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  • 10 Best Portable Greenhouses in 2022 (Flower House, Ahome, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Portable Greenhouses in 2022 (Flower House, Ahome, and More) 3
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  • 10 Best Portable Greenhouses in 2022 (Flower House, Ahome, and More) 5

10 Best Portable Greenhouses in 2022 (Flower House, Ahome, and More)

If you've ever wished you had a greenhouse but don't have the space or resources, you're in luck! Small, lightweight greenhouses can be used indoors or outdoors and are easily transportable and stored. Plastic covers protect plants from frost, snow, wind, rain, and pests and trap humidity and heat to keep plants thriving and help seeds sprout.  

We did our research and picked the top best portable greenhouses. The winner was the Ahome Mini Pop--Up Greenhouse because of its convenient size, height, sturdy open bottom design, and thick plastic cover. We also made a buying guide to help you figure out what you need in a portable greenhouse.
  • Last updated: 04-04-2022
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10 Best Portable Greenhouses

Portable greenhouses provide light and heat for your plants, fueling photosynthesis. You can grow vegetables and herbs out of season, protect delicate flowers and tender plants from wind, keep plants warm in harsh winter weather, start seeds, or provide a humid climate for tropical plants. 


AhomeMini Pop-Up Greenhouse


Dimensions27 x 27 x 31 in.
Weight2 lbs.
Cover materialPVC
ExtrasStakes, storage bag

KradlPop-Up Greenhouse Kit


Dimensions69 x 69 x 81 in.
Weight17.51 lbs.
Cover materialReinforced mesh polyethylene
ExtrasRust-resistant stakes, storage case

TOPKINMini Greenhouse


Dimensions56 x 56 x 76 in.
Weight23.1 lbs.
Cover materialReinforced polyethylene
ExtrasShelves, anchors

ErommyPortable Mini Greenhouse


Dimensions94.5 x 31.5 x 31.5 in.
Weight9 lbs.
Cover materialPolyethylene

Nova Microdermabrasion4-Tier Mini Walk-In Greenhouse


Dimensions27.25 x 19 x 63 in.
Weight10.2 lbs.
Cover materialPolyethylene, plus a non-woven fabric cover

EAGLEPEAKMini Garden Portable Greenhouse


Dimensions71x 36 x 36 in.
Weight7 lbs.
Cover materialPolyethylene

OhuhuOutdoor Greenhouse with Observation Windows


Dimensions56.3 x 28.7 x 76.8 in.
Weight16.76 lbs.
Cover MaterialPolyethylene

Flower HousePop-Up PlantHouse 2


Dimensions30 x 24 x 24 in.
Weight6 lbs.
Cover materialPVC Gro-Tec
ExtrasShade cloth, poles, storage bag

AMERLIFEFour-Tier Mini Portable Greenhouse


Dimensions63 x 28 x 20 in.
Weight11 lbs.
Cover materialPolyethylene

QuictentPop-Up Greenhouse


Dimensions98 x 49 x 53 in.
Weight13 lbs.
Cover materialPE leno, PVC, oxford fabric
ExtrasStakes, storage bag

Compare the Best Portable Greenhouses

Ahome Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse 1


Kradl Pop-Up Greenhouse Kit 1


TOPKIN Mini Greenhouse 1


Erommy Portable Mini Greenhouse 1


Nova Microdermabrasion 4-Tier Mini Walk-In Greenhouse 1

Nova Microdermabrasion

EAGLEPEAK Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse 1


Ohuhu Outdoor Greenhouse with Observation Windows 1


Flower House Pop-Up PlantHouse 2 1

Flower House

AMERLIFE Four-Tier Mini Portable Greenhouse 1


Quictent Pop-Up Greenhouse 1



Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse

Pop-Up Greenhouse Kit

Mini Greenhouse

Portable Mini Greenhouse

4-Tier Mini Walk-In Greenhouse

Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse

Outdoor Greenhouse with Observation Windows

Pop-Up PlantHouse 2

Four-Tier Mini Portable Greenhouse

Pop-Up Greenhouse


A Small but Sturdy Mini Greenhouse

Protect Your Plants Canopy Style

A Greenhouse for Maximum Plant Storage

An Extra Wide and Airtight Greenhouse

Sturdy Shelves for Your Seeds and Plants

Short but Deep to Suit Your Space Needs

A Spacious Walk-In With Side Windows

Protect Your Shrubs from Winter Weather

Stabilize Your Greenhouse With Side Bags

A Roomy, Four-Door Pop-Up Greenhouse

Dimensions27 x 27 x 31 in.69 x 69 x 81 in.56 x 56 x 76 in.94.5 x 31.5 x 31.5 in.27.25 x 19 x 63 in.71x 36 x 36 in.56.3 x 28.7 x 76.8 in.30 x 24 x 24 in.63 x 28 x 20 in. 98 x 49 x 53 in.
Weight2 lbs.17.51 lbs.23.1 lbs.9 lbs.10.2 lbs.7 lbs.16.76 lbs.6 lbs.11 lbs.13 lbs.
Cover materialPVCReinforced mesh polyethyleneReinforced polyethylenePolyethylenePolyethylene, plus a non-woven fabric coverPolyethylenePolyethylenePVC Gro-TecPolyethylene PE leno, PVC, oxford fabric
ExtrasStakes, storage bagRust-resistant stakes, storage caseShelves, anchors-ShelvesStakesShelvesShade cloth, poles, storage bagShelvesStakes, storage bag

How to Choose a Portable Greenhouse – Buying Guide

Before you make a purchase, learn what features makes a greenhouse effective and consider your climate and gardening needs and preferences. 

