Free Range Bralette will support busts of all sizes.

A few reviewers do warn that while this bra does accommodate up to triple D cup sizes, the design runs a bit large. We recommend reading recent reviewer comments carefully, and perhaps ordering a size or two smaller than what you usually would if you decide to invest in this bra. 

Most wearers of this bra are happy with the fact that it supports them without feeling like a binder, despite the thick elastic band. They love how soft and breathable the fabric is and report that it washes well. We highly recommend this bra if you want a bralette that accommodates larger sizes. 


Cottonique10. Cottonique Hypoallergenic Racer Back Front Closure Support BraMelange


Best for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin and don't want any extra materials in your organic cotton bra, Cottonique's racer back is a great option. This sporty, breathable bra has a doubled hypoallergenic plastic clasp at the front and adjustable straps for extra comfort. Bra rings on each strap promise stability if you feel like getting active. 

Unfortunately, this bra is restricted to B and C cup sizes only. It also isn't made of stretchy material, so you may not find it forgiving if you need extra room for your breasts. Some wearers have found the stiff make of this bra to be a dealbreaker even though their breasts were technically the proper cup size. Others warn that the plastic clasps break easily. 

However, plenty of reviewers with skin conditions or allergies are relieved to have an option in Cottonique's racer back bra. They note that the lack of metal clasps and synthetic fabrics has helped clear up rashes and itchiness. Many find the design to be attractive and the support to be above and beyond what they hoped. 


Blue CanoeSize M


Best for Plus Sizes

Blue Canoe offers an inclusive fit for comfort in their Jane's Plus Cup bra. While aimed at maternity wearers and nursing mothers, this bra is also an excellent choice for daily use and sports scenarios such as yoga classes. Available sizes range from A cups to E cups, making it an excellent choice if you're struggling to find an organic cotton option that fits you. 

A few reviewers say that the only problem with this otherwise supremely comfortable and supportive bra is that the straps are a bit too wide for formal use and can be uncomfortable if they absorb too much sweat. 

For the most part, plus-size reviewers are happy and surprised at the impressive amount of support Blue Canoe's bra offers, and find that despite being a breathable cotton material the bra provides nipple coverage even when they wear t-shirts. If you're looking for a plus-sized organic cotton bra, this is a great choice! 


Danish Endurance3 Pack


Best for Impact Sports

Danish Endurance's sports bras are made for and tested by Olympics athletes, so you can rest assured that this organic cotton stretch bra can handle any high-impact situation you throw at it. This bra is designed to be lightweight, yet provides a fair amount of support for athletes. It's also guaranteed to be tag-free, so you don't have to worry about any itchiness. 

Some reviewers warn that this bra runs small, so you may want to order a size larger than you would when buying an American brand. One or two users have also had issues with the length of the straps. 

For the most part, however, reviewers are delighted with how lightweight and comfortable Denmark Endurance's organic cotton sports bra is. A few are so at ease in this bra that they were able to sleep while wearing it or use it while breastfeeding. This bra is ethical and provides the perfect balance of support and comfort for athletes and daily users alike.  


Kindred BravelyBlack


Best for Maternity Wear

Kindred Bravely offers an inclusive option with cup sizes up to G and a soft, stretchy cotton-spandex make. This bra's fabric was designed to accommodate the fluctuation in breast size that comes with pregnancy, so you'll be able to wear it during month one or nine. It's known for providing gentle, full support.

While reviewers can't deny the great coverage that Kindred Bravely's design ensures, a few have complained that this bra doesn't give them enough support. Bustier users may find that the fabric gives a little too much for their liking, so if you want a firm bra, you may want to look elsewhere.  

Many nursing mothers and daily wearers love Kindred Bravely's bra for its combination of support and comfort. Even avid bra-haters admit that they happily wear this pull-on bra around the house and even while they nap. The gentle organic material is also a great option if you have sensitive skin. Mothers have noted they can wear their bras during and after pregnancy as well. 

Looking for Other Skin- and Allergy-Friendly Items?

Technology is constantly evolving, and things that we use daily grow more and more unfamiliar. If you want to stay simple and organic with your purchases, we have some other great recommendations for you!

Amazon's Best Selling Bras

Top 5 Organic Cotton Bras

No. 1The Very Good BraLiberty Paisley Bra32B

No. 2Organic BasicsOrganic Cotton Triangle BraLight blue

No. 3PactSmooth Cup BraletteBlack

No. 4Brook There

No. 5Kindred Bravely6. Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton BraBeige

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