Find a Good Cover Material

Find a Good Cover Material

Common cover materials include polyethylene and PVC.  Different additives help plastics last longer, retain heat, reduce heat loss and condensation, and transmit different amounts of light. No matter the material, you'll want to look for a cover that is UV-protective and waterproof.

A cover made of polyethylene (PE), a light plastic that diffuses sunlight, is good for warmer climates, especially because it will prevent scorching. One caveat is that PE has a short lifespan, so you'd need to replace the cover, which would leave a larger environmental footprint. 

To protect your plants from colder weather, look for a cover made from PVC, a thicker, more durable clear plastic that will last many seasons. PVC is better than PE at reducing heat loss. Do keep in mind that PVC covers are often translucent, which means your plants and seeds will receive direct, rather than diffused, sunlight.  

Find a Good Cover Material

While it’s true that a portable greenhouse alone won’t protect your plants from below freezing temps, they can shield them from wind and rain, allow you to get a head start with seedlings in trays, or extend the growing season. If you do need some extra protection from the cold, you could add heat lamps or another heat source for more insulation.

Look for Ventilation Features

Look for Ventilation Features

Greenhouses trap heat, allowing your plants to stay warm even when the weather outside is cooler. However, there is such thing as too much heat and humidity. If your greenhouse gets too hot and humid, plants can wilt or die, and mold and fungi can grow, which makes it easier for pests to multiply. 

To prevent overheating, look for features that help ventilate your greenhouse. Ventilation is critical for plant growth because it helps control the temperature and regulate humidity and provides carbon dioxide, a critical part of the photosynthesis process. 

Look for Ventilation Features

A single opening is enough to let hot air escape, so you could roll up the greenhouse door to get air flowing. However, it may be helpful to look for a greenhouse that has cross-ventilation, especially if you live in a warmer climate or the daily temperature is irregular. Side windows help regulate temperature and circulate fresh air.  

To keep pests out, look for ventilation openings that are netted or screened. You could also consider adding a fan if you want to keep your greenhouse fully sealed. 

Consider Your Space and Your Plants

Consider Your Space and Your Plants
Naturally, you need to choose a the portable greenhouse with square footage that fits your space. Think about areas that get the right amount of light for your plant, and consider a sheltered spot to protect your greenhouse from wind, such as the south or southeast side of a house or garage. 

Don't forget about irrigation and heating. You might want to place your greenhouse within distance of a hose or electrical outlet if you're considering adding a heat source or fan. Will your greenhouse be designed and conveniently located for easy access to hoses and cords

Consider Your Space and Your Plants

It's also important to think about the size of your plants, pots, and seed trays, especially if your greenhouse has shelves. Do you have extra tall plants? How much space do you want between each pot? Will your plants fit on a shelf, and how much will they grow over the course of the season? 

You'll want to choose a design that fits your plants and your needs. Some portable greenhouses are walk-in, so you'll have plenty of storage space and room to move around and take care of your plants. Do you want a greenhouse with shelves? If your greenhouse doesn't come with shelves, you can always add your own.

Strike a Balance Between Portability and Stability

Strike a Balance Between Portability and Stability
A portable greenhouse should be fairly easy to set up, break down, and move, so the weight is a big factor. But unlike many portable items, with greenhouses, lighter isn’t always better. If a greenhouse is too light, it may be at risk of collapsing or blowing over in the wind, especially if it’s tall.

Shorter and wider greenhouses are lower to the ground and more windproof. If you’re looking for a taller greenhouse, it might make sense to choose something that's heftier so it will stay grounded. 

Strike a Balance Between Portability and Stability

To further prevent toppling, look for accessories that help anchor a greenhouse, such as stakes and ropes. If your greenhouse shelves, you can place heavy pots or other weights on the lowest shelves. Some greenhouses also have overlong covers so you can add weights, like bricks or sandbags, or soil to the edges of the cover. 

Choose a Greenhouse That's Easy to Assemble

Choose a Greenhouse That's Easy to Assemble

Portable greenhouses should be straightforward to set up. Pop-up designs might take mere minutes to assemble whereas others may require more time connecting pieces. Most greenhouses don't require extra tools for assembly, but you might want a hammer or mallet to fit pieces together tightly or zip ties to make the shelves extra secure. 

If you're going to assemble your greenhouse before moving it elsewhere, make sure it will fit through the door of your house, garage, or shed. Also consider how easy it will be to disassemble your greenhouse and how much space it will take to store it.

Have You Caught the Gardening Bug?

Have You Caught the Gardening Bug?

If you're dreaming of starting your garden, an indoor garden or terrarium kit is a great place to start. Check out our buying guides to find a new gardening project and select the best garden tools. Happy gardening!

Author: Jacqueline Oshiro

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